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Effect of spinach to the "Popeye" is true

Remarkable effect of spinach on Popeye cartoon is apparently not just fiction. Researchers found that eating a bowl of spinach every day to improve the efficiency of your muscles to increase.

Telegraph launched on Wednesday (02/02/2011), consuming 300 grams of spinach the oxygen needed to muscle performance up to five percent improvement increase, as when you exercise. Even this effect can now only be seen in the next three days.

The secret is not in iron, as originally expected, but nitrate is abundant. This chemical may cause the mitochondria (the motor of each cell) to work more efficiently.

"Spinach such as extra fuel for your muscles. fruit, making the muscles work smoothly and efficiently,"said Dr. Weitz Eddie Berg of the Karolinska Institute in Sweden.

All types of green vegetables have a high nitrate content, which not so long ago assumed that no nutritional value.

"We know that a diet rich in fruits and vegetables can help prevent heart disease and diabetes. But the active nutrients is not known," Weitz said Berg.

"This is a huge impact and importance. This discovery proves that Popeye was right, due diligence refers to the cartoon character habit of eating a canned spinach to get away from danger.


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