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Hug can make Healthier Skin!

Not only routine use moisturizer, sunscreen, and diligently to the salon-spa facial and body skin care, daily activities also affect the health of the skin.

Want to know what you can do to maintain a healthy skin? Control stress, one of them! Here are seven habits that if you do not keep the skin to look great cause. As quoted from the Times of India.

1. Take a deep breath

Deep breathing is essential for physical and emotional health. However, because the breathing is often a reflex caused by the inhaled activity is often forgotten.

From now on, take a moment to breathe deeply until you feel the air passing through the stomach through the nose through the mouth.

How often do? We suggest two times a day. Why? By focusing on your breathing, you do not focus on anything else. That the mental shift to help relieve stress, takes you to a deeper level of consciousness, a place where you can stuff into perspective.

2. More active

Releasing feelings of fear can be trapped in yourself through the body more active for 30 minutes or more.

How often? Do something, anything, every day, because exercise can stress only for a maximum of 24 hours. So in order to reap the benefits that many, you have to do every day.

If you want, slipped 10 minutes active in daily activities, such as during lunch, after dinner, right after you wake up and the house is still quiet. Find ways to incorporate fitness activities into your regular schedule.

Why? Because it can increase the active circulation, which provide more nutrients to cells and skin. It also improves lung capacity, so you better take oxygen, you lift and a feeling of wellbeing, and age-related diseases. And there are many other things that can reduce the high stress.

3. Avoid sweet and fatty foods

Reduce consumption of sweet foods, fatty foods are foods that are not good for your skin.

You can replace it by eating protein from fish, eggs, poultry, skimmed milk, and even walnuts. Also try to be more aware of what and how much you eat when under stress. Guaranteed to get you some tips about eating awareness.

How often? The whole day, but especially in the early morning. Better mengobnsumsi protein, it will help you not eat in the afternoon cravings.

Why? Protein is the key to avoiding changes in mood and energy. This helps you make healthy blood sugar balance, which in turn maintain certain hormones (including insulin). Protein intake also gives you more energy and hunger that your mood can play dead.

4. Focus on good things

You really like to take a notebook, and at the end of the day making a list of things you really grateful. Or write down three things that went well, and write the reason why.

How often? All night, as part of your routine activities. Why? Keeping a diary that records the good things in life to help shift its focus to what you're doing right, and that can put the brakes on negative chatter, stress is often the case in your head.

5. Sleep quality

Skin needs time to "repair ". At night, skin works best. Sleep is very good for skin health. Sleep time for adults is 7-8 hours per day.

Sleeping is not necessarily quality. However, when you sleep with a good quality of sleep, you can reduce stress. Other skin problems and infections can also be solved.

6. Take time off

For most of us, life is so hyperscheduled and fast that we never do. This makes us rarely take the time to be yourself. There is no agenda, no demands, no plan.

Find a comfortable sitting area and to sit quietly for 10 to 15 minutes per day, this will stop all activities. And feel alone.

How often do? Try once a day. Why? Delayed for a while helping create a sense of freedom in your life, rest in a non-stop to open the door to new insights, new solutions, new possibilities. This gives your brains, your soul, your whole being to rest. If a complaint is quiet long.

7. Cuddle or making love

Enjoy a little intimacy. How often? At least once a week.

Why? Because fuck the blood in the body. This means that a good intake of oxygen through the bloodstream. That's what makes the skin look fresh and radiant. In fact, the acne disappeared.

The production of collagen, a natural protein that plays a role in skin elasticity plays can also be improved by making love. That way, you can delay the appearance of wrinkles and dark spots that often occur due to aging. And the face look younger.



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