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If you are not used to having snacks there is no advantage in having them for the sake of it. However weight loss works on total calories per day so there is no reason why someone who does want to snack can't lose weight, you don't eat more, you just spread it out over a longer period. Some people, myself included don't have a digestive system that can go without stopping for a drink without discomfort, and one tends to eat something with the drink.

I have visited a friend who offers a drink without anything to eat and that is OK but when I get home I often have a snack and drink with my husband. For me I control the snacks so I am not actually eating more over the entire day. I also choose snack food that I know I can handle.

So we all agree you do what fits in with your particular pattern of lifestyle. The only reason for anyone to change this is if it isn't working for them. There doesn't seem to be a right and wrong way just what works best for the individual. For call this YMMV.

Jean in S. Australia.

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