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Beautiful skin Secret Chantal Della Concetta

Chantal Della Concetta
Although admitted to not like doing maintenance at the salon, this oriental woman remains routine care for their skin. Chantal aware that their activities demanding his appearance always looks perfect.

Beauty is the desire and grace. Everyone would look beautiful in public. No wonder many women adorn themselves competing with a variety of treatments to these needs. Unlike most women, women born in Bandung, July 27, 1980 was not embraced these principles. Beauty was the moment is indeed a great blessing for him.

Chantal was the envy of women in general. He could almost physically perfect. Chantal has what is desirable women in general. The slim body, white, smooth and proportionate body. With the perfection that he has, everyone will think that the appearance of Chantal was acquired at a price that is not cheap. Is that correct?

Chantal said, the fact that he is not the type who likes to lounge.

"I actually type that cool and not too concerned with the treatment. At most, I try facials 1 time per month. Even if they have had time and often can not. If so, I took a disposable mask home. usually use honey or eggs, "said Chantal Legal encountered in completing the show" Pantene Workshop in Central III Senayan, Jakarta, Wednesday (02/09/2011).

No wonder, Chantal skin, although he did not look healthy routine care to the salon. Approved mother of two children, in addition to the outer shell with care support, Chantal emphasizes beauty in the application of the principles of healthy living.

"I usually eat lots of white water, vitamin C and vitamin E. That really helps the skin moisture. Besides, I always skin the rest of the exposure to make up if there is no activity," said Chantal share tips.


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