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Lack of Water Affect Mood

Water is an essential part of the body. Lack of moisture can lead to dehydration. Not only that, the lack of fluids was also an effect on your mood.

Who says you need a drink when thirsty. Just when you feel thirsty, your body is actually mild dehydration. Named by the teaching staff of the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Indonesia (FK UI) Dr DR Dr.Saptawati Bardosono MSc that third of our thirst with hunger confused.

They interpret that thirst is a signal that is when they should drink. The correct view is never to wait for thirst to drink.

"About 70 percent of the human body consists of water so that water plays an important role in maintaining health. Thus, lack of water can be harmful to the body, " he said in a media event, called "Watch the influence of Dehydration Lightweight, cognitive and mood, which was held at the Danone Aqua Hotel Le Méridien Jakarta some time ago.

Undeniable, the water is a nutrient essential for life. All systems in the body depends on air.Dijelaskan Dr.Saptawati, lack of water in the body can lead to dehydration, namely when the water in the body is not sufficient for the functions of the body to perform normally.

Where mild dehydration can decrease the body's metabolism by 3 percent and the lack of body fluids is a major cause of fatigue during the day.

"Even mild dehydration will cause disruption in the body system, including at the level of performance, cognitive and mood," he explained.

Results from recent studies in 2010 cited by the experts of the world hydration Lawrence E Armstrong PhD, and Harris R Lieberman PhD who is an expert in neuro-cognition of the United States that dehydration can have a negative impact on the level of performance, cognitive and mood, and cause general symptoms of dehydration.

The study was divided into two parts. The first study included 26 male and 25 female healthy adults with a range of about 20-23 years old.

The subjects were examined by performing a treadmill as much as 3x40 minutes at 280 (room temperature work) and asked to complete the cognitive tests. Results showed dehydration by 1.5 percent in men lead to concentration and memory problems, fatigue and tension.

While women are more affected by the rapid dehydration, which is equal to 1.3 percent and lead to fatigue, irritability, confusion, drowsiness, loss of concentration, dizziness and difficulty in completing tasks. This study is a great use of advanced technology that the effect of dehydration on ordinary people (non athletes) at room temperature for daily work.

Meanwhile a second study in 20 healthy adult women who drink water as much as two to three liters per day. They were asked to fast for 23 hours drinking water and cognitive tests. The same study shows.

Dehydration is very negative effect on the concentration, anxiety, and the spirit of the move. Dehydration can cause considerable confusion and fatigue in addition to the most common symptoms of dehydration, including somnolence, headache, and disturbed emotions quickly.

Even found that the result of interference in a light finish the job and not every day. This confirms the effect of dehydration on cognitive skills, concentration and emotional.

"The decline of 2 percent moisture status, short-term memory and ability to concentrate and learn influence," he said.

Still described Dr.Saptawati, genetic composition of different women to men was one of the factors that affect women, so more prone to dehydration. Women have a higher fat content and a lower water content in the body.

"So, to prevent dehydration, inadequate intake of water by drinking 8 to 10 glasses of water a day," Dr.Saptawati message.

Keep in mind that water demand should be met, not less and not excessive. It is said by the clinical nutritionist at the University of Indonesia, Dr Luciana Sutanto DR SpGK excess water consumption, swelling of the body, but the effect is not too harmful to the body.

"Swelling because excessive drinking affects only the enlargement of body tissues. Enlargement of this tissue depends on where the excess water is done," said the doctor said it was confidential Lucia.

Lucy explains: "The danger is that if the swell the heart, but this should only happen if the heart cells is problematic."

So, if the momentary mood and concentration is lost, then find out the cause and immediately drink water. Therefore, your lack of fluid in the body.


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