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If drugs become a scourge for pregnant women

Several complaints have occurred since the beginning of pregnancy, one of those blood pressure (HB) is low. Want to take medicine, but fear not safe for pregnancy. What if you experience this condition?

When the pressure is low Hb, midwives generally recommended mendongkraknya special supplements for pregnant women. In fact, think that many people taking drugs that are harmful to the fetus during pregnancy, so frightening specter.

"No doubt, drugs are like a two edged sword. At certain doses of the drug has a healing effect (on the condition the body needs pain medication). Conversely, if the body does not need, but take the medicine, which are toxic for the body, particularly for fetus. Especially when it happens in the first trimester is the phase formation and maturation of fetal organs, it will be very influential as a substance that is carcinogenic (causes cancer), or teratogenic (causing a disturbance in the fetus), "said Specialist Obstetrics and Gynaecology Berryl Dr. Imran Burhan, from spit RSIA YPK Mandiri.

However, if indeed the mother is needed medications (can not), should be under medical supervision.

Drink Supplements

The case of anemia that the natural mother should be immediately addressed. According to WHO standards, the pregnant woman is anemic when Hb <11 g / dl. There are several conditions that caused the Hb level fell, among them a lack of nutrient intake, there was an acute or chronic hemorrhage, a disorder of the red blood cell formation process or the destruction of red blood cells due to a disease process tetentu . To maintaining Hb levels during pregnancy, supplementation of the drug may be replaced by good nutrition. You can mengasup many foods that contain iron include beef, goat meat and green vegetables. However, if the Hb level was still low after eating these foods, supplementation of blood booster is needed. For example, lower levels of nutrients which observance of cooking food. As a result, the need for iron is not met. So it should be added to the body to fill a minimum of pregnant women to reach iron per day. More easy to drink, choose the blood booster supplement in syrup form. Ways to Face the ghost Drink Drugs - You can be sure that the supplement or drug is beneficial for both mother and fetus. - There are certain medications that can be given together at mealtime. So that drugs are not too painful, you can directly insert the medicine into the mouth with food. - If you can not swallow the tablet, powder or replacement can be mixed with syrup. - Use the help of fruit such as bananas. Cut the bananas into small pieces, put bananas and drugs, then swallow. - Select the blood booster supplement in syrup form. 


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