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Be happy when your face is judged to be younger than actual age. Besides looking fresher, better-looking people who also said the long young age.

This is evidenced by studies conducted by experts from the University of Southern Danish analyzing images and data from the 1826 twin brothers aged 70 years or more. The respondents were also asked to perform physical and cognitive tests.

Observation images of the 20 respondents conducted by the nurse the elderly aged 25-46 years, 10 teachers aged 22-37, and 11 women aged 70-78 years. The assessors are asked to judge the age by the photographs of the subject. They are not told when the subject is twins.

Seven years after this study, researchers conducted data collection on the number of respondents who have died and are still alive. Interestingly, respondents who rated the study as younger than actual age turns out to have a longer age than his twin.

The researchers concluded that youth face related to the short length of the telomere or chromosome in the DNA. Shorter telomere, aging occurs sooner. Short telomere of which could occur due to a stressful life or a bad lifestyle.

Source: Kompas.com

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