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Cancer in Children with High Calorie and Protein Needs

For children who suffer from cancer, the food they need as part of supportive therapy. In addition to clean and not contaminated with germs, children need foods high in calories and high in protein with a pattern of balanced nutrition.

The pattern is not only the nutrients needed for balanced growth in children, but it is also important for children who have cancer. In some cancer patients do not find children with feeding problems during treatment. They can still eat enough to get necessary nutrients. However, some patients have trouble eating, thereby losing weight and impaired growth.

According to Drs. Gatot Djajadiman, SP.A (K), children oncologist FKUI / RSCM, if the child is having difficulty eating, should be considered the first cause. "If it is caused by the effects of chemotherapy drugs, usually nauseous reliever medication," said 61-year-old became a doctor. Nausea was frequently occur in patients receiving chemotherapy.

Do not give vitamins
In children with cancer, the provision of food needed to help achieve normal growth and weight gain and prevent the emergence of problems that may occur.

In contrast to healthy children, children of cancer patients is not recommended to consume vitamins. He feared, given vitamins actually taken up by cancer cells. "Cell so greedy, especially leukemia and active," said Dr. Djajadiman.

The milk and food can give enough power. In the book Immunity Foods for Children, Lucy Burney suggested that the main meal and a cocktail party, in small amounts more often to children who are undergoing chemotherapy. These foods should be high in vegetable protein, soluble fiber and essential fatty acids to help balance the nutrients in the body.

On the other hand, children who were treated with steroids tend to have the effect of retaining water, which then gain weight. For children with cancer are diet rich in vegetables and fruits, as it helps remove excess water.

Fatty acids should be avoided. In contrast, children can be given foods containing wheat, fish, soy, nuts, and others. Light snack should consist of fruits and vegetables.

Fiber from fruits and vegetables will help to balance glucose levels in the blood and help eliminate toxins and carcinogens from the body. Entering the broccoli in the diet of a child can also be done, given this plant contains components that are antikarsinogenik.

Foods rich in vitamin C have the effect of improving. Vitamin C is used to make collagen, which strengthens the cell membrane, helping to stop cancer cell division.

Do not force the Food
Parents should ensure that children with cancer get the best nutrients. St. Jude Children's Research Hospital offers the following recommendations:
- Cancer patients tend to eat less food during the treatment cycle, but improve in the cycle. Encourage children to eat more when they are in better condition.
- Sometimes the child is too sick to eat or drink to excess. At that time, tend to offer food or drink he liked. This will help your child add energy. Rata Penuh
- Remind children when it comes time to eat, but do not force.
- Provide the food ordered. However, if the food you want you can not get in an hour, do not waste time searching. Generally, a child's appetite has come after this period.
- It's best not force your child to eat, especially youth. Therefore, they tend to do the opposite of what he wants.
- The reason behind the need for good nutrition can be explained to children who are older. They could also be involved in meeting the nutritional requirements as high as possible.


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