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Beware of Attack Blood Cancer in Children

Call it the name Kayla. In four years of age and is considered bright and easy to get along with people around him. But who would have thought that the disease this guy is gay or a blood cancer leukemia.

Already in the past two years, the disease gnawing his body. "Leukemia is a type of cancer than older children diidap" said pediatrician Dharmais Cancer Hospital, Edi Setiawan Tehuteru.

Today, cancer is not only a scourge only for adults, children are now already attacked the disease. In Indonesia, there were 41,000 cases of childhood cancer per year. And he said, the cases of 10% of child deaths caused by cancer and Indonesia, came from families who could not afford.

In 2008, new cases of childhood cancer in the Cancer Hospital Dharmais
is leukemia (blood cancer) of 16 cases retinobtastoma (eye cancer) in seven cases and seven cases of brain cancer.

The danger, cancer often has no symptoms, that is, if not still at an early stage, many people who do not believe that family members suffering from cancer. In fact, cancer that occurs in children can be cured by early detection or early-stage scat.

However, not all cancers in children could be prevented or detected early. Leukemia, for example, can only be avoided by giving breast milk (ASI), exclusively. And hard to detect, causing leukemia in children is also likely to present. Experts suspect, genetic factors, exposure to chemicals, food preservatives, and the virus triggers a child suffering from leukemia.

Very dangerous to the survival of childhood leukemia. You see, in people with leukemia, white blood cells are abnormal and urged other blood cells. Instead of working as a bastion of the disease, white blood cells that are normally does not destroy blood cells.

Disorders of blood cells causes not only cancer but also cause other diseases such as thalassemia and hemophilia.

"Many of these blood disorders can lead to anemia or lack of blood,''he said in infantile hematology Cipta Mangunkusumc Hospital (RSCM), Pustika Amalia Wahidiyat.

In patients with thalassemia, fragile red blood cells, so blood can not do their job. "Without treatment, people with thalassemia can only live up to ten years," said Pustika.

Clinically, thalassemia divided into three types, namely, major, intermediate and minor. Thalassemia major patient's body can not form red blood cells so you must get a lifetime of blood transfusions. In general, transfusion perform once or twice a month.

Thalassemia intermedia patients require transfusions, but not as often as the primary victims. Whereas patients with only minor (trait) that does not undergo severe clinical symptoms.

It is also known as hemophilia, blood disease is difficult to freeze. In people with hemophilia, minor injuries will be serious because the blood would be difficult to freeze and pour the terns. Besides the hard frozen blood, hemophilia patients also often experience bleeding under the skin or bruising when doing heavy work.


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