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Diabetes weakens bones

Complications of diabetes are not only heart disease, chronic kidney damage, damage to the retina resulting in blindness, nerve system damage, and damage to blood cells, which can lead to erectile dysfunction and difficult to heal wounds.
Recent studies Alblowi et al, entitled High Levels of TNF-Contribute to Accelerated Loss of Cartilage in Diabetic Fracture Healing "on the issue of the journal Pathology in October 2009 revealed that people with diabetes also experience the slow process of healing a broken bone. This is because the cause of inflammatory molecules TNF-_ contribute to slow healing of bone fractures in patients with diabetes.

To examine how diabetes affects the bone, Dr. Dana Graves and colleagues from the Univerisy of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey and the Boston University School of Medicine explored the bone repair in a rat model of diabetes. They observed increased levels of the molecule causes inflammation, including TNF-_ during the healing process of broken bones.
Animals with diabetes very quickly lose cartilage in the bone healing process, Diabetes is a condition in which the body does not produce enough, or respond to insulin, this disease affects at least 171 million people in the world, and the amount will double by 2030.
Source: Korantempo.com

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