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Healthy lifestyle Ideal Body Shape

Healthy lifestyle
Ideal body is every woman's dream. Aware of a healthy body increases with the desire and motivation to achieve separation. Different ways, either directly or progressively strived to achieve perfection.

Amid the various steps toward that ideal body, WRP Diet Center Diet Specialist officially opened its doors to women and men in Mall Taman Orchid, Jakarta ideal body to enjoy the program with a distinctive and different services.

"Every person that healthy living is certainly in relation aka slim body shape. But whether the shape of her body should look like the models? In my opinion no, because everyone certainly has the body type is different. WRP Diet Center not just those who want her body slimming help, but also those who want a bit to fatten her somewhat thin. proverbial help us to achieve ideal body weight. WRP Diet Center We are dedicated to women but we've also just launched a program for men. Of course, comfort, space konsultai women and men separately, "said Huey Tien Wan, General Manager of WRP Diet Center Legal occurred during the opening ceremony on the Mall WRP Orchid Garden, on Thursday (02/10/2011).

About the program for men, Huey create a more healthy lifestyle is the lifestyle of their target audience, who like to consume liquor.

"Generally, male problems in big cities like Jakarta is not fat, yes, but more to the belly bulge caused by an unhealthy lifestyle. for example smoking, not eating regularly and then proceed to the night life, like drinking alcoholic beverages. Well here we will have the best process for their problems, "says Huey.

WRP Diet Center Brand Ambassador, Susan Bachtiar revealed he was not given a diet and the food quite often, but with a limited degree.

"I eat very often, the day was five to six meals. So I can eat three hours, but with adequate portions. I think we have nothing to eat then. I also consume high fiber foods like fruits and vegetables. Since WRP, I was very helpful and even body shape is maintained. As the morning before I go to the set and before bed I drink milk (output WRP) and often in the bag, the car that cookies as well, so if you're hungry to stay and to steal all said Susan who found the same opportunity, "he explained.

If you just want a more healthy and ideal body shape to get evidence and now the WRP Diet Center. Just come and check the condition of the body, then the consultant will determine the appropriate treatment. Followed by consultation with the nutritionist that indicate a more healthy habits such as diet, type of exercise and sleep patterns.


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