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Irritated by a TV spot about diabetes

I was in my pediatrician' s office to have our 2 young sons tested for H1N1 (and they were positive) and caught one of those short TV spots aboutdiabetes. This one was about prediabetes, and stated that millions of Americans are prediabetic. Yep, that's true - though as has been said here, the term "prediabetes" is a bit misleading. It should probably be "early stage diabetes"; that's what I use. Then it said that many prediabetics can slow down the progression of diabetes, or even halt it, by diet and exercise changes. That's also true for at least some. Then it showed some prediabetic men and women sitting in a room being taught by a nutritionist about how to change their diet. A man was then filmed saying, "You just don't know how much fat there is in a bag of potato chips."
That was where I groaned inwardly. Fat? FAT? The problem with potato chips from a diabetic perspective is NOT the fat, it's the potatoes! I believe the fat used to make potato chips isn't heart healthy, but there was no mention at all about the potatoes being very high carb and sending blood sugars through the roof. It drives me nuts that "low fat" continues to be the mantra culturally. For diabetics especially, low fat usually means high carb, which is terrible.


From: Kevin and Laraba Kendig
diabetes_int@ yahoogroups. com

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