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Multiple Benefits of Green Bean

Unlike another vegetables, the longer it is boiled, Khasiatnya will decrease. Instead of naif beans are not affected by the heat. Not only taste delicious, Khasiatnya vary. One of them is to process sexed arousal.

Mung noodle is a maker of vegetable protein, vitamins (A, B1, and C), and several minerals. Excess naif beans are kecambahnya (bean sprouts) contain vitamin E are not found in peanuts and soybeans.

Utilization of noodle sprouts as a food ingredient has been widely known in Indonesia. In constituent to seeds, leaves, naif beans crapper also be used as a vegetable

Heat Resistant
According to Ir I.G.A. Agung Ari M., professor of Technology Studies Program University Food and Nutrition August 17 (UNTAG) Surabaya, the nutrients contained in 110 grams of naif beans, among others, 345 calories, 22.2 grams protein, 1.2 grams of fat, and the rest of vitamins A, B1, 1.157 IU, minerals phosphorus, iron, and manganese.

Apparently, besides containing different vitamins, minerals and another nutrients, naif beans crapper also help cure the disease. Various diseases and disorders that crapper be overcome with naif beans mengasup include beri-beri, kidney inflammation, aid digestion, high blood pressure, alcohol poisoning, pesticides, lead, reduces itching for prickly heat, vomiting, strengthens spleen and stomach function, impotence , pulmonary tuberculosis, pimples, black spots overcome in the face, and others.

In addition, naif beans crapper also reduce fever. In fact, according to research, naif beans are best when the fever-lowering compared with another traditional ingredients.

Remarkably again, let roil a long time, until destroyed, naif beans remained efficacious, is not affected by heat. In oppositeness to the nuts, vegetables, fruits, and another traditional ingredients which when cooked too long, will reduce the efficacy of treatment.

Various herbs naif beans
There are many kinds of diseases that crapper be helped with the healing mengasup naif beans. Here are some naif noodle foodstuff that crapper be used to treat different diseases. From different sources herbs are taken, one from Drs. Educate Gunawan, Apt. SU, a lecturer at the Faculty of Pharmacy Gadjah Mada University, Yogyakarta.

* Peluruh pee

  • 30 grams of naif beans
  • 30 grams of leaves a containerful
  • 400 cc of liquid
  • Honey to taste
How to Make:
Boiled naif beans with a containerful leaves in liquid 400 cc. Cook ingredients in the pot until grilled ground. When cold, add honey to taste. Drink this foodstuff on a regular basis until the urine is not halting again.

* Stomach pain
  • 60 grams of raw naif beans
  • 15 peppercorns
  • 3 grams of cinnamon
  • 3 grams of nutmeg
  • 3 grams flavorer
  • 3 grams of cloves
  • 2 segment colorful
  • 1 litre of liquid
How to Make
Boiled naif beans, pepper, cinnamon, nutmeg, cardamom, cloves, ginger, and digit segments with one litre of water. Heat until the resolution became 1 / 2 liter. After a cold, ingest the cooking water.

* Biang the sweat of children
  • 60 g naif beans
  • 50 grams of purslane plants
  • Water sufficiently
How to Make:
Minced or mashed naif beans until they become powder. Boil naif beans together powder with enough liquid purslane. Once cooked, lineage and ingest three times a day.

* Boils
  • 50 grams of red beans
  • 50 grams of naif beans
  • 50 grams of black beans
  • 2 segment colorful
  • Honey to taste
How to Make
Boiled red beans, naif beans, and black beans together. Meanwhile, colorful is cooked separately. After that, the liquid mixed with colorful lather beans cooked them. This potion roil only for the immature. If the abscess is ripe, should add more honey.

* Increase male sexed desire
  • 30 grams of naif beans
  • 2 segment colorful
  • 15 grams of pepper
  • 15 grams fennel
  • 15 grams pulosari
  • 15 grams chives
  • 15 grams of seeds pariah
  • 15 grams coriander seeds
  • 600 cc colorful
How to Make
Boil naif beans together ginger, pepper, fennel, pulosari seeds, chives, seeds pariah, and coriander seeds with liquid 600 cc. Allow up to 300 cc of water. After chilling, drinking regularly until proven Khasiatnya.

* Hair loss
  • A containerful of naif beans
  • One glass of liquid starfruit
How to Make
Green beans cooked with water. Notice when boiling the beans do not get broken. Having looked a little mature and do not break, immediately lift the containers to boil. After the cold, naif noodle cooking liquid is used to moisten the scalp while a massage. Let dry, then wash your hair.

* Maag
  • 1 / 4 kg naif beans
  • Enough hot liquid
How to Make
Dried naif beans until dry and then pounded until smooth. After that, take a containerful of powdered naif beans. Seduhlah with warm liquid as much as one ingest to taste. After that ingest regularly once a day.

* Varicose veins
  • A containerful of naif beans
  • 2 cups liquid
How to Make
Green beans braised with digit glasses of water. Allow the liquid to decrease approximately one glass. Drink this lather twice a day, morning and before bed. While drinking the potion, you also must do the following. When going to sleep, lift the leg and place it in a place higher than his head. Let stand for 10 minutes. Position to do this every day while drinking naif noodle stew.

* Baby feverishness
  • A glass of starfruit naif beans
  • One containerful of honey
How to Make
Make a naif noodle stew. Minumkan or suapkan naif noodle cooking liquid on your child spoonful after spoonful. Previous enter a containerful of honey on the naif beans that have been placed in a glass.
* Headache
  • 1 cup naif beans
  • 3 cups liquid
How to Make:
Green beans are washed and cooked with three glasses of liquid to boiling. Let stand for 15 minutes. In lukewarm, ingest liquid and eat beans twice a day.

* Sprue, beri-beri
Drink naif beans every morning. Vitamins naif beans liquid crapper process your endurance. Warmth to cool the mouth and throat.

@ Abdi Susanto

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