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Which one your choice, Rice or Potatoes?

Many people who use the potato as a staple food in their diets than white rice. Sehatkah option?
Potatoes are rich in vitamins A and B, carbohydrates, fiber, sodium, potassium, phosphorus, and iron. Phytonutrient content of the potato is also a nutrient that functions as an antioxidant or free radical stress. In addition, the density of carbohydrate calories, but with a value smaller than the potato rice, make the food derived from these ivy became a prima donna in our diet program menus. Just imagine, one medium-sized potato contains about 150 calories.Meanwhile, in a plate of rice can be contained up to 240 calories.

If so, is really potatoes better than rice? Do not be too hasty to conclude, as Dr. Diani Adrina, SpGK, doctors nutritionists from Mitra Kemayoran Hospital, says it has a glycemic index of potato is higher than rice. Because in 2 grams of boiled potato is glycemic index of 84, while the rice is only 64.
Foods with high glycemic index may cause some disruption to our health, such as increased blood sugar, suppress good cholesterol, and increase the risk of heart attacks and diabetes.
Therefore, appropriate steps to enjoying potatoes is to limit the intake of potatoes we eat. If you want to eat potatoes, avoid fried potatoes and better choose a boiled potato or baked with the skin. Do not forget to always accompany a potato with broccoli or other vegetables.
Specifically for people with diabetes or high risk of diabetes, more wisely if we can eliminate the potatoes in a list of our daily diet. Alternative safe from tubers class that has a lower glycemic index is a sweet, rather than potatoes.
(Lily Turangan / Astrid Anastasia / Prevention Indonesia)
Source: Kompas.com | Female Compass
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