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Signs And Symptoms of Diabetes (Diabetes mellitus Type 2)

Diabetes mellitus type 2 or commonly referred to as Non Insuline Dependent Diabetes mellitus (NIDDM) is a disease caused by diabetes because the body's resistance to the effects of insulin produced by pancreatic beta cells. This situation will cause blood sugar levels to rise out of control. Family history of obesity and diabetes suffered suspected risk factors of this disease.

Insulin is a hormone produced by beta cells in the pancreas. In normal conditions, insulin levels will fluctuate depending on the blood sugar levels in the blood. Insulin levels will rise just after eating and going down so we do not eat anything. The main function of insulin is to distribute the glucose contained in the blood throughout the body for the metabolism to produce energy. If the sugar or glucose levels are exceeded then the excess demand that will be stored in the liver. Savings of glucose will be released when needed for example when our bodies are starving.

When a person has diabetes mellitus type 2 then there are two possibilities that occur namely, beta cells in the pancreas contained insulinya production or production is not sufficient enough, but the body resistant to insulin. Both circumstances will cause the blood glucose levels will rise.

Fortunately the body has a very good mechanism to notify us if there is an abnormality. It is important to know the symptoms of type 2 diabetes mellitus at an early stage because the earlier the treatment is going to get better results and the less likely the occurrence of complications. Here are some symptoms of type 2 diabetes mellitus should we be cautious.

Fatigue is the earliest symptoms experienced by people with type 2 diabetes mellitus. The patient will feel weak even though his body was not doing any activities that are not too heavy. So, if you always feel tired and sleepy even before you do not stay up, it helps you see a doctor immediately.

Weight loss drastically. If you eat too much food your body will become fat. Excess fat in the body will cause the body to insulin resistance increases. In people who have diabetes, although he ate his food in excess is not to be fat and even take care of it because the muscles are not getting enough energy to grow.

Visual impairment. High sugar levels in the blood will draw out the liquid in the cell, this will cause the cells become wrinkled. This situation also occurs in the eye lens, so the lens becomes damaged and the patient will experience vision problems. This vision problems would improve if diabetes mellitus successfully handled properly. If not handled, these vision problems can worsen and cause blindness.

Frequently infected and if it's hard to heal wounds. This situation can occur because the bacteria thrive because of high levels of sugar in the blood. In addition, mushrooms are also really enjoyed growing up in high blood levels glukosanya.

Thus some additional symptoms that you can look at the disease type 2 diabetes mellitus.

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