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8 Foods to help Diet Without Hunger

Forget the celery sticks and crackers. Because to lose weight and keep you still eat.

Fortunately, the next eight delicious meals are designed to burn fat, flat stomach, and your appetite just a bit, as reported from RealAge.


This creamy beverage loaded with calcium, and studies show that calcium can withstand weight loss by blocking fat absorption in your small intestine.


Forget the pancakes and start your day with scrambled or boiled eggs. Apparently, eliminate carbohydrates in the diet will only get more hungry. That means you get more snacking later in life.


Nuts are high in fat, but nuts are good kinds of fat that your body does. Nuts are rich in protein and fiber, making it the perfect snack or appetizer. But enough to make it a bit, not a bag.


Consumption of grain sources, such as brown rice, quinoa, wheat grain and pasta. Research shows that simple karbhohidrat it can help your stomach feel full.


Unsaturated fat in avocados are increasing the level of leptin, a hormone the body to stop hunger, the brains that tells your stomach is full.


Replace meat with mushrooms to your favorite recipe. You will automatically be approximately 400 calories and clogged arteries by saturated fat.

Olive oil

You'll be glad to know oil has a secret weapon called oleic acid, a healthy fat that makes you feel full and prevent you from overeating.

Spicy herbs

Spicy herbs are the main evidence that healthy eating need not be boring. Cayenne, jalapeno, serrano, and red peppers, all contain capsaicin, a compound to bring the spicy all at once relieve the sensation of appetite.


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