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Miscarriage, Heart Disease Risk Moms

Apparently, abortion associated with a history of cardiovascular disease in later life Moms. The new findings show the relationship of both.

Researchers in England found that women who miscarried twice before their first child, higher-than-average chance of suffering from heart disease.

"This risk is higher in women who had miscarried three times before giving birth, " said Dr. Gordon Smith and colleagues empirically Cambridge University, as quoted from Health24, Tuesday (15/02/2011).

For now, Dr. Smith said the research can not be used to help women reduce the risk of repeated miscarriages.

He emphasized that the results of the study may serve as a guide for researchers to study how genes are related to the parents of the child as the problem of heart disease and miscarriage.


Dr. Smith and his team studied nearly 130,000 women in Scotland. They showed that women who frequent miscarriages tend to have heart problems in the elderly.

These results led the researchers to find out if the woman who has cardiovascular disease risk also tend to have a family history of cardiovascular disease, which would confirm its genetic linkage.

Then, the researchers looked at data on nearly 75,000 women who delivered their first child between the years 1992-2006, along with medical information about parents thirds of women.

The result, compared with women who give birth without prior miscarriage, the woman who had two miscarriages, probably 25 percent were hospitalized or deceased due to heart disease.

And when a woman experienced three miscarriages before giving birth to first child, they are probably 56 percent suffer from severe heart disease.

Other factors

In the study, other factors such as income, education, and whether she smoked during her first pregnancy was not described his relationship with the risk of heart disease and miscarriage.

"In early pregnancy, the cardiovascular system do more to ensure safe pregnancy. Some types of hidden heart problems, certainly influence this process," said Dr. Smith.

"If we can identify one or more genes involved, chances are we can identify the mechanism and identifying the medication," said Dr. Smith.


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