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Laptop lap Threaten Male Fertility?

Be careful using a laptop on your lap too long. The reason, recent studies have shown that this activity is the ability to threaten male fertility has.

A recent study found that men who use laptop on his lap for too long will their fertility at risk. A new study by fertility and infertility found that when people use laptops on your lap instead of a table base will damage the sperm as possible. This is because the laptop heat flows in their body parts for some time.

The study also noted that men who use a laptop pad as a buffer between the machines and their bodies for 10 minutes also puts himself in danger, as quoted by the Times of India.

The authors note other studies showing that warming the scrotum more than 1.8 degrees is enough to cause the sperm to make. And after running one hour will be 29 other subjects who work with the laptop on the knee raising the temperature in their testes more than 4 degrees. Heat is then endanger the health of the male sperm.

However, Yefim Sheynkin, author of the study of the State University of New York majoring urologist determines it is not a proof that the laptop could cause infertility in humans. However, prevention is better than cure right?


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