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What You Feel After Making Love?

After making love, you may feel tired, sleepy, and went to bed. Or, you feel so loved her husband, then chatted patch curled up in his arms. This is a connatural reaction commonly experienced by women in the world. However, there are several other conditions also can be experienced after sexual intercourse. Among these are:

1. Cry
You're not status him or not satisfied with the sex session, but why yes, you feel like crying? According to Isadora Alman, sexologists and relationship expert licensed from Sexologist San Francisco, said that feel like crying after having sexual relations is not caused by marital problems are not something to be questioned. \"This is often a release of tension, much as orgasm,\" he said.

2. Bleeding
There are some women who hit intercourse after spots. This is not fair because the post-bleeding intercourse should exclusive hap because you're menses or tear your hymen first time.

Lissa Rankin, MD, gynecologist and obstetrics, the opinion, if you're not in that information but has spots, then this could be associated with the cells of the opening (the cervix) is not normal, which tend to hit extra blood vessels are fragile and bleed when touched during ML; cervical polyps, sexually transmitted diseases that infect the opening or vagina (such as gonorrhea, chlamydia, or Trichomonas); abnormalities in the uterus, much as fibroids, polyps, or endometrial hyperplasia or cancer; vaginal infections, much as fungal infections which can irritate the vaginal walls and drive bleeding, or trauma to the lining of the blood, the vagina, cervix, or perineum.

3. Want to be alone
You may poverty to curl up in the arms of her husband after sex. But there are people who may just not wait to leave. \"After the sex scene, the woman or her partner might need themselves to calm down,\" says Alman. \"Sometimes she feels has given him too much, and need to be alone to feel full again.\"

4. Headache
Apparently many people who complained of a aching after having sex. \"Doctors utilised to call it with coital cephalgia, exertional headache, or migraine effort,\" says Dr Rankin.

When the term has the same meaning: headaches cod to orgasm, this disease is not dangerous. This happens because the intercourse and orgasm can drive physiological waves, including the rise in blood pressure, which can trigger a headache. However, it could not hurt to consult with your student to make sure that the migraine is happening is not caused by the organs of your body, much as brain tumors or other neurological abnormalities.

5. Temporary amnesia
Medical information called transient global amnesia, which is when the blood line is temporarily restricted from areas of the hippocampus in the brain. The experts believe that this may be cod to the heavy activity, much as sports, or sex that followed orgasm. \"Some women modify fainted when suddenly orgasm, for a while,\" added Alman. These conditions ease hit to watch out to prevent the existence of a mild stroke.

6. Sperm allergy
According to research, as many as 40,000 women in America undergo the seminal ECF hypersensitivity or allergy to the cement, which causes women to feel the itching, swelling, and difficulty breathing. In more severe cases, this can drive death.

It could hit been avoided by using condoms or by following the therapy to turn the sensitivity of the sperm. However, itching and heat in the vagina is not always the result of a sperm allergy, could also be because you hit certain food allergies. According to Alman, what can the couple move consumed in the cement.

7. Hunger
Do not feel embarrassed if you suddenly poverty to eat after a sex session was over. Sometimes, you modify certain food cravings. \"Many people, both women and men, feel hungry after exercise,\" says Alman. \"Sex can also be considered sport, if it took place with great.\"

8. Sore throat
When making love, you must exert all his strength. Breath ventilation makes your mouth parched and sore throat. Just put the recipe drinking water beside the bed so that you are not dehydrated. According to Dr. Rankin.

All you need to suspect, if the pain occurs after you action oral sex for couples. It could be a symptom of sexually transmitted infections. \"Infections much as herpes and gonorrhea can drive throat infections, which drive the pain was,\" he said. Another existence is a virus laryngeal papillomas caused by human papilloma virus (HPV) or flora that is carried on your partner penis.

9. Vaginal Pain
According to Dr. Rankin, pain during sex (even ease after intercourse) may occur cod to dyspareunia. This is cod to a number of conditions, much as: vaginismus (when the vaginal muscles involuntarily contract so as not to allow the penetration), vulvar vestibulitis (inflammation of the vestibular glands on the vaginal opening, which makes you feel like a tingling when exposed), vulvodynia (pain Chronic in the vagina), and the information of endometriosis or other content.

What else can you undergo after having sex. But basically, according to Dr. Rankin, the pain that occurs constantly be wary of. If you undergo this, it is pointed out in pairs and take him to the doctor.

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