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Cause "Twin Water" no water ice

You are currently 6 months pregnant. From the beginning, you love water, especially drinking cold water or use ice cubes.

Later, you worry because many people say you can twin water caused by drinking water or have water ice. You know what that twin water and causes.

Dr. Reza Kamal Mitra Keluarga Hospital spat of Depok declared twin water is a term commonly used by the layman. The medical term is called polyhydramnion, which is the amount of amniotic fluid more than normal, ie, up to 1.5 liters - a normal amount of amniotic fluid under that number.

Amniotic fluid has the function of protecting the fetus and the fetus can move freely. Amniotic fluid is produced by the amniotic membrane, placenta (the placenta), the umbilical cord, fetal lung fluid and fetal urine. But if the normal amount of amniotic fluid boundaries, must be wary of.

The reason, in addition to disability, polyhydramnion can lead to premature labor - causes increased morbidity baby - due to excessive stretching of the uterus.

Type polyhydramnion

The occurrence of polyhydramnion ranged between 0.6 percent to 3.3 percent of pregnancies. According species can be divided into two:

1. Namely acute polyhydramnion polyhydramnion is often the case in the second trimester, occurs rapidly in a matter of days, but this is rare.

2. Namely chronic polyhydramnion polyhydramnion that occurs gradually and often in the third trimester.

Because polyhydramnion

Pregnant women may believe that he had polyhydramnion. Characteristics are the big pregnant belly is larger than normal gestation and a bit hard when they hit the fetus in the abdomen. If such circumstances should immediately consult a doctor.

The cause of polyhydramnion may be because of the mother and fetus. Abnormalities in the mother that could cause polyhydramnion is Diabetes Mellitus. Although fetal abnormalities can be due to chromosomal abnormalities or structural abnormalities or the anatomy of the fetus.

But not all of these conditions have polyhydramnion. The condition often causes polyhydramnion is a disorder of the central nervous system and gastrointestinal (digestive) and fetal urinary tract abnormalities.

The cause of polyhydramnion is not because of drinking water or ice. Yes, often to drink water or ice will not affect this situation.

Importance of early detection

Ultrasound is important for early detection of polyhydramnion. At the age of 12 to 14 weeks of pregnancy, transvaginal ultrasound may be done to the thickness of the wall to measure behind the fetal neck (nuchal translucency) where less than 6 mm is normal. But if more than 6 mm is suspicious chromosomal abnormalities. If the structure of the fetus can be assessed at 20 weeks gestation.

Ingestion of amniotic fluid or amniotic fluid is an important study to see any abnormalities in the fetus. In medicine is called amniocentesis - is done to treat polyhydramnion. This happens when the pregnant mothers feel crowded and unpleasant activity. But if there is no complaint, no need to do amniocentesis.

Health Check Pre-Pregnant

To prevent the occurrence of polyhydramnion, should do Pre-Pregnant medical examination to determine whether there are diseases like diabetes and infection that can cause the torch to the central nervous system.

Then after a pregnant mother, keep health by eating healthy food and vitamins midwife or doctor, and pregnancy health check regularly. Any complaints and abnormal changes should immediately inform the doctor.



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