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Detection of Health through the nails

Have you ever noticed that the color of your nails look odd? Most of us occasionally a problem nails, you do not panic. But if you consistently nail strange looks, may be an indication of health problems and it's good to be sent to the doctor.

Consider the seven-try signal supplied to the health of your nails, revised Allwomenstalk.

Pale nails

With age, the nail color to a lighter, slightly pink when we are teenagers. However, nails suddenly appeared instead of many weeks back, can also indicate more serious problems such as anemia, heart or liver disease.

Yellow nail

If your nails yellow, could mean that your nails are too long wearing nail polish or you experience a yeast infection. Relax, most nail fungus infections are easily treated.

Bluish Nails

Bluish colored nails usually indicate a problem with the oxygen in the body, usually caused lung disease or diabetes. It could also mean that you just got chills.

Nail Holes

Do you have a small hole in your nails? Often, simply because if you injure your nails grow. But if the hole a lot, this may be an early sign of psoriasis or arthritis.

Broken and split nails

If your nails always crack, split or peeling layers, this would be a pretty clear indication of thyroid disease. Tests to determine the symptoms is strongly recommended.

Swollen red nails and cuticles

If your cuticles and nails are red and swollen, this can be an indicator of lupus, connective tissue disorders or other diseases. It would also mean that your cuticles with nail polish remover alcohol pain is difficult.

Blue-black or purple-black lines under the nail

This can be a serious problem, because usually an indicator of melanoma skin cancer. It is recommended that you directly to the doctor, because early detection of melanoma, the difference between life and death.



Cigarette Smoke Causes Children Hyperactive

Be careful of those who regularly smoke in the house. Recent research in Britain has concluded that exposure to cigarette smoke cause hyperactive children behave 'badly'.

The children often become victims of smoke from cigarettes smoked father and other relatives. A recent study in the UK demonstrates the fact that often a child is exposed to smoke or 'passive smoking (secondhand smoke) is a mental disorder, especially the hyperactive trigger and behave bad.

These findings, told the investigators, the parents called to immediately stop smoking or at least smoke outside the house to smoke cigarettes diisapnya not adversely affect other people, especially children. It remains unclear whether tobacco smoke cause brain damage or other influencing factors.

"It is good that exposure to cigarette smoke known to non-smokers associated with many physical health problems, particularly in young anak.Namun during the mental health side also not been tested, " said lead researcher Mark Hamer of University College London, London England, as reported by Reuters Health.

Data from the Ministry of Health and Human Services United States, used in this study, there were two of the three children aged between 3 to 11 years who are exposed to cigarette smoke in the United States.

Meanwhile, in children aged 9 to 17 years, about 1 in 5 of whom were diagnosed with some type of mental disorder or addiction. To see if the appropriate statistical data on the problem, Hamer and his colleagues studied 901 children of non-smokers between 4-8 years.

The researchers measured levels of a byproduct of cigarette smoke on the saliva is then measured participants exposure to the smoke. They also asked parents to complete questionnaires on emotional and behavioral problems and social development.

As a result, more and more children are exposed to cigarette smoke, on average, the poorer mental health, especially a child is hyperactive and behave bad.

The final conclusion of this study were published in the latest journal Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine. Generally, as much as 3% of all children received a score of "abnormal", ie 20 or more of the strengths and difficulties questionnaire assessment, the highest 40 points of the scale of the worst mental health.

Compared to 101 children who have little exposure to cigarette smoke to receive approximately 361 children are often exposed to cigarette smoke had an average score of 44% higher than the rating, or 9.2 versus 6.4.

This striking difference, researchers concluded after considering a number of factors that may affect mental health such as asthma, physical activity, and family economic income. Yet he could not determine exactly due to various factors not measured may have a role to play.

The study also mentions the children most exposed to smoke while at home. However, these studies do not explain in detail how cigarette smoke cause psychological problems in children.

However, researchers speculate, is related to the effects of smoke on chemicals in the brains, such as dopamine. Genetic factors may also play, or the simple knowledge that cigarettes are harmful if the children breathe it every day.

If Hammer stresses that further research is needed to confirm these findings, Dr. Michael Weitzman of the New York University Medical Center, United States, who was not involved in the research, also strengthens the evidence that exposure to cigarette smoke mental health problems in children cause.

Moreover, he said, a fetus that has begun to be exposed in the womb, "Now many people are already aware that exposure to cigarette smoke may increase the risk of SIDS infants (SIDS) or cot death, ear infections and asthma, increase" Weitzman said.

"Cigarette smoke is also a major burden on the quality of life of children, families and society because it increases the children bring psychological problems," he continued.

He ordered that making a public information campaign about the consequences of this as more efforts to help parents quit smoking.

To truly permanent removal of the smoking habit, Hamer advised parents to try and avoid smoking in the home when their children were around. Cigarette smoke would be harmful to children, both physically and mentally.



Hug can make Healthier Skin!

Not only routine use moisturizer, sunscreen, and diligently to the salon-spa facial and body skin care, daily activities also affect the health of the skin.

Want to know what you can do to maintain a healthy skin? Control stress, one of them! Here are seven habits that if you do not keep the skin to look great cause. As quoted from the Times of India.

1. Take a deep breath

Deep breathing is essential for physical and emotional health. However, because the breathing is often a reflex caused by the inhaled activity is often forgotten.

From now on, take a moment to breathe deeply until you feel the air passing through the stomach through the nose through the mouth.

How often do? We suggest two times a day. Why? By focusing on your breathing, you do not focus on anything else. That the mental shift to help relieve stress, takes you to a deeper level of consciousness, a place where you can stuff into perspective.

2. More active

Releasing feelings of fear can be trapped in yourself through the body more active for 30 minutes or more.

How often? Do something, anything, every day, because exercise can stress only for a maximum of 24 hours. So in order to reap the benefits that many, you have to do every day.

If you want, slipped 10 minutes active in daily activities, such as during lunch, after dinner, right after you wake up and the house is still quiet. Find ways to incorporate fitness activities into your regular schedule.

Why? Because it can increase the active circulation, which provide more nutrients to cells and skin. It also improves lung capacity, so you better take oxygen, you lift and a feeling of wellbeing, and age-related diseases. And there are many other things that can reduce the high stress.

3. Avoid sweet and fatty foods

Reduce consumption of sweet foods, fatty foods are foods that are not good for your skin.

You can replace it by eating protein from fish, eggs, poultry, skimmed milk, and even walnuts. Also try to be more aware of what and how much you eat when under stress. Guaranteed to get you some tips about eating awareness.

How often? The whole day, but especially in the early morning. Better mengobnsumsi protein, it will help you not eat in the afternoon cravings.

Why? Protein is the key to avoiding changes in mood and energy. This helps you make healthy blood sugar balance, which in turn maintain certain hormones (including insulin). Protein intake also gives you more energy and hunger that your mood can play dead.

4. Focus on good things

You really like to take a notebook, and at the end of the day making a list of things you really grateful. Or write down three things that went well, and write the reason why.

How often? All night, as part of your routine activities. Why? Keeping a diary that records the good things in life to help shift its focus to what you're doing right, and that can put the brakes on negative chatter, stress is often the case in your head.

5. Sleep quality

Skin needs time to "repair ". At night, skin works best. Sleep is very good for skin health. Sleep time for adults is 7-8 hours per day.

Sleeping is not necessarily quality. However, when you sleep with a good quality of sleep, you can reduce stress. Other skin problems and infections can also be solved.

6. Take time off

For most of us, life is so hyperscheduled and fast that we never do. This makes us rarely take the time to be yourself. There is no agenda, no demands, no plan.

Find a comfortable sitting area and to sit quietly for 10 to 15 minutes per day, this will stop all activities. And feel alone.

How often do? Try once a day. Why? Delayed for a while helping create a sense of freedom in your life, rest in a non-stop to open the door to new insights, new solutions, new possibilities. This gives your brains, your soul, your whole being to rest. If a complaint is quiet long.

7. Cuddle or making love

Enjoy a little intimacy. How often? At least once a week.

Why? Because fuck the blood in the body. This means that a good intake of oxygen through the bloodstream. That's what makes the skin look fresh and radiant. In fact, the acne disappeared.

The production of collagen, a natural protein that plays a role in skin elasticity plays can also be improved by making love. That way, you can delay the appearance of wrinkles and dark spots that often occur due to aging. And the face look younger.



Vitamin C and herbs can not stop flu?

In a sign of a cold, you immediately take vitamin C or drink a cup of hot herbal tea, such as ekinasea (Echinacea)? Both were reportedly unable to combat the symptoms of flu.

Vitamin C and herbs ekinasea can not ward off the common cold. , researchers have different opinions about this.

/ Columbia Dr. Seth Feltheimer of NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital Medical Center stated, there are no consistently positive reviews of vitamin C or ekinasea.

"I think I want to say that vitamin C and ekinasea useful, but can not," he said, as quoted from NYdailynews, Thursday (12/23/2010).

Ekinesea provides warmth for the body is cold to prevent sneezing and a runny nose. In fact, according to a study by the American College of Physicians, this herb as a way to prevent flu with only "minimal effect".

While Joy Lindquist, health coordinator of the Cancer Center of Long Island College Hospital, said that vitamin C and ekinasea effective as those at the first sign of flu.

"The reason they are not effective for some people is a special case. If you take a bad diet, not to maintain personal hygiene, and not enough rest, do not expect them to work," he said.

Lindquist ekinasea recommend 6-8 tablets per day, along with 1,000 milligrams of vitamin C. He recommends high doses of vitamin C.

n," he said.

The results indicated that the tablet ekinasea opposite is not the severity of flu symptoms to reduce and shorten the duration of the cough is only about 70-20 hours. In fact, this study concludes, in most cases, ekinasea not useful.

Flu Prevention

ENT specialists Lenox Hill Hospital, Dr. Jordan S. Josephson believes that taking vitamin C can help reduce the severity of a cold, but researchers are still analyzing whether vitamin C is really effective.

"More detailed studies are needed," he said.

As a form of flu prevention, Dr. Jordan said, good nutrition, adequate rest, and taking a multivitamin.

"This season is particularly important for the body enough rest. It is also important for the body to retain more water to drink," he advised.

One of the other supplements to be consumed, is zinc.

"There is evidence that zinc tablets, the duration of the flu cuts. But, unpleasant taste of zinc tablets and their side effects, diarrhea, nausea, flatulence and cause, " he said.



A suction-cigarette, can be deadly!

A suction-cigarette, can be deadly!
"One of cigarettes a day, or just breathe in other people's cigarette smoke can cause heart disease or death," said Dr. Regina M. Benjamin 's warning, U. S. Surgeon General.

"Once tobacco chemicals reach the lungs when you breathe in, direct damage," said Regina, told Health24.

"Inhaling even the smallest level of tobacco in cigarettes can DNA damage also can cause cancer. The more you're exposed to tobacco smoke, very difficult for the body to repair the damage," he continued.

Damage from smoking can occur rapidly

Smoking can also weaken the immune system and the body will more difficult to treat cancer receive healing.

A report of the Surgeon General: How to tobacco smoke causes disease - Biology and Basic Sciences for Smoking-attributable disease, a report by Dr. Regina M. Benjamin first of tobacco and the Surgeon General reports that 30 have been summarized since 1964 that smoking was associated with lung cancer.

"Even smoking in light levels can cause illness. This shows that the effect is so fast. In other words, there is no safe level of smoking. The issue is a no tolerance zone," said Dr. Len Horovitz of Lenox Hill Hospital pulmonologist , New York City.

Smoking is like a trap game

Than 7,000 chemicals in cigarettes can cause cancer 70, while hundreds are toxins that could potentially cause lung disease. The chemical can also damage blood vessels and increases the risk of blood clotting, which is a causal factor of cardiovascular disease.

"A few cigarettes a day can lead to tripled risk of heart disease. In fact, cigarettes are like a trap game like Russian roulette in the quiz show. Cigarettes also interfere with blood sugar control for diabetics and may lead to disorders of pregnancy, "said Horovitz.


Tobacco companies are now even a new formula for the connoisseurs of cigarettes addictive.

"After all, tobacco companies will not stop trying to hook new smokers," said Nancy Brown, CEO of the American Heart Association.

"One step we do is increase funding for tobacco prevention and penghentiannya at the highest level, announced a regulation without a cigarette and tobacco tax increase. This is to save many lives, disease and reduce the quality of life of many people improve, "Nancy concluded.



How to Beat Stress Quickly

Stress can indeed happen to anyone, including youth groups. To beat stress, you can create a number of ways. Something?

Here is the advice from Dr. Miriam Stoppard, as summarized in his book titled "Family Health Guide ":

1. Make a list of your three best qualities. Do people describe you, for example, as someone who is kind, compassionate, and trustworthy? Take this list and see for yourself when you think of something unpleasant.

2. Save an expression of encouragement to say to yourself when pressed. It is amazingly simple, repetitive phrases like "I can overcome" the stress response can lead to.

3. Make a diary of all small and fun events. Talked about these things with your partner or friends every day. Write down what you do as an entertainment and fun. Look back at your diary every week to the progress you have made to see and plan what you want to achieve the following.



Michelle Obama, Inspiring People in Health

Michelle Obama
With emotion and energy, for many inspiring women doing extraordinary things awareness about health issues. In fact, sound they affect women all over the world.

Check out a handful of these inspiring women figure as quoted from the Self.

Michelle Obama

Some time ago, First Lady United States signed into law on child nutrition (Health, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010). A mission for the school lunch program to expand government and increase servings of fruits and vegetables for elementary school children.

In February, Michelle also launched a campaign titled "Let's Move" that aims to solve problem of obesity in one generation, so that children born today is a healthy weight when they grew up to achieve.

Also, last spring, Michelle took the kids to the White House gardens to plant, dig, as he spoke about the importance of fresh fruits and vegetables. Indeed, he did a great impact on world health is pelestrian environment.

Jessica Biel

Some actress claims that her form, but Jessica is useful for climbing the 19,340 feet (5895 meters) to the top of Kilimanjaro earlier this year.
Action funded by the summit to summit, a global organization working to clean drinking water worldwide.

In fact, water is a major crisis. More than one billion people lack access to drinking water, and the person who most feel the effects his children.

Diseases associated demand for water is the leading cause of death worldwide, accounting for 80 percent of all diseases in the world. Of course, climbing Jessica not only raise money but also awareness of the world.

Christy Turlington

When a supermodel and a lawyer in 2003 gave birth to her daughter, she is quite normal to expect the delivery process. But what happened instead, he was bleeding.

This experience has touched the conscience to help hundreds of thousands of women who die each year due to pregnancy or childbirth complications.
Humanitarian activities can be made into a documentary titled "No Woman, No Cry" which was released at this years Tribeca Film Festival. Turlington traveling to some places such as Tanzania, Guatemala and Bangladesh to support and motivate proportion of pregnant women at risk, which has struggled amid the scarcity of health care access to abortion.



The Place to Overcome the Porn Addiction

Porn Addiction
All the things now can be found in the internet and there are so many services that you can take just by searching online. One of the great services that you can get by curing internet dependancy is the porn addiction. If you are one of the people who need to solve your problem about porn addiction, now you can search for the service to get the solution.

Many people think and you may agree that it is so hard to quit from porn addiction moreover there are so many internet porn acces that can easily you get. If you now want to stop it all, you need to consult it with the expert and professional one. It is important to solve it as soon as possible to avoid you from the frustrating condition.

But, you must acknowledge yourself first about your porn addiction by consulting it with the expert one and now you can get it online by visiting the site that offer you the solution to solve your porn addiction problems. You must not let your self too lost in this problems anymore and you need to overcome it as soon as possible and it is really important for your life.


Lower blood pressure with Watermelon

Besides its a nice salad, watermelon fruit can be eaten as dessert. Even now, a study conducted by researchers at the University of Florida said food, watermelon fruit effective against hypertension.

This is the first study in humans. Assistant Professor Arturo Figueroa and Bahram H. Arjmandi found that the watermelon L-citrulline/L-arginine extract contains amino acids that, when consumed as much as 6 grams per day, can improve artery function and gradually be able to lower blood pressure. The study was conducted to the subject of four men and five women of menopausal age of 51-57 years. So that was reported by the Times of India on Wednesday (12/15/2010).
"We are the first researchers to the progress of arterial function in patients with hypertension who are the main factors of heart attacks and strokes by the content of watermelon know," said Arturo.

"This reinforces us in our future research will ikutsertakan more subjects in the study," he added.

The results of this study will be published in the American Journal of Hypertension.



Maximize your healthy sperm fertility

A healthy man can take away 50 million sperm in one ejaculation. But during sex, only a few hundred that could pick up the egg and is ready to be fertilized. Therefore you have healthy sperm.

There are still many things to know about male fertility, one of them to make healthy sperm. What is healthy sperm to make are things that can be healthy for the body of a man too.

There are a few tips to make your sperm health keeping, particularly for men with fertility problems such as the Mayo Clinic reviewed.

Furthermore, you also have to discuss fertility with your doctor to evaluate the underlying cause. Some simple tests on the semen and the overall suitability for some answers.

Long pants and tight pants, made of plastic, and heat

All these things affect fertility, so wear loose boxer who lets Mr. P you can breathe easier. Testicular function is most effective (including seed) if the temperature is colder than body temperature.


One study showed that the geographic location of the average sperm count influences. Men in New York City, for example, has a higher sperm counts than men in Los Angeles.

Weeks in hot water or a sauna

Frequent bathing in hot water and a sauna can lower sperm count, because the hot temperatures can reduce sperm production.


Consumption of alcohol can damage sperm production in some way. First increase in the production of estrogen by the liver, which can lower sperm count. Moreover, alcohol may directly poison their sperm cells are produced by the testicles. Limit your alcohol intake when you try to increase fertility.


There are a number of drugs that male fertility, including steroids, cytotoxic drugs used in the treatment of cancer, and opiates influence. Consult your doctor if you have a long-term treatment that you are worried may affect fertility doing. Your doctor will tell you about the side effects of drugs that you consume.

Toxic environment

There is much conflicting information about the environment that can cause damage to the sperm. It is known that radiation damage and birth defects. Other substances thought to have harmful effects on sperm are some perfumes contain phthalates, some types of pesticides, organic mercury and polychlorinated biphenyls.


Smokers have shown that reduced fertility compared to non-smokers. Smoking is bad for traffic and health of sperm.

Time in one day

Higher number of sperm in the morning.

Excessive and prolonged ejaculation

Both are known for the quantity and quality of semen could affect. Sexual intercourse every 2-3 days to make sperm count and optimum health.


Balanced and healthy diet is important. Foods rich in antioxidants may improve sperm of optimal health.


Folic acid, selenium and zinc sulphate has been shown that the number and function of sperm to increase.



Apparently, the Earth's Water Supply Worrying!

The importance of drinking water consumed at least 2 liters a day could very well be realized by individuals who care about health. But you know, that the supply of water on Earth that can be consumed very alarming figures?

Of the total water on earth, up to 97 percent are not consumed, because the sea (salt) and the remaining three percent is fresh water only one percent that can be consumed. So the estimated total only 0.62 percent are safe for consumption. Imagine that compared to the total human population only in Indonesia, approximately 6.7 billion.

"97 percent of the earth's water can not be consumed as the seawater. Then the rest that is three percent, a fresh rose water, frozen water (located at the poles) the amount of two percent, so the total amount of water that can be consumed only one percent. Water may include river, lake or groundwater is the hydrological cycle. And that's not quite as clean, the probability of only 0.62 percent safe water in human consumption "said Prof. Sari Bahagiarti, hydrogeological legal experts UPN Veteran Yogyakarta when found in" Water is Life kindness and benefits for the body "in the House of Imam Bonjol, Wednesday (12/08/2010).

Moreover, Sari said, a good drinking water consumed comes from the volcanic mountain springs. So there are several aspects that must be considered to consume.

"The best source of drinking water is the source of drinking water comes from volcanic mountain spring water that from ground water enters. When asked what a good understanding of drinking water, its quality, drinking water sources should be three standards of physical measurement requirements, chemical and biological. From a physical aspect, the source of drinking water should not be colorless, odorless, tasteless, and turbid. From the aspect of chemistry, materials drinking water contain no heavy metals or toxic substances such as hydrocarbons and detergents. While the biological aspects, drink the water can not contain special microbes, Entamoeba coli bacteria, "he concluded.



Check levels of dehydration Urine Turbidity

Drink plenty of water
After urinating, have you ever noticed the color and turbidity? What is yellow-brown or yellow?

It turns out, the urine turbidity to determine one's level of dehydration. This was announced Dr. Samuel Oetoro SpGK MS, of which food was found in the specialized legal "Water is Life kindness and benefits for the body" in the House of Imam Bonjol, Jakarta, recently.

"At the time of going to the toilet, not just pee, but note the color of our urine. The more turbid, then chances are you are dehydrated, and drink right away," says Dr. Samuel.

"But this is different for those vitamins every day. Normally, urine will appear more turbid than not. For that not to see the process of urination and the first half, mostly because it's a long process of removing vitamins from the body, but see the process of urination is the third, "he described.

Once the importance of adequate water for the body, Dr. Samuel it is always recommended to consume 2 liters of water per day. Even for those who are quite active, add a few liters. Because water is usually lost through urine, perspiration and breathing, that's why you need the water to ensure a balance between incoming and outgoing.

"The impact of potentially fatal dehydration, loss of 2 percent can cause a feeling of thirst, fatigue, weakness, impaired concentration and impaired thinking. Another 4-6 percent if the deficiency, the body will experience severe weakness, pale, dry mucous membranes, decreased urination, and restlessness. When the body is 12 percent missing, the body will not be meresponsif well, urinating none (anuria), face gray look, blood pressure, heart rate very quickly, which can be fatal fallen "he concluded.



Aspirin Reduce Cancer Deaths

Eating on the long-term low-dose aspirin every day, the risk of dying from various forms of cancer.
Recent research in England found these glad tidings. Besides effective pain relief, pain and inflammation, the benefits of aspirin continues to grow with the relentless researchers.

Recent research shows that prolonged use of low dose aspirin each day can significantly reduce the risk of death from various cancers. In particular, the team of British researchers have found evidence that low-dose aspirin (approximately 75 mg) orally every day for at least five years, the mortality rate of patients with cancer should be reduced from 10 percent to 60 percent, depending on the type of cancer.

These findings come from an in-depth analysis of eight studies involving more than 25,500 patients, which was originally performed to evaluate the potential of a low-dose aspirin test in the treatment of patients with cardiovascular disease. These observations follow a previous study conducted by a team of the same study, reported in October that the long-term treatment of low-dose aspirin appears to reduce the risk of death from colorectal cancer or colorectal cancer reduced to one third.

"These findings provide new evidence in humans that aspirin deaths of some common types of cancer decreases," said research team.

But the study lead author, Professor Peter Rothwell from the John Radcliffe Hospital and the University of Oxford, United Kingdom, emphasized that the results of this study does not mean that all adults should start taking aspirin. "This (aspirin) showed many new benefits, which previously had never been in a recommendation of medical guidelines," he said as quoted by healthday.com page.

He noted, had previously warned that the guidelines on a healthy middle-aged, a little bleeding risk in the stomach when taking aspirin. Yet it is a balanced benefits in the prevention of stroke and heart attack.

"But the reduction in deaths from a number of common cancers that many people now under wraps," said Rothwell.

Rothwell and colleagues published their findings in the journal The Lancet online edition on Tuesday (7 / 12). The study included the review of the past when this was done for an average period of four to eight years.

Patients (some of which have been given treatment with low dose aspirin, while others do not) is to expire 20 years later be verified. The authors have determined when the investigation continues, the risk of total cancer mortality be reduced by 21 percent among those taking low-dose aspirin.

However, long-term benefits in some specific forms of cancer starts to get results five years after the study ended show. Since the current five years study, gastrointestinal cancer deaths decreased by 54 percent in patients who eat a low-dose aspirin.

The protective effect of low dose aspirin on the stomach and intestinal cancer mortality was not seen until 10 years of running the study. As for prostate cancer, the benefits first appeared after 15 years of running the study.

Meanwhile, 20 years after the start of the program of low-dose aspirin, the risk of death fell by 10 percent in patients with prostate cancer, 30 percent in patients with lung cancer (although only those who develop adenocarcinoma, the type of cancer usually affects smokers), 40 percent in patients with colorectal cancer, and 60 percent in patients with esophageal cancer. The researchers note, the potential effect of aspirin intake on pancreatic cancer, stomach cancer, and brains cancer is the most difficult to measure because the death rate of people with the disease are relatively small.

They also found that high doses of aspirin does not appear to benefit from a better protection against the disease. History of gender or smoking habits, the consequences of the use of low dose aspirin effect, while the age factor is very influential. 20-year risk of death fell by more dramatic among older patients.

Researchers have also warned that further studies are needed to a "proof of principle" to build. Therefore, the researchers suggest that people who start with the long-term low-dose aspirin for the treatment of cancer in their 40s and 50s, it is possible to get the greatest benefit.

Dr. Alan Arslan, an assistant professor in the department of obstetrics, gynecology and Langon environmental medicine at NYU Medical Center in New York City, USA, described the results "very important". "(It) is the largest study which showed that people who take aspirin for long periods have a lower risk of death from cancer, especially gastrointestinal cancer," he said.

"The message can be taken by patients is that if someone has a low-or standard-dose aspirin, perhaps putting them at a reduced risk of death from cancer used," Arslan added.

"But if someone has not yet started to take aspirin, they should consult with your doctor before you begin to eat because the drug has a risk of side effects, including bleeding and stroke," he said.


Tips to prevent obesity Child

Glad to see that children grow fat? Instead, you begin to get rid of these thoughts. In fact, obese children are vulnerable suffer from obesity.

Now, if you have a range of diseases attack children. Try these tips to follow to prevent children from the risk of obesity.

- Forcing children to eat or drink may already be satisfied with the reason "that has unfortunately been removed. Better to teach him to take food to taste.

- Make sure children eat breakfast, so she gets enough energy to learn at school.

- offer a variety of foods such as grains, vegetables, fruit, skimmed milk, lean meats and nuts.

- Consult a doctor if there is a problem with the eating habits and weight.

- Cook with less fat, mislanya with grilling, steaming, boiling, instead of baking.

- Limit your sugar intake.

- Drink water or skim milk, avoid the consumption of soft drinks (soft drinks), or fruit juice (contains fructose / fruit sugar high).

- Come on, take the kids out and active!

- Involve the whole family in activities such as health walk, bike, swim together, play basketball, outdoor activities such as climbing, and outbound.

- Parents are primary role models for children. Give an example by creating a healthy eating environment and an environment that actively move. Parents not too picky about food, children can imitate a parent who likes good food but calorie.

- Involve the whole family, including grandfather, grandmother of the child, so they will know that the child is in the treatment of obesity (food), but is controlled so as not to hinder growth.

- No drug is declared safe to obesity in children under 12 years old. This should be rectified by changes in lifestyle.



Working at air-conditioned room, make rough & red skin

Wulan Tilaar
I'm Dini in Surabaya, my age 23 years. I have a complaint that my redness of the skin, rough, often peeling when scratched. But only partially around the cheeks, under the eyes, and near the nose.

To overcome this, I have been using moisturizer every night. But if I do not use a moisturizer at night, morning I again a dry skin, red and peeling.

During this time I worked in air conditioning, for about eight hours in the room.

I wanted to ask if this issue with my skin condition now? We are the solution.


Hi Mrs. Dini, I try to help, complaints and problems Mrs. Dini . You have a tendency to sensitive skin and dehydration. This could occur due to the impact of your work for about eight hours in the air, so this will lead to reduced levels of natural moisturizing factor (NMF = Natural Moisturizing Factor), which shrink elimination of sebum and sweat causes, and reduced water content in the cells epidermal cells.

In short, Biokos products made from high quality natural ingredients that are safe and comfortable to use even for sensitive conditions. Biokos have a special series for the treatment of sensitive skin, but can only be found on salon treatments (not sold retail).

Cosmetics is meant that contains chamomile, which can prevent the occurrence of skin irritation, making it safe for all skin types including sensitive.

Ok Mrs. Dini, good luck to you, or it can open our website and www.biokos.com www.marthatilaarspa.com.


How to Prevent Diabetes Retina

Diabetes Retina
Eye disorders such as diabetic retinopathy (a complication of diabetes on the retina) can be detected early and treated well, so not all serious.

"Now there are active programs early in order to detect disease. We recommend that patients with diabetes in the retina of diabetic retinal photography technology, so that treatment can be undertaken and the vision can be saved," said Dr Ian Yeo Yew San , an ophthalmologist who served as a consultant at the Singapore National Eye Centre, members of the health tourism services, FlyFreeForHealth.

Types of diabetic retinopathy

Background retinopathy is an early stage of diabetic retinopathy that continues to grow slowly over a period of years. Patches of blood and fat can be displayed on the retina. For some patients, the blood vessels leak into the macula (the part where the retina to provide a visual focus), so blindness.

Proliferative retinopathy is the advanced stages of background retinopathy and is the leading cause of blindness due to diabetes terjadianya. New blood vessels on the surface of the retina and optic nerve. These ships tend to crack and eventually leak. Alternatively, the wound tissue to grow due to damaged blood vessels, which will, and pull the retina, so loose and lead to blindness.

Treatment diabetic retinopathy

If diabetic retinopathy at an early stage, treatment with laser photocoagulation to prevent it from getting worse. However, in cases that are already severe, the treatment can help reduce the possibility of blindness.

Treatment with a laser beam is designed to patch a leaky blood vessels and small incised wounds on the retina to form. Scratch wound reduces new blood vessel growth, and existing blood vessels will shrink and close. This laser treatment can be done without hospitalization.

As for advanced diabetic retinopathy, the treatment can be done by vitrectomy, which aims to remove the blood from the center of the eye and scar tissue that blocks the retina. Vitrectomy treatment was often accompanied by laser treatment. This procedure is performed under local anesthesia.



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