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Excessive dieting, Health So Victim

What kind of diet you live? Do not eat anything but vegetables and fruits? High-protein diet, or diet with a secret recipe that he would succeed? Know that dieting is finished without consideration is futile. Has failed slender body, can also endanger your health.

Strict diet in generalized have a strategy for selection calories to abstain on a number of foods, especially carbohydrates, fats, and sugar. At first you might lose a few pounds successful coefficient loss, but eventually you'll be so famished that the diet left with a vengeance to enjoy food once considered enemies.

The result is a phenomenon of yo-yo dieting, which you will convey to the original body weight, even more. If you have this, would be tautological all the food taboos that have been running for months.

Research conducted by Kelly Brownell, Ph.D., a linguist and blubber researcher at Yale University, United States, institute that diet can repeatedly cause of heart disease.

In the study of people with known coefficient fluctuates at risk of ending from heart disease 75 percent greater than those whose coefficient is relatively stable. \"Up to lose coefficient here is big enough, not just two or three pounds,\" he said.

Inconsistent diet can also cause high blood pressure and redistribution of fat to the body parts are easily damaged, for example from the buttocks to the abdomen. Experts have warned people with immoderateness abdominal fat is more susceptible to heart disease.

Remember, excessive dieting is useless. That no point is the reduction in coefficient slowly and gradually through lifestyle changes, such as nutrition balanced diet low in calories but still have to take a complete nutrition containing protein, fat, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. Do not forget to ready up with physical exercise.

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