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Apparently, the Earth's Water Supply Worrying!

The importance of drinking water consumed at least 2 liters a day could very well be realized by individuals who care about health. But you know, that the supply of water on Earth that can be consumed very alarming figures?

Of the total water on earth, up to 97 percent are not consumed, because the sea (salt) and the remaining three percent is fresh water only one percent that can be consumed. So the estimated total only 0.62 percent are safe for consumption. Imagine that compared to the total human population only in Indonesia, approximately 6.7 billion.

"97 percent of the earth's water can not be consumed as the seawater. Then the rest that is three percent, a fresh rose water, frozen water (located at the poles) the amount of two percent, so the total amount of water that can be consumed only one percent. Water may include river, lake or groundwater is the hydrological cycle. And that's not quite as clean, the probability of only 0.62 percent safe water in human consumption "said Prof. Sari Bahagiarti, hydrogeological legal experts UPN Veteran Yogyakarta when found in" Water is Life kindness and benefits for the body "in the House of Imam Bonjol, Wednesday (12/08/2010).

Moreover, Sari said, a good drinking water consumed comes from the volcanic mountain springs. So there are several aspects that must be considered to consume.

"The best source of drinking water is the source of drinking water comes from volcanic mountain spring water that from ground water enters. When asked what a good understanding of drinking water, its quality, drinking water sources should be three standards of physical measurement requirements, chemical and biological. From a physical aspect, the source of drinking water should not be colorless, odorless, tasteless, and turbid. From the aspect of chemistry, materials drinking water contain no heavy metals or toxic substances such as hydrocarbons and detergents. While the biological aspects, drink the water can not contain special microbes, Entamoeba coli bacteria, "he concluded.



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