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Slender with Leaves

It was mutually slimming methods, but never seen the results? Try the recipes from procreation to generation, utilised by this court's daughter. More natural, healthy, and safe, you know.

1. Dutch teak leaves
Singset dug generally herbs that have been known in Indonesia contains the elements of this leaf. According to experts, the leaves contain alkaloids, resins, and tanning substances. Well, part of Dutch identity leaves a lot of this is utilised to reduce the manufacture of fat, slim down, and streamline the body.
Recipe: Take two pieces of foliage buds, decent clean and cut into small pieces. Then boiled with liquid as much as 3 cups of water. After a cold, filtered liquid and ingest 2-3 nowadays a day. In order to feel better, be added with sugar to taste.

2. Bay leaves
In addition to cooking, bay leaves contain flavonoids and tannins that can be utilised to treat various diseases, including high cholesterol, high uric acid, diabetes, high blood pressure, ulcers, and diarrhea.
Recipes: Choose 5 or 7 leaves fresh greetings. After existence washed clean, cook with enough liquid to boiling. Then filtered, after a cold, ingest before lunch and dinner.

3. Yellow leaves
Myrtle efficacy as a drug to overcome the problem of irregular menstruation. In addition, the leaves are useful to overcome the problem of excess fruitful in the body.
Prescription: Take a handful of leaves, myrtle leaves added a handful of mengkudu (Morido citrifolia) and half a pinkie temugiring (Curcuma heyneano). All the ingredients until finely ground, as he added one cup of water, then motion it out, and condemned the morning before breakfast.

4. Green repast
Green repast leaves are utilised as a beverage has also long been recognized as one of the executing of fruitful in traditional medicine. Green repast contains a rattling high antioxidant that helps increase the body's fruitful burning.
Recipe: green repast brewed with hot water, chill, and drink. Should be condemned before eating foods. Green repast will help keep fruitful intake. Or, can also ingest green repast before you exercise, it also helps break down fruitful in the skin faster.

Source: kompas.com

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