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Healthy Without the Expensive Costs

Want to stay healthy in these tough economic times is not easy. Want to go to the doctor's expensive, take fitness classes also do not need to cost a bit. Is there an effective and inexpensive way to stay healthy?

When he was sick, one must spend a lot of money to be recovered again. The good news for the healthy do not need expensive costs.

"You do not need expensive fitness into a place only for the sport and want to be healthy," said Steven Blair, PhD, a professor from the University of South Carolina as reported by WebMD, Tuesday (24/11/2009).

Only with active for 150 minutes a week, the body can be healthy and disease risk was reduced. "Just by walking, gardening or doing homework can make the body stay fit," said Blair.

Other healthy alternatives can be obtained from inexpensive foods like beans, nuts, cereal or frozen vegetables.

"Frozen vegetables have more nutritional well as frozen immediately after harvest so that the high antioxidant content than fresh vegetables are wilted or damaged easily," explained the expert harvest, Allyson Mitchell, a PhD from the University of California.

Cooking at home is also a healthy alternative that should be cheaper than eating out. A survey proved that people who often eat at home less affected by obesity than those who frequently eat out.

But if you've been prescribed medication by doctors and thought could be cured simply by eating healthy foods or exercise, you are wrong. A survey show that 7 percent of prescriptions that doctors have never been redeemed by the patient because of no money or lazy.

"Patients usually choose not to take medication if the conditions are not too serious as high blood pressure, cholesterol or diabetes type 2. But despite the condition is not dangerous, but if left can be deadly," said Mitchell.

If the economic problems stress you out, you should see to it that the body can not stress bandwagon. "If you're too stressed from too much sitting, then move on and find ways to relieve stress such as breathing techniques, relaxation or watching a funny movie," said Lee Berk, PhD, a psychologist from the Loma Linda University, California.

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