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Most drinking actually disadvantaged body

Many people use the water to lose weight, detoxify the body, and fighting various diseases. Apparently too much water against the body.

We would like to meet the needs of the body a meeting with the 8-10 glasses of water a day, given the many health articles suggest so. Have you ever questioned the dangers of consuming too much water?

Not only liquid source of water

As much as 72 percent of the human body contains water, or 45 liters in the body of a man with an average weight of 70 kg and less of the female body. We lose body fluids every day because the body is designed for water and mineral balance in the blood and other body fluids are maintained, except in circumstances where the water balance is disrupted, such as heart failure and kidney damage.

Adults should be 2500-3000 ml of fluid a day to stay healthy and prevent dehydration. When translated, 10-12 glasses / cups liquid (water and other drinks) per day.

The body loses water through the skin with sweat, pulmonary, and excretion in the urine and feces. Some sources of liquid that can be consumed including water, hot drinks (tea, coffee, milk), fruit juices, energy drinks, or alcoholic beverages.

Don't Over!

U. S. National Academy of Sciences recommended a study of fluid intake per day, ie 10-12 glasses a day to view. As a result, fluid intake exceeds the needs actually harm the body.

"Do not drink 8 cups of coffee a day and 12 cups water, or you will remove essential nutrients such as potassium, magnesium and even sodium and chloride from the body that ultimately harm, " Dr. Ivor van Heerden, deputy director of Louisiana State University Hurricane Center, as quoted from Health24, Thursday (02/17/2011).

"The emphasis on moderation and control of fluid intake wise. How, at the level of the need to adapt, whether upward or downward and not too much water to drink," he said.

Some conditions we need to increase the intake of fluids, eg hot weather, strenuous physical activity, weight loss programs, health conditions, and so on.


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