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Drink that effectively overcome indigestion

Want to look younger and free of unhealthy virus lodged in your body? Just do detoxification. Not only healthy, but it also gives freshness to the face and skin.

Drink enough water, eating fresh fruit and juices several natural ways to detoxify your body. Moreover, you do a ritual to drink in the morning when you've just woken up. Obviously, the result is much more effective.

According to the physician, Dr. Poonam Rathod, a full water to the digestive system by eliminating toxins to clean and remains of food stuck in the intestines. There is waste in the stomach was immediately eliminated.

So, what are the drinks that help the detoxification process smoothly? Idiva leaked to you.

Fresh coconut water

Natural coconut water is very good for detoxifying the body. Drinking coconut water will improve your immune system and hydrate your body.

A bottle of pumpkin juice

This is an excellent natural remedy for people who have problems with digestion and acidity.

"This is because property pumpkin base, and fiber in it so that helps heal digestive problems," said Dr. Rathod.

Green tea

Green tea is a natural antioxidant. "These drinks contain polyphenols regulate glucose in the blood helps. Polyphenols will hinder movement of glucose in fat cells, preventing their entry into the bloodstream," said Dr. Rathod.

Orange juice

This drink is loaded with vitamin C is known to enhance immunity. "Oranges flavnoids rich and important antioxidant protection of the human immune system against germs and bacteria that cause disease," said Dr. Rathod.


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