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5 Signs You Eat Enough Vegetables

Besides macro nutrient intake, consisting of carbohydrates, proteins and fats, also encourages us to meet the micronutrients (vitamins and minerals), which among others can be obtained from vegetables and fruits. Eating fruits and vegetables also can meet the needs of fiber in our bodies.

The vegetables are consumed in order to give maximum benefit, ideally there are 5 servings of vegetables in menus for children, or about 400 grams per day. How to evaluate the consumption of vegetables you've met?

According to Harry Apriadji Wied, nutrition and culinary consultant natural and healthy, for simplicity, adequacy of vegetable consumption per day can be seen in the indicators in Chapter 5 yakti SECTION (bowel movement) is characterized by:
1. You can do each day.
2. Out automatically (without having to press both).
3. Two minutes is complete.
4. There is an overall feeling.
5. Floating stools.

If the indicators are met, especially in question has been eating fruits and vegetables in sufficient quantities to every day. There may be a person who was eating lots of vegetables in a serving, but the body still think less, because the indicator has not happened CHAPTER 5 as mentioned above.

That also should be remembered, the recommended consumption of vegetables each day at least three colors, ie green, orange and white. Example: bean soup (which represents the color green), carrots (orange) and mustard (white). They eat only one color of vegetables such as green only, although every day and even less balanced.

Someone mentioned the consumption of vegetables each day can cause uric acid. Is this correct? "Obviously wrong," Wied.

Maybe you have had gout before, but certainly not the cause of green vegetables. In fact, vegetables that contain purine accused as ringleaders rise in uric acid levels in the body, but the purines contained in the amount of green vegetables "modest" until they can raise uric acid levels significantly.

Moreover, there is also the view of the vegetables consumed in large quantities can cause constipation. "That's not true," Wied.

This can occur if the consumption of vegetables every day does not correspond to the consumption of sufficient amounts of liquid. Because vegetables are usually high in fiber, if not balanced with the liquid will be "hardened". This is what causes constipation.

"So instead of vegetables, but consumption of less liquid," he said.


Body Signs Need Sports

Also delayed the intention to exercise? If half of 5 below the sign that has experienced, there is no reason to leave intact the dust sneakers. Below is a condition that may be "warning" that it is time to stop postponing his intention to run for the exercise:

1. Out of breath climbing stairs
If used to ride the elevator, which they sometimes try up to the office by using the stairs. There is no need for high, two-story enough. If only half the road has started breathing, and immediately establish a schedule for exercise.

When performing intense physical activity, rapid pulse and body need to increase oxygen. Wheezing indicate lack of oxygen to your body. Useful exercise routine blood circulation and deliver oxygen throughout the body.

2. Council prolonged weak and listless
Feeling slowed down and limp would not go away, even after resting, may indicate that suffers from chronic fatigue syndrome. One type of treatment recommended by experts is to sports. Exercise will help increase oxygen levels in the body and produce the hormone endorphin, which can bring pleasure and healthy.

3. Thinkers often end
If physical activity is a powerful aid blood circulation throughout the body, including the brain. Thus, your brain receives a supply of oxygen and water needed to function properly. Therefore, the lack of blood flow could cause the brain are blocked by what trouble accessing information.

4. Do you have trouble sleeping
Sleep problems like insomnia is often caused by mental disorders that cause difficulty to relax the body. According to Shawn Talbott, Ph.D., penulit Cortisol Connection, sport is a very effective way to relieve stress.

5. Always with the flu
Influenza disease caused by a virus that attacks the body defenses are weak. To avoid this, the body's immune system needs to be strengthened by exercise. Regular exercise is helpful for improving the function of the lymphatic system and increase levels of leukocytes, white blood cells in the immune system works to fight infection.


It is the fattest man lost 127 Kg

Paul Mason, the world's fattest man, weighing 317.5 kg, published autobiography. In a book that will be released, the journey, he shares his secrets for weight reduction.

Mason (58) is a retired postman in England that brought down its weight to 127 kg weight of 444.5 kg in the previous year. It has recently undergone gastric bypass surgery that aims to reduce the volume of the stomach.

Gastric bypass operations commonly done in developed countries for people who are overweight. The aim is that patients always feel full, provided that less volume of food and also reduces the absorption of nutrients by the small intestine so the body gets reduced calorie.

Mason began writing his book when he was in postoperative care at St. Richard's Hospital, UK. Although his weight has been greatly reduced, is still the fattest man in the world.

Mason could spend every day 20,000 calories, or eight times the average man's meal. I was so fat, firefighters had to knock down the door for him to hospital.

Fattest man Manuel Uribe was the previous record (43) in Mexico. Reduced weight means of which weighs 544 pounds, because I wanted to be married last year.


Keep Blood Vessels in Good Condition

After undergoing a stent in his coronary arteries, the former U.S. president Bill Clinton, is expressed in good condition. Clinton (63) in recent years suffering from heart disease and yesterday (11 / 2) complained of chest pain.

Complaints of chest pain and shortness of breath is often a sign of narrowing of the coronary arteries. In 1994, Clinton had undergone coronary bypass surgery (heart bypass) narrowing again (restenosis) can occur. Doctors solution would be to conduct a stent to open the lock.

Narrowing or blockage in blood vessel walls caused by fatty deposits, especially cholesterol. The refinement was continued for many years continued to grow from the wall of blood vessels in the lumen (cavity) which causes resistance to blood flow.

To start a new clogged arteries, doctors used to perform coronary bypass surgery. In the process, to overcome the obstruction of blood vessels without surgery, the catheter through a catheter.

The unhealthy lifestyle is believed to be a major cause of coronary heart disease (CHD). According to those closest to Clinton, including those working or crazy workaholic. "He worked 20 hours a day for over 20 years," said George Stephanopoulos, who worked for Clinton in the White House, ABC News, as saying.

Smoking can also lead to heart disease. As shown, blood vessel disease that ranks Terata and almost 25 percent of deaths due to heart attack patients arteries of smokers. Another factor is obesity, inactivity, family history of cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Since a few years of diabetes is considered the major risk factor.

As is known CHD because of alias process of atherosclerosis in coronary artery blood. Once people have atherosclerosis, blood vessels can not clean as new again. To prevent heart disease, changes in lifestyle to be the only healthy way.


Watch Bones Backpack Curve Due

Compared with a bag or shoulder bag, backpacks are more practical and have a greater capacity. However, backpacks are too heavy for the child instead cause back pain.

Backpack by far is heavy, and used correctly will not make your back muscles are tight and cause pain. In addition, the posture becomes poor child because the child had to turn back to offset the heavy bag.

"Heavy backpacks cause back pain and the child may lead to changes in the lumbar disc, which causes the curved bone," said Timothy B Neuschwander, MD, which specifically examined the effect on the child's backpack.

He said that most children, especially in the United States, with backpacks that weigh more than 10-20 percent of body weight. "37 percent of those aged 11-14 years reported experiencing back pain. The majority due to a backpack," said Nueschawander.

In tests using an MRI to see the image of the spine in eight children, knows that the backbone of the child is changed along with the increasing burden carried backpacks. The burden was too heavy causing pressure on the girl who serves as a cushion between the vertebrae.

Note that the spine of children consists of 33 vertebrae, and between the vertebrae are discs that act as natural shock barrier. When the load is too heavy, the result could reverse the child's body. To compensate, the child lying in front of the hips or arch your back.

This condition can actually cause the weight of the child's spine is not natural. Due to the heavy load, the child may begin to feel pain in the shoulders, neck and back.

Backpack is too heavy also known to cause the bottom of the curved spine. Therefore suggested that children do not bring books or anything that weighs more than 10 percent of the child's weight.


Benefits of Peppermint

To her lover of mint, you may be surprised to learn that the Mint has many benefits. With its fresh mint, mint provides a variety of health benefits.

Peppermint has been used for medicinal purposes for many years. Mint potent known to relieve abdominal pain, and often used as the main ingredient in a hot drink like tea. Mint is also an ideal drug to relieve headaches.

So if you are a lover of traditional medicine, then you should keep this material in your kitchen.

According to the news that was launched CAREF, Tuesday (9/2/2010), other benefits of peppermint may aid digestion, may even reduce symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome and slow the growth of certain fungi and bacteria.

The best way to get all the benefits of a variety of mint is to buy fresh mint leaves and process in tea that can be enjoyed while relaxing with his family.

If you are interested, you only need about 1-2 teaspoons of dried mint. Add hot water to the leaves, then close the glass and let stand for 10 minutes. After that, the tension of the herbs and you can enjoy a mint tea at home.

Unfortunately, if you want to eat a bag of sweet mint flavor will give the same effect as the mint leaves, would be disappointed. Peppermint is generally able to provide several benefits. Meanwhile, in the form of mints are not generally high in nature.

Therefore, if you experience abdominal pain, and wants to relieve pain, be sure to choose a cup of mint tea, because it is more useful to make Peppermint Candy.


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