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Moisten the face with Royal Aquamarine

The face needs extra attention. Otherwise, this section will be a problem. There are many ways to treat the face. One of them with Royal Aquamarine (crystal massage), face the crystals used for the face.

Rhinestone Why? Because rock and metal contain any chemicals and do not cause allergies.

Crystal massage uses a medium rock crystal from Germany for treatment on your face, "said Hanny Salimin, Manager Butterfly Spa.

Crystal itself can make the face become bright and white, increased layers of dead skin cells, stimulates the growth of new skin cells, cleanses the face, reducing the risk of acne, streamlining your face, slowing the aging process, adding a layer of collagen in the skin, reducing the risk of pigmentation, remove acne scars, smoothing the skin to minimize, pores, cleanses clogged pores and hollow.

Crystal stones used are semi-precious gemstone that contains minerals. Mineral content in the crystal to relax the face. The skin becomes smooth and elastic. To obtain maximum results, do this treatment on a regular basis as required.

Stone Design adapted to the shape of human faces is getting easier for the massage to the face. This long-oval shape can transmit positive energy.
"The advantage is to circulate blood, removing negative energy and positive energy transfer from the beautician. Positive influence given by the beauty on the client will make him feel calm and relaxed," he continued.

The best crystals, according to Terry Liew, head of the Singapore Shiatsu School, crystal white, pink, dark brown. These crystals can heat about five minutes. Feeling heat from these crystals to improve blood circulation and helps the absorption of facial massage oils.

"Usually the crystals will release hot air in the face. But is it safe to do with a client. After the treatment, usually the skin will be more clean, fresh, humid and sunny. There is a customer experience after this treatment was stress of work is more relaxed and soothes the skin, "he continued.

With treatment at least once a week to start and continue 2-3 weeks, the face feels tight and not wrinkled.

"Home can be slippery and there are no side effects because there are no chemicals in all content. And teenagers are adults, " he said.



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