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Six New Facts About Cholesterol

What do you know about cholesterol? The average person knows that cholesterol can lead to heart disease or high blood. But there are some other facts that are rarely known about cholesterol.

High cholesterol found in the blood is dangerous for anyone, but sometimes cholesterol can be found in very low levels in certain people. Cholesterol is too high or too low risk for certain diseases.

Here's some other facts about cholesterol, as quoted by CNN, Friday (27/11/2009), namely:

1. High cholesterol can not be inevitable in some people. Sometimes a lot of people who have high cholesterol due to genetic factors. So that high levels of bad cholesterol (LDL) are always in unhealthy levels. People who have inherited hiperkolestrolemia usually 2 gene from each parent.

2. High cholesterol can be seen from the skin. Usually people know that high cholesterol after a doctor's examination. But high cholesterol can occur in the skin as a reddish-yellowish bumps known as Xanthomas. Its size varies and is usually found in the joints, hands and eyelids.

3. Cholesterol too low can be dangerous. Cholesterol levels are too low is not good for health. Researchers showed that pregnant women tend to lower cholesterol levels gave birth to premature babies, as well as in adults can cause anxiety and depression.

4. Exercise increases good cholesterol. Recent research published dalan Journal of Lipid Research shows that exercise can increase good cholesterol (HDL) in the body. Sports are not required to be heavy but with only mild exercise.

5. Cholesterol-free foods can still produce cholesterol. Cholesterol is usually made in the liver of animals and are only found in various foods derived from animals such as meat, milk and eggs. Sometimes cholesterol obtained from food processing such as by frying or baking.

6. High cholesterol can cause erectile dysfunction. Swedish researchers in 2005 found that men who have koesterol levels of 270 mg / dL or more had 4.5 times more likely experience erectile dysfunction high.

For that know exactly how you koleterol levels, whether including high or low cholesterol. Apply a healthy lifestyle to avoid health risks that might arise.

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