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Nutrition Guidelines for a balanced diet problems

Nutrition Guidelines
Indonesia not just malnutrition problem, excess nutrients was now fighting a plague against the government. Therefore, both bad for the health and quality of human life.

Both pro
blems arise from an unbalanced diet. Malnutrition is characterized by slow growth of the body (especially in children), low body resistance, lack of intelligence level, and low productivity. Excess nutrients on the contrary, is characterized by obesity, the risk of occurrence of various chronic degenerative diseases such as diabetes, hypertension and cardiovascular disease. Indonesia is currently in a transitional period of power, namely the transition between the problem of shortage and excess nutrients.

"It is time for action on the issue of excess nutrients take are not widened, as has happened in China," said Prof. MPS Soekirman SCM ID doctorate in a press conference launching the book "Guide to a balanced diet in Jakarta" some time ago.

Riskesdas 2010 data indicates the number of obese people in Indonesia are detailed as follows: 14 percent of infants, children aged 6-12 years much 9.2 percent, children aged 13-15 years from 2.5 percent, 1 , 4 children aged 16-18 years per cent, and adults over 18 years as much as 21.7 percent. When the first class of the bourgeoisie of identical entities, fertile, is now in the transition period problem, it affects overweight people with a low economic level.

It is said that Soekirman Bogor Agricultural University professor, the problem lies not only in excess and kekurangangizi. Moreover, the challenge may also be examined in connection with the performance of a balanced diet in a given period. This is known as the window opportunity, which is a brief opportunity to do something useful and should be used. In the field of nutrition, opportunity window varies only pre-pregnancy until the age of the child about 2 years. To this end, dilakukanupaya nutrition in population during this period to prevent malnutrition.

Both of adolescent girls, pregnant women, nursing mothers and infants to children aged 2 years. In pregnant women, often face health problems such as nausea, severe vomiting, anemia and iron deficiency, constipation, hypertension, preeclampsia and eclampsia, and gestational diabetes. "Whereas the maternal nutritional adequacy greatest impact on child development," said Soekirman.

It is important to pay attention to the intake of necessary nutrients to increase. As the energy demand in the first quarter of 2080 kcal, 2 and 3 quarter of 2200 kcal and 67 grams of protein per day in quarter 1-3. Also important is the fact that adolescent girls and pregnant mothers with children under the age of 2 years, including a critical group of human growth and development.

According to nutrient adequacy score average water is recommended per person / day, energy needs of children aged 1-3 years from 1000 kcal, children aged 4-6 years amounted to 1500 kcal. While the protein needs of children aged 1-3 years and 4-6 years to 25 grams from 39 grams.

Problems in the nutrition of children aged 3-5 years in children such as vegetables, food picky, and like junk food.

Meanwhile, the health problems commonly found in older overweight people due to hypertension, coronary heart disease, diabetes and cancer. On the other hand, nutritional deficiencies cause anemia and menopause that can be avoided if the application of a balanced diet.

"Older people need to consider a balanced diet. Changes due to diminishing function of various organs that older people vulnerable to nutritional problems and various illnesses," said Hardiansyah.

The principle of a balanced diet for this group is essentially considering a varied diet, limiting foods that increase uric acid, multiply eat fresh fruits and vegetables, drinking enough water, and salt reduction, and choose a texture and flavor of food.

Adjusting to a variety of foods to eat and water to maintain daily activities is one of the principles of a balanced diet. Much evidence from various studies that the water shortage of about 1 percent of body weight (equivalent to 2 cups) for adolescents and adults, a mood disorder and early symptoms of water shortage to create the body. Dry lips, headache, yellow color of urine, and body temperature rises.

This situation, the concentration to learn or think, and reduced endurance. In Indonesia, about half of adults and adolescents experienced a mild dehydration. It takes more drinks for those in a cold environment and pregnant women.



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