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Reduce Salt To Longevity

Salt is digit of the elements necessary in every cuisine because of its duty as the taste. But we also know too much sense to consume this poster will be dangerous for our blood vessels. Actually, how strong our embody can \"accommodate\" the salt?

Epidemolog metropolis R. Cook and his team conduct research Trials of Hypertension Prevention (TOHP) conducted in digit stages. The first initiate is the end of the 1980s and the second initiate in the early 1990s. The first phase of the study, focusing on four issues of stress management, healthy eating, and reduced salt.

Whereas in the second initiate focuses on weight expiration and salt reduction. They involve thousands of respondents 3 consists of men and women. The respondents confirmed no problems with blood vessels and their blood pressure.

Respondents then divided into digit groups. The first assemble were taught to choose foods that are low in sodium, while the second assemble was taught exclusive how to choose healthy foods in general. Both groups were observed during the study salt consumption.

In the first phase of research that lasted for 18 months, respoden in the first assemble in a period consuming exclusive a thousand milligrams of sodium, equivalent to 1 ½ containerful salt. And this measure to spend them from the blood vessel disorders including high blood pressure.

In phase II studies conducted over 36 months, respondents were given directions how to choose foods that are low metal levels, managed to reduce activity to 750 milligrams of metal which is equivalent to one-third containerful resulting in the quality of the blood vessels that prime.

While the assemble exclusive to be told how to choose healthy foods in general, did not significantly affect the levels of metal in the body. Even the 9 per cent of them ease had a heart attack or stroke, whereas those who choose the food to control the metal content is exclusive experiencing the problem as much as 7.5 percent.

In the body, metal is necessary to have the stimulus to our nervous system and to keep adequate minerals remain in the body. But our bodies do not like every that much, including sodium. When the excess will be difficult for the kidneys to remove fluid which then prefabricated between the cells become more numerous. This is what then makes the volume process in blood circulation which then increases the push in the blood or plural we call hypertension.

The recommended pane of ½ - 1 containerful in a period is a salt taste that we may enjoy. But for us who have kidney problems and high blood pressure, innocuous dosage of most ½ teaspoon.

Source: Kompas.com

Slender with Leaves

It was mutually slimming methods, but never seen the results? Try the recipes from procreation to generation, utilised by this court's daughter. More natural, healthy, and safe, you know.

1. Dutch teak leaves
Singset dug generally herbs that have been known in Indonesia contains the elements of this leaf. According to experts, the leaves contain alkaloids, resins, and tanning substances. Well, part of Dutch identity leaves a lot of this is utilised to reduce the manufacture of fat, slim down, and streamline the body.
Recipe: Take two pieces of foliage buds, decent clean and cut into small pieces. Then boiled with liquid as much as 3 cups of water. After a cold, filtered liquid and ingest 2-3 nowadays a day. In order to feel better, be added with sugar to taste.

2. Bay leaves
In addition to cooking, bay leaves contain flavonoids and tannins that can be utilised to treat various diseases, including high cholesterol, high uric acid, diabetes, high blood pressure, ulcers, and diarrhea.
Recipes: Choose 5 or 7 leaves fresh greetings. After existence washed clean, cook with enough liquid to boiling. Then filtered, after a cold, ingest before lunch and dinner.

3. Yellow leaves
Myrtle efficacy as a drug to overcome the problem of irregular menstruation. In addition, the leaves are useful to overcome the problem of excess fruitful in the body.
Prescription: Take a handful of leaves, myrtle leaves added a handful of mengkudu (Morido citrifolia) and half a pinkie temugiring (Curcuma heyneano). All the ingredients until finely ground, as he added one cup of water, then motion it out, and condemned the morning before breakfast.

4. Green repast
Green repast leaves are utilised as a beverage has also long been recognized as one of the executing of fruitful in traditional medicine. Green repast contains a rattling high antioxidant that helps increase the body's fruitful burning.
Recipe: green repast brewed with hot water, chill, and drink. Should be condemned before eating foods. Green repast will help keep fruitful intake. Or, can also ingest green repast before you exercise, it also helps break down fruitful in the skin faster.

Source: kompas.com

Best Time Consuming Vitamin

Some say, vitamins should be consumed in the morning or evening. There is also a saying, should be attended by the consumption of solid food vitamins.

According to Barbara Paulsen, Chief Editor Health Magazine, the consumption of vitamins can be finished anytime soon as we remember. Therefore, only a little difference if the benefits of regular vitamin.

For those who want to take vitamins regularly, it's good listening to some tips below:

* Consumption of vitamins with food to support the impact of absorption by the body.

* Impact of shackle pills hard to stomach. To reduce the impact, it is worth taking shackle pills with food.

* The vitamin E is mostly covered in fat. To obtain a greater benefit, consume with liquid fat, like a glass of milk.

* Better metal doses of 300 mg or less compared with mengasup metal in large numbers. It is better to add 10 percent if the dose of metal with food or seeds because it can support the impact of absorption by the body.

source: kompas.com

Multiple Benefits of Green Bean

Unlike another vegetables, the longer it is boiled, Khasiatnya will decrease. Instead of naif beans are not affected by the heat. Not only taste delicious, Khasiatnya vary. One of them is to process sexed arousal.

Mung noodle is a maker of vegetable protein, vitamins (A, B1, and C), and several minerals. Excess naif beans are kecambahnya (bean sprouts) contain vitamin E are not found in peanuts and soybeans.

Utilization of noodle sprouts as a food ingredient has been widely known in Indonesia. In constituent to seeds, leaves, naif beans crapper also be used as a vegetable

Heat Resistant
According to Ir I.G.A. Agung Ari M., professor of Technology Studies Program University Food and Nutrition August 17 (UNTAG) Surabaya, the nutrients contained in 110 grams of naif beans, among others, 345 calories, 22.2 grams protein, 1.2 grams of fat, and the rest of vitamins A, B1, 1.157 IU, minerals phosphorus, iron, and manganese.

Apparently, besides containing different vitamins, minerals and another nutrients, naif beans crapper also help cure the disease. Various diseases and disorders that crapper be overcome with naif beans mengasup include beri-beri, kidney inflammation, aid digestion, high blood pressure, alcohol poisoning, pesticides, lead, reduces itching for prickly heat, vomiting, strengthens spleen and stomach function, impotence , pulmonary tuberculosis, pimples, black spots overcome in the face, and others.

In addition, naif beans crapper also reduce fever. In fact, according to research, naif beans are best when the fever-lowering compared with another traditional ingredients.

Remarkably again, let roil a long time, until destroyed, naif beans remained efficacious, is not affected by heat. In oppositeness to the nuts, vegetables, fruits, and another traditional ingredients which when cooked too long, will reduce the efficacy of treatment.

Various herbs naif beans
There are many kinds of diseases that crapper be helped with the healing mengasup naif beans. Here are some naif noodle foodstuff that crapper be used to treat different diseases. From different sources herbs are taken, one from Drs. Educate Gunawan, Apt. SU, a lecturer at the Faculty of Pharmacy Gadjah Mada University, Yogyakarta.

* Peluruh pee

  • 30 grams of naif beans
  • 30 grams of leaves a containerful
  • 400 cc of liquid
  • Honey to taste
How to Make:
Boiled naif beans with a containerful leaves in liquid 400 cc. Cook ingredients in the pot until grilled ground. When cold, add honey to taste. Drink this foodstuff on a regular basis until the urine is not halting again.

* Stomach pain
  • 60 grams of raw naif beans
  • 15 peppercorns
  • 3 grams of cinnamon
  • 3 grams of nutmeg
  • 3 grams flavorer
  • 3 grams of cloves
  • 2 segment colorful
  • 1 litre of liquid
How to Make
Boiled naif beans, pepper, cinnamon, nutmeg, cardamom, cloves, ginger, and digit segments with one litre of water. Heat until the resolution became 1 / 2 liter. After a cold, ingest the cooking water.

* Biang the sweat of children
  • 60 g naif beans
  • 50 grams of purslane plants
  • Water sufficiently
How to Make:
Minced or mashed naif beans until they become powder. Boil naif beans together powder with enough liquid purslane. Once cooked, lineage and ingest three times a day.

* Boils
  • 50 grams of red beans
  • 50 grams of naif beans
  • 50 grams of black beans
  • 2 segment colorful
  • Honey to taste
How to Make
Boiled red beans, naif beans, and black beans together. Meanwhile, colorful is cooked separately. After that, the liquid mixed with colorful lather beans cooked them. This potion roil only for the immature. If the abscess is ripe, should add more honey.

* Increase male sexed desire
  • 30 grams of naif beans
  • 2 segment colorful
  • 15 grams of pepper
  • 15 grams fennel
  • 15 grams pulosari
  • 15 grams chives
  • 15 grams of seeds pariah
  • 15 grams coriander seeds
  • 600 cc colorful
How to Make
Boil naif beans together ginger, pepper, fennel, pulosari seeds, chives, seeds pariah, and coriander seeds with liquid 600 cc. Allow up to 300 cc of water. After chilling, drinking regularly until proven Khasiatnya.

* Hair loss
  • A containerful of naif beans
  • One glass of liquid starfruit
How to Make
Green beans cooked with water. Notice when boiling the beans do not get broken. Having looked a little mature and do not break, immediately lift the containers to boil. After the cold, naif noodle cooking liquid is used to moisten the scalp while a massage. Let dry, then wash your hair.

* Maag
  • 1 / 4 kg naif beans
  • Enough hot liquid
How to Make
Dried naif beans until dry and then pounded until smooth. After that, take a containerful of powdered naif beans. Seduhlah with warm liquid as much as one ingest to taste. After that ingest regularly once a day.

* Varicose veins
  • A containerful of naif beans
  • 2 cups liquid
How to Make
Green beans braised with digit glasses of water. Allow the liquid to decrease approximately one glass. Drink this lather twice a day, morning and before bed. While drinking the potion, you also must do the following. When going to sleep, lift the leg and place it in a place higher than his head. Let stand for 10 minutes. Position to do this every day while drinking naif noodle stew.

* Baby feverishness
  • A glass of starfruit naif beans
  • One containerful of honey
How to Make
Make a naif noodle stew. Minumkan or suapkan naif noodle cooking liquid on your child spoonful after spoonful. Previous enter a containerful of honey on the naif beans that have been placed in a glass.
* Headache
  • 1 cup naif beans
  • 3 cups liquid
How to Make:
Green beans are washed and cooked with three glasses of liquid to boiling. Let stand for 15 minutes. In lukewarm, ingest liquid and eat beans twice a day.

* Sprue, beri-beri
Drink naif beans every morning. Vitamins naif beans liquid crapper process your endurance. Warmth to cool the mouth and throat.

@ Abdi Susanto

Source: www.gayahidupsehatonline.com

Why Women Skin Wrinkles Faster?

Compared with men, women tend wound to age faster because they have hair follicles and oil glands less. Functioning oil glands to display essential oils to maintain wound scheme and make it soft.

Another factor that makes wound creased her fast is the sort of blood vessels in the vicinity of the mouth so that less blood circulation to this area less. If a little blood flow, oxygen and nutrients are necessary not easily accomplish the surface of the skin, but every that is necessary to repair damages wound cells.

\"Naturally, the woman's muscles around his mouth fireman to the wound effect more quickly attracted to the wound and cause wrinkles more quickly,\" said Dr. Moshe Kon, head of the department of plastic surgery, reconstructive and hand from the University Medical Center Utrecht, The Netherlands.

Although the sort of hair follicles in men and women equal, but men have more condensate glands in each hair follicle. This is unfortunate because the wound will be more relaxed.

In addition, the hormone also affects the acceleration of wound aging women. \"Differences in upbeat and disease many men and women caused by estrogen,\" said Dr. Seth Thaller, chief of plastic surgery at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine, United States.

In menopausal women who have reduced estrogen hormones, blood circulation also decreases, this is once again advance to the beginning of lines.

Another factor that can not be changed is the jaw bone changes as you get older. \"The older, the jawbone we will absorb more tardily so that the bone was shrinking. As a result the wound becomes loose because no one has held him back,\" said Dr. Jessie Cheung, director of cosmetic dermatology at NYU Langone Medical Center, New York, USA.

Various cosmetic measures, including botox injections until the withdrawal of the wound (face lift) was able to drive out the wrinkles on the face. However, according to Cheung wisest way to keep wound young is to keep the wound moisture, avoid the sun and not smoking.

Source: Kompas.com

Stomach Ulcer Pain Remedy

Often we encounter grouping who claim to have been hit by an ulcer. Whereas cases of viscus disorders are not always an ulcer. Many causes, or signs to verify grouping affected by ulcers. One of them is an inflammation of the stomach.

Gastritis or inflammation of the breadbasket better known as lesion disease. In grouping with viscus ulcers or gastritis, found the existence of an irritation or infection or inflammation of the viscus mucosal wall so that the breadbasket wall becomes red, swollen, bloody and blemished or injured. Apart from injuries on the breadbasket wall, was also injured in the intestine 12 fingers.

The attack on the breadbasket itself crapper be either accent or chronic. Chronic inflammation often occurs among older grouping and grouping with fatal anemia. This often crapper drive inflammation in the lining of the breadbasket wall.

Inflammation of the breadbasket crapper strike any person with all ages. Inflammation crapper drive viscus bleeding (hemorrhagic gastritis), so much murder that came out and gathered in the stomach, the patient module vomit murder containing brown same coffee.

In grouping with accent inflammation of the stomach, often complain of a symptom with a feeling of breadbasket discomfort, breadbasket cramps, indigesti, decreased appetite, nausea and vomiting. These symptoms module last for a few hours to several days.

Whereas in patients of chronic breadbasket inflammation has the aforementioned symptoms or discomfort is mild. Often, these symptoms become vague, much as intolerance to greasy or spicy foods. Even if there could be a mild attack module be overcome by eating.

However, the general inflammatory disease of the breadbasket has whatever symptoms are:
  • Nausea and vomiting often
  • Stomach pain, discompose (bloating and difficulty) on the upper abdomen (solar plexus).
  • Appetite dramatically decreased, pale face, body temperature rises, cold sweat.
  • Frequent belching especially when in a state of hunger
  • It's hard to sleep because of discompose disorders in the abdominal area)
  • Head spinning. Inflammation of the breadbasket and the bleeding crapper occur.

In general, viscus ulcers crapper be caused by several factors. Among them:
  • The presence of emotional stress and excessive pressure on someone
  • The existence of viscus acid and pepsin excessive
  • Mucosa (mucous membranes) of the breadbasket could not resist breadbasket acid and pepsin are excessive due to the decreasing ability of the viscus mucosal function.
  • When dining irregular, often too New to eat, or overeat often
  • Too much spicy food, acid, alcohol, certain drugs with high doses

Chronic peptic themselves according to traditional medicinal plant experts and akupunturis Hembing Wijayakusuma, related with the condition and return of bile acids into the breadbasket other. Also whatever other diseases, namely: bacterial infections, anemia, kidney disease, diabetes, and the substances that irritate same drugs, alcohol, cigarettes and so on.

Can Be Used Potion
According Hembing Wijayakusuma, medicinal plants below crapper be used to treat inflammation of the stomach. Among others aimed to reduce inflammation and infections, invigorating the viscus mucosal wall, and reduce the sensitivity of the breadbasket wall, improve the function of viscus glands and digestion in general.
  • 30 grams of fresh temu lawak + 10 grams of dried mandarin chromatic peel + 5 cardamom cooked eggs with liquid up to 500 cc 200 cc left, filtered water, drunk warm.
  • 75 grams of aloe vera leaves peeled + 10 + 5 grams fennel flowers functionary boiled eggs with the remaining 500 cc 200 cc water, filtered liquid + 1 tablespoon honey, warm drink.
  • 25 grams of fresh turmeric 20 grams kencur + + 5 cloves boiled with 400 cc of liquid until the remaining 200 cc, filtered water, warm drink
  • 3 stalks lemongrass + + 15 grains of flavoring galangal boiled with 500 cc of liquid until the remaining 200 cc, filtered water, drinking warm.

You crapper use one of the traditional way on top. Do regularly 2 times a day. In making use boiling belly or enamel belly soil.

@ Suharso Rahman

Source: Kompas.com

Mu Tong Herbal Drugs Suspected Cause Urinary Tract Cancer

Taipei, island researchers found an connexion between increased activity of herbal medicines from China Mu Tong with high urinary biome cancer cases. Common herbal creation utilised to treat the disease and it was a cause of disease is not safe to eat.

China herbal creation that contains aristolochic acid, or in China known as Mu Tong is utilised to treat hepatitis, urinary biome infections, eczema and others. However, recent studies say it aristolochic acid cause cancer of the urinary tract.

Researchers encounter the fact that after analyzing the scrutiny records of patients who have 4.9594 diseases and urinary biome cancer compared with 174,701 other people without the disease.

In the Journal of the National Cancer Institute is publicised by Oxford University Press, researchers say that those who undergo from urinary biome cancer was often consume herbal medicine from China Mu Tong.

Those who ate Mu Tong has a risk of urinary biome cancer are higher than those who never ate these herbal medicines. Mentioned also that the higher dose of the herbal medicines consumed, the higher the cancer cases that may occur.

The study led by Jung-Der Wang from the Institute of Occupational Medicine and Industrial Hygiene in the National island University showed that herbal products are based aristolochic acid is dangerous and should be banned.

\"We recommend that the drug was illegal and a analyse carried out routinely on herbal medicines other China that contain these herbs. Patients who have taken herbal medicines that should be monitored continuously,\" said Wang, as quoted from Health24, Wednesday (23 / 12/2009).

(Fah / ir)

Source: Detik Health.com

Antioxidants reap from "Pare"

Traditionally this bitter "pare" believed to be a cure for diabetes. Not only in the country, but also abroad.

Been no studies in the University of Bologna, Italy, which asked 720 experts recommended herbs to treat diabetes. They recommend 10 herbs for diabetes and "pare", which in English is called "bitter melon", entered in it.

For centuries pare is used in China and Asian countries to treat diabetes. "The study, published in Asia Pacific Journal of Clinical Nutrition show that oral delivery pare seed extract as much as 150 mg per kilogram of body weight for 30 days there was a significant decrease in fasting blood sugar. "Pare" was producing pancreatic beta cells in diabetics and "pare" beneficial to reduce oxidative stress, "said Dr.Sisilia Indradjaja, MHM.

He said one pare clinical trials in nine patients with type 1 diabetes. Providing extract pare with subcutaneous injection significantly reduced compared to control blood sugar.

Pare dose Dr.Sisil menyarakankan to control diabetes is 50-100 ml of fresh juice. For dry powder, the dose is 3-15 grams per day. Pare standardized extract capsules are recommended 100-200 mg, three times a day.

Need to be careful because there are side effects and toxicity to pare. Giving pare extracts are considered safe subcutaneous injection, although intravenous injection is more toxic and not recommended.

Reported giving fruit extracts pare 250-500 grams in patients with diabetes can cause abdominal pain and diarrhea. Also note that pare contains momorcharin, the effect antifertilitas aka hard having children. Pare can be toxic in adults when given in doses of 400-1000 ml.

Although known as a controller of diabetes, pare also have antioxidant effects. According to Ni in his book Dr.Maoshing Second Spring, pare contains vitamins A, B1, B3, and C. Potassium pare two times more than bananas and contains calcium two times more than spinach. In addition, pare also contain antioxidants in the form of lycopene, lutein, and zeaksantin.

Source: Kompas.com

Low Back Pain Due Bra Size No Match

Backwards pain can be caused many factors such as the one to sleep, frequent heavy lifting or sitting over time. But for women, may cause a bra. Health experts say, 70 percent of women ingest the wrong filler undergarment that can trigger backwards pain.

\"I ofttimes experience backwards pain so severe, I think it was because I ofttimes carry my child,\" said one mother is quoted from Flirty, weekday (17/12/2009).

But wait, before you blame your child or anything else, check to see if the undergarment was utilised to filler or not.

\"Almost 70 percent of women ingest the undergarment with the wrong filler and most of them complained of backwards pain and dysfunction experienced in the spine segment,\" said upbeat expert Dr. Andrew Kirschner.

Andrew added, many women underestimate the problem of bras and never adjust to the actual breast size.

\"The filler is today utilised generally is a measure several years ago, when a woman's breasts are large with age, especially after having children. Women are rarely re-fitting undergarment filler or shape, but different activities require different undergarment too,\" said Andrew.

For that, Andrew suggested that the women wear bras that fit (not likewise diminutive or likewise big) and ask upbeat experts about what kind of undergarment suitable for a particular activity.

\"Not because they want large breasts likewise diminutive and looked a little forced a undergarment that is likewise narrow or just the opposite,\" said Andrew.

A good undergarment is a undergarment that can stop the breast in order not to fall and made of materials that have good air circulation.

\"Because healthy undergarment will turn backwards pain, respiratory flow, turn tedium and improve quality of life,\" explained Andrew. (Fah / ir)

Source: http://health.detik.com

Younger looking Longevity More

Be happy when your face is judged to be younger than actual age. Besides looking fresher, better-looking people who also said the long young age.

This is evidenced by studies conducted by experts from the University of Southern Danish analyzing images and data from the 1826 twin brothers aged 70 years or more. The respondents were also asked to perform physical and cognitive tests.

Observation images of the 20 respondents conducted by the nurse the elderly aged 25-46 years, 10 teachers aged 22-37, and 11 women aged 70-78 years. The assessors are asked to judge the age by the photographs of the subject. They are not told when the subject is twins.

Seven years after this study, researchers conducted data collection on the number of respondents who have died and are still alive. Interestingly, respondents who rated the study as younger than actual age turns out to have a longer age than his twin.

The researchers concluded that youth face related to the short length of the telomere or chromosome in the DNA. Shorter telomere, aging occurs sooner. Short telomere of which could occur due to a stressful life or a bad lifestyle.

Source: Kompas.com

Various Benefits of Polyatomic Oxygen-Ozone Therapy

First, to deal with various issues related to blood circulation, such as heart disease, high blood pressure, fat or high cholesterol, post-stroke.

Second, to handle a variety of infections caused by viruses (hepatitis A, B, C, herpes simplex, herpes zoster, syphilis), bacterial (tuberculosis, sinusitis, osteomyelitis, wound), fungi (candida, phlegm), and parasites (malaria, dengue fever, worms, filariasis, trichomoniasis).

Third, improve the immune system by stimulating the production of blood cells and white, and various immune cells, such as IL-2.

Fourth, as a complementary treatment to deal with various types of cancer.

Fifth, to deal with injuries, infections and chronic inflammation such as ulcerus cruris (open wounds in the leg), the condition of the digestive disaluran inflammation (colitis, prokitis), burns, inflammation of the joints (arthritis), gout (uric acid), pancreatitis.

Sixth, prevent aging and the symptoms associated with aging such as osteoporosis, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, decreased function of vision, hearing, hair loss, wrinkles, decreased libido, and so on.

Seventh, increase the work of hormones in the body such as insulin, growth hormone, for diseases such as diabetes mellitus.

Source: Nirmala Magazine

WHO: Tobacco Killed 5 Million People Each Year

Tobacco Obviously not our friend. World Health Organization (WHO) said in a statement on Wednesday (09/12/2009), stated, every year 5 million people die from cigarettes. This number will continue to grow if the state leaders do not have the will to protect his people from the dangers of cigarettes.

In a recent report on tobacco use and control, UN says nearly 95 percent of the global population is not protected by the Law Banning Cigarette. WHO also says, more than 600,000 smokers die each year passive.

The report mentions the various strategies that can be taken by policy makers in each country to suppress the number of smokers, for example, regulates the production, promotion, and marketing of cigarettes and tobacco products tax increase. The steps included in the package of six WHO strategy issued last year, but less than 10 percent of the world population is protected from the dangers of cigarettes.

"People need more action, not only to be told that cigarettes are dangerous to health. They need a real implentasi of the WHO Framework Convention undertaken by their respective governments," said Douglas Bettcher, Director of WHO's Tobacco-Free Initiative.

Currently tobacco is the leading cause of preventable death in the world. WHO estimates that if there are still many countries that do not take drastic action, 8 billion people will die from diseases related to tobacco in 2030, mainly residents of developing countries.

source: Kompas.com

10 Misconceptions About Diabetes

1. Diabetes not a disease Deadly - Wrong!
In fact, diabetes is a global killer, which causes far more deaths than deaths from HIV / AIDS. This disease kills 3.8 million people a year. Every 10 seconds someone dies from dibetes or associated with diabetes.
2. Diabetes berdapampak only on rich countries only - Wrong!
Diabetes attacked all populations, regardless of income populations. This number continues to grow. More than 240 million people worldwide currently have diabetes. This figure will grow to more than 380 million by 2025. In some countries in Asia, the Middle East, Oceania and the Caribbean, diabetes, 12-20% of the population affected by diabetes. In 2025, 80% of cases of diabetes will occur in low-income countries and middle.

3. Diabetes is funded large-scale globally - Wrong!
Official Overseas Development Aid (the official foreign aid) for the health sector in 2002 reached USD 2.9 billion, and only 0.1% just to fund ALL of chronic non communicable diseases (non-communicable chronic disease). Most of the funds was EUR 2.9 billion for mendanani HIV / AIDS. Although far more deadly diabetes globally. When compared with the HIV / AIDS, funds for diabetes is only obtained from a fraction of that 0.1% of the funds available.
In addition, the bank provides duni USD 4.2 billion loan to fund health, population and nutrition between 1997 and 2002. Only 2.5% of the funds given to chronic diseases.

4. Diabetes can be treated with low cost - Wrong!
High cost of diabetes treatment and the potential to cripple any healthcare system. Pembanganan economic opportunities created by the United Nations wanted to developing countries would be eroded due to the effects of this diabetes problem.

5. Diabetes only affects old people - Wrong!
In fact, diabetes affects all age groups. Currently, an estimated 246 million people between the ages of 20 to 79 will be affected by diabetes. In developing countries diabetes on at least 80 million people anara ages 40-59.

6. Diabetes predominantly affects men, Wrong!
In fact, diabetes experienced by both men and women. In fact, more sedikti experienced by women. This also increased dramatically among youth and certain populations due to the risk factor genes.

7. Diabetes is the result of "lifestyle" is not well-Wrong!
The destitute and the children have only limited choices to live in terms of food and education. In short they are forced (or forced) to "lifestyle" is not healthy due to economic conditions and lack of education.

8. Diabetes can not be prevented - Wrong!
Above statements are true as to the case of type 1 diabetes, more than 80% of type 2 diabetes can be prevented with a healthy diet, increasing physical activity and encourage healthy lifestyles.

9. Diabetes be prevented with high cost - Wrong!
Many ways are cheap and low cost to prevent diabetes. Environmental improvements, changes in diet and increased physical activity can prevent diabetes pandemic.

10. After all, we are all going to die, by something because - True but. . .
Death is indeed inevitable, but death does not have experienced a gradual, painful or premature. Diabetes caused 3.8 million deaths globally. With awareness, prevention and appropriate treatment, this can be prevented.

The idea of for '10 misconceptions about diabetes 'dalah by WHO global report,' Preventing chronic diseases: A Vital Investment, which provides 10 misunderstandings about chronic diseases.
Data obtained from various sources, including:
Roglic G et al: The Burden of Mortality Attributable to Diabetes: Realistic estimates for the
year 2000. Diabetes Care 28: 2130-2135. The Diabetes Atlas 3rd Edition, International Diabetes
Federation, 2006. Yach D et al: The Global Burden of chronic diseases. JAMA 2004).

Adapted and translated from '10 misconceptions about diabetes' by the International Diabetes Federation published As with parts of the promotional material www.unitefordiabetes.org UNITED FOR DIABETES.

source: rumahdiabetes.com

Aztec grain Diabetes Can Save Patients From Heart Failure

The type 2 diabetes can reduce the risk of disturbances or problems at the heart blood vessels by way of accepting a bribe is made from a type of wheat planted by the ancient Aztec tribes, according to research group of Canadian scientists.
Canadian scientists say a type of wheat that is commonly known by ancient Aztec tribal name Salba, when eaten by people with type 2 diabetes as much as two to three grains each day would lower systolic blood pressure and reduce the risk of vascular disease of the heart.

The type 2 diabetes is controlled and monitored (regular treatment) received intake of two or three points on a regular basis during the study period while continuing treatment, "said Dr. Alexandra L. Jenkins told Reuters.

"Effectiveness look after the patients received medical treatment (drugs) in the conventional manner with additional salba," said Jenkins, who worked at St. Michael's Hospital in Toronto.

Salba is a grain of wheat that was developed from wheat Salvia hispanica L. produced by pharmaceutical companies in Argentina.

Type of wheat is very rich in fiber, omega-3 fatty acids, magnesium, calcium, iron and anti-oxidants.

A total of 11 male patients with type 2 diabetes and 9 female patients with diabetes who consume 37 grams of a controlled salba every day for 12 weeks. After that through the first period and then stopped giving repeated again for 12 weeks.

In the study period that the patients not to change lifestyle patterns, including diet and physical activity. Systolic blood pressure fell significantly from 6.3 mm Hg at the time of using salba.

Canadian scientists find Salba reduced inflammation and blood clotting and improve glycemic control.

"Salba has a long history of use by humans in the absence of contra-indications for individual patients with diabetes in general," said Jenkins.

But he stressed the need to do further studies that include patients with type 2 diabetes in higher numbers to ensure the benefits salba. (Editing / cax)

Possible Herbal Treatments For Diabetes

Many people are turning to herbal remedies for the treatments of diseases. The reason for this is uncolored herbs hit less side effects that traditional prescription medicine. There are vast variety of herbs for every medical condition. Before trying any identify of herbal supplement, talk with your doctor. Some herbs haw hit in interaction with medications that you haw be on.

If you start an herbal treatment for your diabetes, monitor you blood sugar levels frequently. There are many types of herbs for the treatment of diabetes. Some work better than others and what works for one person haw not work for you. Do your investigate and talk with a holistic healer or herbalist. This article is feat to list a few of the herbs that are utilised in the treatment of diabetes:

Garlic and onions are prizewinning known for their cardiovascular benefits, however a few studies hit shown that they crapper be advantageous in cloudy blood glucose levels. Onions crapper increase the production of insulin in your body, which will lower high glucose levels in your blood.

Bitter gourd has long been utilised for it's glucose cloudy properties. It staleness be condemned in small doses however, because larger doses crapper drive abdominal pain and diarrhea.

Aloe Vera has been called the healing herb. It is known for it's ability to impact burns and cuts.But the dried sap and gel condemned from the inner portion of the leaves hit been trenchant in treating diabetes.

Asian ginseng is a traditional Chinese medicine. It has long been utilised in the treatment of diabetes. Asian ginseng crapper increase the release of insulin from the pancreas and enhance the duty of insulin receptors.

Gymnema is an Ayurvedic tracheophyte that has been shown to help the pancreas display insulin. It has been advantageous in cloudy blood sugar levels in both identify 1 and identify 2 diabetics.

Stevia has long been utilised to lower blood glucose levels. It has had animal studies but has not undergone any human trials.

Cinnamon bark will make fat cells more reachable to insulin. It blocks the formation of dangerous free radicals and increases the conversation rate of glucose to energy.

These are just a few of the herbs utilised to impact diabetes. You staleness remember, that just because you crapper buy it over the counter does not mean that it is completely safe. People with renal disease or liver disease are at a higher risk for complications. If you are on blood thinning medicines be aware that taking ginkgo, ginseng and garlic will increase your risk for bleeding.

Do not take player doses of the herbs thinking that more is better. It crapper actually do more alteration than good. Monitor your blood sugar frequently and keep your doctor informed of what you are doing. If you find the right tracheophyte that works for you, prescription medication for your diabetes haw embellish a thing of the past!

Sometimes the prizewinning choler against diabetes is a good defense.

Sports can be as effective as Viagra

Sports specially designed to provide benefits as effective as Viagra (sildenafil) in order to overcome erectile dysfunction cases. Once the conclusion of a research program which lasted for two years at the Cologne University Medical Center, Germany.

The research was based on previous conclusions that says that the pelvic muscles can help to overcome some erection problems. From this researchers led by Dr. Frank Sommer hoped to prove through clinical trials. "Unbelievable, the result was effective," said Dr. Sommer in his report at the European Association of Urology.

In this trial, 104 patients with circulatory disorders were given sildenafil, placebo, and a series of exercises designed menu specifically. Results overall, 80 percent of patients admitted following an exercise program succeeded in obtaining a better erection. The amount is greater than 74 percent of the group using sildenafil and 18 percent who get a placebo.

Exercise program designed specifically researchers intended to improve the blood supply around the pelvis, buttocks and leg muscles through Squat exercises, and lifting the pelvis and legs. Overall this exercise program takes time for three weeks.

The smooth flow of blood needed to sustain an erection immediately seen a sharp increase in men who do sports. Hardening erection average increased to 46 percent within three months after the men were ordered to run exercise programs.

"Indeed, sport is a conservative treatment option that can be reliable for patients with circulatory disorders are level," said Sommer.

So, if feel sluggish, do not rush to swallow the pill before trying to exercise.

Source: Kompas.com

Type 2 Diabetes Origins and History

Diabetes has been one of the most devastating diseases known to man, and it has been recognized for over digit thousand years, but there is no story of identify 2 diabetes, or any other differentiation between different types of diabetes, until the twentieth century. It was not until 1935 that it was discovered that there were binary types of diabetes, and it could be said that this is where the story of identify 2 diabetes rattling began.

Roger Hinsworth made the remarkable discovery in 1935 that there were, in fact, digit different types of diabetes. Those which were sensitive to insulin (Type 1), and those that were not (Type 2). This insight was finally made possible by the relatively recent discovery of insulin in 1921, and presumably came most when doctors noticed that insulin injections were having less of an effect on whatever diabetes patients. In the 1950's, a new drug was created that is considered to be the beginnings of the story of identify 2 diabetes treatments. Before now, there was no story of identify 2 diabetes treatment whatsoever, so those with identify 2 had to make due with simply using more insulin in hopes that their cells would absorb enough.

From then on, identify 2 diabetes story pretty such ran alongside that of identify 1. Urine strips were introduced in the 1960s, making it easier than any other time in the story of identify 2 diabetes to detect the amount of insulin in the body. This made it far simpler for people to manage their diabetes. One time use syringes were introduced to the mart in 1961, getting rid of the need for the thick, durable early syringes that were had to be boiled to be cleaned, sharpened from time to time, and were prone to developing painful barbs.

Ames Diagnostics created portable glucose meters in 1969 as a method to determine if an unconscious patient was diabetic or meet drunk. Although these original meters weighed around three pounds, more recent technologies have low the size to that of a hand held calculator.

Insulin pumps, designed to simulate the natural insulin production of the manlike body, were created in the late 70's, and were initially carried by patients as a packsack identify setup. Technology has impacted these as well, and they are now small enough to clip onto a belt or pocket. Much more recently, oral medications have been released that do the employ of insulin pumps, making it so that a lot of diabetics merely have to take a pill to control their insulin.

With so such recent advancement, it seems that it may not be too long before identify 2 diabetes story comes to a close.

Brandon Wiseman, Freelance writer. We are committed to providing free adjuvant aggregation identify 2 diabetes and its origins and history.

Breast Augmentation Surgery

Breast augmentation surgery has become a favourite procedure which more and more women are making use of to enhance the filler of their breasts. In comparison to other methods such as boob enhancement exercise, communication and herbal methods, boob implant surgery gives quick results. The results from the boob implant module be visible within a week’s instance while other conventional methods module take a long instance to show any improvement.

Choosing the correct filler of the implant is an important issue which needs to be deliberated and proper home work needs to be done to arrive at the correct filler for the individual. If this exercise is not carried discover prior to the actual boob implant procedure, one may land with either an undersize or an oversize implant. It may be too late to do anything once the implant is in place other than going through another expensive procedure to get it discover and get the correct one in.

Padded bras in several sizes are available. One needs to try wearing different sizes and the individual needs to compare how they suit her and how she feels in apiece one of them. There are whatever inserts available which are to be placed inside the bra. These also crapper be tried. Cosmetic surgeons do help in this decision making process. The individual has to see for herself how the clothes module fit for apiece filler and how the contours change.

There is expert instrument which says that one should not go for an augmentation more than twice the cup filler of the original boob size. If the chosen filler is higher than this, the individual module tend to look too huge for people who she is familiar with. Oversized breasts on a anorectic frame may be undesirable to her sexual partner. The individual also module feel uncomfortable with huge breasts for her body.


Besides being used to maintain and improve stamina, health supplements are now popular for the treatment, but apparently, most of the information known to the public about health supplements are still limited and less effective, more focus to its superiority. Whereas consumers are entitled to more accurate information about the product. Like when or on what conditions the new supplement is needed, what dose, what the risk is if the supplement is consumed exceeds demand.
Almost all health supplement manufacturers harness the power of important substances contained therein as utuk promotions increase sales. But from what source materials were taken, not always included. For example, vitamin C. The true source of the fresh fruits and vegetables. But did you know that there are supplements of vitamin C is taken from the asphalt base material or oil, which can poison the body? Imagine if our knowledge about the vitamin C was limited to cold stress and ulcers, and we drank in high doses because it considers all the supplements of vitamin C comes from citrus fruits.
The standard dose is determined by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), drug regulatory authorities and food in the United States, nor is it a guarantee of a safe supplement product for everyone. Because the FDA itself is not at all a test, analysis or otorisasipada supplement products before the products launched to the public.
Therefore, do not delay. Now is the time to be critical of the body and health needs of our own.

Lifestyle Changes to Survife Cancer

The human embody has an incredible capacity to heal itself given the right conditions. With a flourishing diet and whatever exercise which only you crapper provide, you crapper facilitate the healing and overcome any cancer. It is never too late.

If you or someone you care about is dealing with cancer it’s essential to realize that cancer is a disease of the whole body, not just where the growth appeared. Cancer has appeared because of a condition within the embody but by removing just the growths, as with our mainstream treatments that doesn’t removed the condition that caused the cancer to acquire in the first place. That’s ground it comes back again. You haven’t healed the body.

Doctors are taught that cancer is a foreign lump and if they crapper vanish every of it they hit successfully beaten the disease. Unfortunately this is not so. Our mainstream treatments often don’t work because they don’t address the cause or ground the lump first appeared. The answer is, heal yourself and you do that by using our uncolored food as your medicine.

Cancer is simply a disease of a weak insusceptible grouping because the insusceptible grouping had been weakened by the way we now live with our processed food, our lack of exercise, which is very essential and the ingest of too many toxic chemicals which we come in contact with everyday. Our insusceptible grouping is our shapely in defence grouping which keeps us flourishing and cancer free. Without an insusceptible grouping we could not survive.

The common sense way to endure cancer is to change your diet to the foods that are famous to hit cancer fighting properties. Research over the last few years has found many of our uncolored foods crapper fight cancer. Some examples are;

  • Garlic and other members of the onion family.
  • Broccoli and other cruciferous vegetables.
  • Tomatoes, which contain lycopene.
  • Red grapes that contain the phytochemical resveratrol.
  • Mushrooms, shitake variety helps the insusceptible system.
  • Blueberries, they are high in antioxidants.
  • Nuts and seeds, especially brazils which contain selenium.
  • Salmon, contains omega 3 fatty acids.
  • Papaya and pineapple but it must be fresh.

A flourishing diet is designed to improve nutrition rather than treat the disease; with improved nutrition the embody will then treat the disease.

What is also essential to endure cancer is to vanish the foods that are famous to cause the problem. Some examples are;

  • Processed food, because it has lost its nutritional value.
  • Meat; every alternative cancer diets are vegetarian based.
  • Sugar that is refined sugar feeds cancer cells.
  • Salt, famous to contribute to cancer.
  • Sodium Nitrate, found in most processed meats.
  • Foods cooked by smoke and pickled food.
  • Barbecue food because of the high temperature used.
  • Alcohol also famous to contribute to cancer.

Remember it’s the embody that heals and that is through the insusceptible system. While cancer maybe difficult to treat it is not a death sentence and you crapper prove that to yourself by making these lifestyle changes.

The Occurrence of Obesity Trigger Cancer

World Health Organization (World Health Organization / WHO) estimates that 30% of cases of cancer associated with being overweight, obesity and physical inactivity.
"Factors obesity and lack of physical activity contributes 30% risk of cancer," said Director of Non Communicable Diseases Control Department of Health Yusharmen in Jakarta.

Cancer, characterized by cell growth are not controlled, the number two cause of death in the world after cardiovascular disease and according to WHO data as many as 10 million new cancer cases occur each year.

The cause of the disease until now have not known for certain but it happened influenced a number of factors including the risk of smoking, unhealthy diet, and obesity.

In Indonesia, obesity has begun to be health threats. According to the Basic Health Research (Riskesdas) In 2007, the prevalence of obesity and weight gain in children over age above 15 years of 18.4%.

While the prevalence of tumors in the community, according to the same research, by 4.3 per 1,000 population.

Yusharmen further explained, because cancer is a disease triggered by the behaviors and lifestyles that are not healthy then the government's efforts to control the disease are also more civilizing efforts aimed at healthy living behavior.

Department of Health, he added, that efforts by the campaign increased physical activity and a healthy balanced diet to the public.

"We are focused campaign to school children through school health unit and a small doctor` `. But this is the case in urban areas have many. Then it will be replicated elsewhere," said Yusharmen. (ant / cax)

Massage face makes Younger

One of the signs of youth are wrinkles that are rarely found in the skin of the face. To prevent wrinkles can be done by treating the skin and avoid excessive sun exposure.

Facial massage can be done to prevent wrinkles. Massage should follow the direction of muscle and blood flow because if the opposite will only cause wrinkles. Perform this massage 10-15 times a day.

1. Massage the forehead with her index finger starting from the eyebrows to the meeting outside and above the brow.
2. Massage the nose with her index finger starting from the meeting with the eyebrows downward movement.
3. For the upper eyelid, starting from the inner corner of the eye (near your nose) with the movement toward the outside corner of the eye. For the lower eyelid, starting from the outer corner of the eye moves toward the inner corner of eye.
4. Massage the upper lip started from the middle and moving outward. Do the same massage to the lower lip.
5. Use your fingers to move their necks from the bottom up.
6. Massage cheek with upward movement starting from the bottom of the face.

Source: Kompas.com

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