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Do not Do It When You Sleep

There are several things you should be turned off during sleep. What are they?
1. Wear a watch
Clockwise can emit a certain level radioactive waste. Although relatively small, if you wear a watch while you sleep in a long time, this could have adverse health effects.

2. Wearing a bra
According to scientists in the discovery of America, wearing a bra (bustehouder) over 12 hours a day, choose a higher risk of breast cancer.

3. Makeup
If you often fell asleep during the use of makeup can have skin problems. This is due to breathing difficulties and skin sweat. Therefore, the release of his skin to keep it beautiful.

4. Bringing mobile
Place a cell phone near the bed, much less on the side of the pillow is not recommended. Many of us use the phone alarm to get up early, but the place, as far as possible.

The scientists found that the electrical devices, including mobile phones and television sets emit magnetic waves when used. These waves can interfere with our nervous system. That's why you let the phone away from us at night, or just turn off.

Source: http://kesehatan.kompas.com

  1. wow thanks for the article..
    but i always bring my phone to the bed, because for alarm and sms check..
    Healthy Life

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