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Cancer in Children with High Calorie and Protein Needs

For children who suffer from cancer, the food they need as part of supportive therapy. In addition to clean and not contaminated with germs, children need foods high in calories and high in protein with a pattern of balanced nutrition.

The pattern is not only the nutrients needed for balanced growth in children, but it is also important for children who have cancer. In some cancer patients do not find children with feeding problems during treatment. They can still eat enough to get necessary nutrients. However, some patients have trouble eating, thereby losing weight and impaired growth.

According to Drs. Gatot Djajadiman, SP.A (K), children oncologist FKUI / RSCM, if the child is having difficulty eating, should be considered the first cause. "If it is caused by the effects of chemotherapy drugs, usually nauseous reliever medication," said 61-year-old became a doctor. Nausea was frequently occur in patients receiving chemotherapy.

Do not give vitamins
In children with cancer, the provision of food needed to help achieve normal growth and weight gain and prevent the emergence of problems that may occur.

In contrast to healthy children, children of cancer patients is not recommended to consume vitamins. He feared, given vitamins actually taken up by cancer cells. "Cell so greedy, especially leukemia and active," said Dr. Djajadiman.

The milk and food can give enough power. In the book Immunity Foods for Children, Lucy Burney suggested that the main meal and a cocktail party, in small amounts more often to children who are undergoing chemotherapy. These foods should be high in vegetable protein, soluble fiber and essential fatty acids to help balance the nutrients in the body.

On the other hand, children who were treated with steroids tend to have the effect of retaining water, which then gain weight. For children with cancer are diet rich in vegetables and fruits, as it helps remove excess water.

Fatty acids should be avoided. In contrast, children can be given foods containing wheat, fish, soy, nuts, and others. Light snack should consist of fruits and vegetables.

Fiber from fruits and vegetables will help to balance glucose levels in the blood and help eliminate toxins and carcinogens from the body. Entering the broccoli in the diet of a child can also be done, given this plant contains components that are antikarsinogenik.

Foods rich in vitamin C have the effect of improving. Vitamin C is used to make collagen, which strengthens the cell membrane, helping to stop cancer cell division.

Do not force the Food
Parents should ensure that children with cancer get the best nutrients. St. Jude Children's Research Hospital offers the following recommendations:
- Cancer patients tend to eat less food during the treatment cycle, but improve in the cycle. Encourage children to eat more when they are in better condition.
- Sometimes the child is too sick to eat or drink to excess. At that time, tend to offer food or drink he liked. This will help your child add energy. Rata Penuh
- Remind children when it comes time to eat, but do not force.
- Provide the food ordered. However, if the food you want you can not get in an hour, do not waste time searching. Generally, a child's appetite has come after this period.
- It's best not force your child to eat, especially youth. Therefore, they tend to do the opposite of what he wants.
- The reason behind the need for good nutrition can be explained to children who are older. They could also be involved in meeting the nutritional requirements as high as possible.


Recognize the Early Symptoms of Blood Cancer

Blood has an important role in the body. Therefore, each person that the lack of blood had to be treated quickly. For example, someone mengalalami bleeding lesions and should be taken to hospital for blood transfusions.

The same goes for people who suffer from blood disorders. No serious treatment, a person who has blood disorders do not survive for long. Blood in general, have occurred since childhood, since they arise or are genetic. Despite feeling ill, children generally can not recognize the symptoms in the body. Therefore, the attention of parents should not be lost on children.

"Do not dismiss any complaint of children," said pediatrician Dharmais Cancer Hospital, Edi Setiawan.

Because it can be, complaining the children are the first signs of serious illness. The faster the test, is more likely that the child recovered. If cancer of the blood of children, parents can see the symptoms. For example, he was pale and listless. This made the child lack of red blood cells. Children also have a fever because of infection. "The fever cured if given a drug, but soon the fever again," said Edi.

Other symptoms, such as children who experience bleeding occurred in patients
dengue fever. Bleeding can be a nosebleed, red spots on the skin, and dispose of bloody water.

This occurs because red blood platelets were very low. Leukemia can spread to other body parts like liver, neck, gums, testicles, and bones. "We must take into account whether the child complains of pain in the bones," said Edi.

In blood disorders such as thalassemia and hemophilia, the bleeding can be done by inspection of the mother or father. Tests "The disease is incurable but can be prevented, ie through pre-marital," the child to specialists in hematology Cipta Mangunkusumo Hospital (RSCM), Pustika Amalia Wahidiyat.

Premarital examination is important because thalassemia and hemophilia patients has the potential to reduce disease in future children. Based on the data center thalassemia Jakarta, there were 100 new patients each year thalassemia. The trigger is the lack of awareness among expectant parents to take the exam.

Similarly, patients with hemophilia. Hemophilia is more common in men, boys, girls are the characteristics of the carrier (operator). A woman can give birth to children with hemophilia company. The man with hemophilia who married the woman will give birth to daughters normal company.


Beware of Attack Blood Cancer in Children

Call it the name Kayla. In four years of age and is considered bright and easy to get along with people around him. But who would have thought that the disease this guy is gay or a blood cancer leukemia.

Already in the past two years, the disease gnawing his body. "Leukemia is a type of cancer than older children diidap" said pediatrician Dharmais Cancer Hospital, Edi Setiawan Tehuteru.

Today, cancer is not only a scourge only for adults, children are now already attacked the disease. In Indonesia, there were 41,000 cases of childhood cancer per year. And he said, the cases of 10% of child deaths caused by cancer and Indonesia, came from families who could not afford.

In 2008, new cases of childhood cancer in the Cancer Hospital Dharmais
is leukemia (blood cancer) of 16 cases retinobtastoma (eye cancer) in seven cases and seven cases of brain cancer.

The danger, cancer often has no symptoms, that is, if not still at an early stage, many people who do not believe that family members suffering from cancer. In fact, cancer that occurs in children can be cured by early detection or early-stage scat.

However, not all cancers in children could be prevented or detected early. Leukemia, for example, can only be avoided by giving breast milk (ASI), exclusively. And hard to detect, causing leukemia in children is also likely to present. Experts suspect, genetic factors, exposure to chemicals, food preservatives, and the virus triggers a child suffering from leukemia.

Very dangerous to the survival of childhood leukemia. You see, in people with leukemia, white blood cells are abnormal and urged other blood cells. Instead of working as a bastion of the disease, white blood cells that are normally does not destroy blood cells.

Disorders of blood cells causes not only cancer but also cause other diseases such as thalassemia and hemophilia.

"Many of these blood disorders can lead to anemia or lack of blood,''he said in infantile hematology Cipta Mangunkusumc Hospital (RSCM), Pustika Amalia Wahidiyat.

In patients with thalassemia, fragile red blood cells, so blood can not do their job. "Without treatment, people with thalassemia can only live up to ten years," said Pustika.

Clinically, thalassemia divided into three types, namely, major, intermediate and minor. Thalassemia major patient's body can not form red blood cells so you must get a lifetime of blood transfusions. In general, transfusion perform once or twice a month.

Thalassemia intermedia patients require transfusions, but not as often as the primary victims. Whereas patients with only minor (trait) that does not undergo severe clinical symptoms.

It is also known as hemophilia, blood disease is difficult to freeze. In people with hemophilia, minor injuries will be serious because the blood would be difficult to freeze and pour the terns. Besides the hard frozen blood, hemophilia patients also often experience bleeding under the skin or bruising when doing heavy work.


The Benefits of Fitness

In recent years, fitness as we know it has become a lifestyle that increasingly well loved among the various old and young generations, especially in many big cities around the world. Even young children too often make fitness to maintain a healthy body and get the ideal body shape so that they could look more attractive. Besides the lifestyle, fitness is required in your daily routine to balance between the activities that tend to be monotonous work and cultivate your body to stay healthy by training the muscles while relaxing for a while out of work activities so you are ready to face the pressures and routines of work that has been waiting in front of you. The fitness makes our immune system strong and able to perform daily activities well.

To obtain a healthy body, you can take a fitness class so you can sport regularly. With follow the Fitness Classes, you can use all the facilities at the fitness center so you'll know a lot of sport equipment that can help us to do sport. In Los Angeles Health Clubs you will feel the comfort of fitness because it is a famous gym in Los Angeles so that we will get the most complete facilities than any other fitness centers. Various benefits can be achieved with fitness among other things: lose weight, reduce the risk of stroke, osteoporosis, making your body hold of various diseases, etc. Therefore, in order to meet the needs of healthy life, many people follow the fitness program or fitness class.

The Fitness Memberships, the services of the fitness center to become members so that they will get the best service and monthly prices are cheaper. Fitness can be done on the sidelines of your busy time. Timing can also be customized with your activity that is suitable for you who have busy.

Olive Oil Benefits for Cancer

The olive oil may not sound so familiar that coconut oil or corn oil. But did you know that olive oil has health benefits and beauty?

People who regularly eat zaitu oil, said to avoid the risk of cancer. This was revealed by studies involving 182 participants. In a study reported by Reuters on Tuesday (9/3/2010), found that olive oil content has been shown to reduce levels of secondary metabolic outcomes, one of the factors that trigger cancer cells. Therefore, the researchers recommend that people consume olive oil

"Olive oil contains phenols, antioxidants that are believed to pencengah cancer," said Dr. Henrik Poulsen E, University of Copenhagen, Danish. Also strongly encouraged to replace the use of butter, olive oil.

In addition to cancer, preventing food, olive oil also has properties for the skin beauty. Vitamin E is found that can maintain skin elasticity. Content of saturated oils in it are also very useful to remove the black stain on the skin. With diligent consumed olive oil every day, then the skin will feel firmer and smoother.

Not only that the benefits of olive oil. Content of omega-9, which can suppress the levels of bad cholesterol (low density lipoprotein / LDL) and increase good cholesterol (high density lipoprotein / HDL cholesterol). That is the reason why people with cholesterol and heart disease are encouraged to consume olive oil daily.


Drug Addiction Treatment

Drug abuse is still a big issue in our society today. We still need to do so many efforts to protect our society from it. It’s not only about preventing people from drug abuse. We also need to figure out the best way to help people with drug addiction problems.

As we all know, drug addiction is really hard to be cured totally. Some treatments only work temporarily. Therefore, if you need to help someone you love from drug addiction, you have to be sure that the program gives the permanent solution. There are so many rehabilitation programs you can find in this country. You can find one of them at vistabay. It has a rehabilitation program with Holistic approach. This type of approach means maximum result with efficient process. There are many drug abuse patients who are failed during the recovering program but since It provides particular treatment for particular drug addiction, patients will find it easier to get through the entire process. This program is available in local area which means you can check if there is any program near your place and have your loved one always within reach even though they have to spend most of their time in the treatment center.

There is vista bay rehab Placerville for those who are living at Placerville and vista bay rehab Watsonville for those who stay at Watsonville. Drug rehabilitation at other areas are also available to provide permanent solution for drug addiction patients. It doesn’t use drug therapy to cure addiction problems. It only uses natural program in recovering the patients. If you know someone with an addiction problem and want to give help to him/her, it’s better for you to get the detail information about the recovery program first. You need to find the program that fits to his/her needs.

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