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Michelle Obama, Inspiring People in Health

Michelle Obama
With emotion and energy, for many inspiring women doing extraordinary things awareness about health issues. In fact, sound they affect women all over the world.

Check out a handful of these inspiring women figure as quoted from the Self.

Michelle Obama

Some time ago, First Lady United States signed into law on child nutrition (Health, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010). A mission for the school lunch program to expand government and increase servings of fruits and vegetables for elementary school children.

In February, Michelle also launched a campaign titled "Let's Move" that aims to solve problem of obesity in one generation, so that children born today is a healthy weight when they grew up to achieve.

Also, last spring, Michelle took the kids to the White House gardens to plant, dig, as he spoke about the importance of fresh fruits and vegetables. Indeed, he did a great impact on world health is pelestrian environment.

Jessica Biel

Some actress claims that her form, but Jessica is useful for climbing the 19,340 feet (5895 meters) to the top of Kilimanjaro earlier this year.
Action funded by the summit to summit, a global organization working to clean drinking water worldwide.

In fact, water is a major crisis. More than one billion people lack access to drinking water, and the person who most feel the effects his children.

Diseases associated demand for water is the leading cause of death worldwide, accounting for 80 percent of all diseases in the world. Of course, climbing Jessica not only raise money but also awareness of the world.

Christy Turlington

When a supermodel and a lawyer in 2003 gave birth to her daughter, she is quite normal to expect the delivery process. But what happened instead, he was bleeding.

This experience has touched the conscience to help hundreds of thousands of women who die each year due to pregnancy or childbirth complications.
Humanitarian activities can be made into a documentary titled "No Woman, No Cry" which was released at this years Tribeca Film Festival. Turlington traveling to some places such as Tanzania, Guatemala and Bangladesh to support and motivate proportion of pregnant women at risk, which has struggled amid the scarcity of health care access to abortion.



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