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This is Myths and Facts about Smoking

Smoking is not good for health, but still many. And besides the risk of heart disease, cigarette addicts may suffer from lung cancer, oral cancer, impotence and heart.

However, a growing number of myths about smoking habits proved difficult for smokers to quit their bad habits. What are these myths?

These are the myths and facts with success Indonesian legal summary Demographic Institute Faculty of Economics and WHO (World Health Organization) on the facts snuff Indonesia.


Smoking calms the mind and improve concentration power?


Smokers beginners feel nausea, dizziness, coughing, and bad mouth. Addictive effect of nicotine. addicted to cigarettes restless sweating, cold, and abdominal pain when not smoking. While smoking and nicotine touched his brain again, new addicts will feel calm and focused as possible.


Smoking is an individual right that should not be sacrosanct?


Smoking is the powerlessness against nicotine addiction and health consequences. Sense of responsibility should make the smoker has no problem smoking health risk in family members who cared.


Nicotine is not addictive?


Report on nicotine addiction 1964 U.S. Department of Health said that nicotine is addictive. Subsequent studies suggest that cigarette addiction is a pathological condition such as addiction to drugs.


Air pollution by car exhaust is more harmful than cigarette smoke?


Car exhaust fumes spread outdoor cigarette smoke, fully in the lungs of smokers and those close. There are 4000 chemicals in cigarette smoke, 69 of them carcinogenic. Meanwhile, toxic substances such as nicotine, arsenic, ammonia was not in the getaway car.



Come on, Check Breast Self!

Have a healthy breast (Photo: Google)
One of the things that are important in maintaining breast health is breast aware of any anomaly. Especially those related to breast lumps.

Breast cancer incidence is likely to increase the age of the patients were getting younger. Generally, breast cancer is found in patients with advanced stage due to negligence on the detection of tumors or abnormalities in the chest. In fact, the possibility of recovery, of course, be even greater if the cancerous tumor can be detected early.

Perhaps many of us refuse to perform breast self-examination for fear of actually finding something. But as said earlier that the successful treatment of early detection increases. Moreover, although finding a lump, the lump is not necessarily found a malignant tumor. It could be the mammary gland tumor is a benign swelling or who do not have to worry about. Doctors examine further lump and determine what type and what steps must be performed.

How I can do this?

"Passage of breast check this we can do with simple and only takes a few minutes. It is not often needed once a month is enough. Instead, realize the fact after the menstrual period. Because when it comes to conditions breast soft and loose, making it easier for palpable, "said Sallika NS, journalism graduate FKG UI through the book" Health Business Solutions for Women facts. "

The inspection can be done while lying down or standing, of course, without the use of a pinch. This test can be done while taking a bath with foaming hand. Here's how to complete check your own breasts, as described Sallika.

  1. Check the overall condition of your breasts in front of the mirror. A check for changes in color and structure of the skin, breast size or shape.
  2. Next, check your right breast and armpit area around his left hand. The movement of his left hand to explore the breast with a circular motion and light pressure. The direction of this circular can be started from the outer circle of the breast, up to the nipple. After that, check the breast with a vertical movement from top to bottom.
  3. Gently squeeze the nipple to see if there is fluid coming out.
  4. Do the same on the left breast.



Shiny skin Without Pain

Shiny skin Without Pain
If you are still adhered to understand the "beauty is pain, it appears that the principle should be discarded immediately. Because without the pain, the face can still look beautiful and radiant.

Just the right food to maintain skin smoothness. Surprisingly, natural treatments can be an option that will not cause adverse side effects, including the expenditure budget.

Want to have soft skin glow face, consider the following trick:

Routine vitamin C

According to several studies related to skin health, as quoted prevention, adequate supply of vitamin C which play an important role in maintaining beauty. Similar expressed Jenny Kim MD, PhD, assistant clinical professor of dermatology at UCLA School of Medicine, Los Angeles.

Research conducted in 2007, participation in early 4025 women surveyed said that having high levels of vitamin C in their bodies do not have wrinkles and dry skin. The main source of vitamin C in this investigation, is the orange, lemon and tomato. You can also try to eat two oranges or four large tomatoes, if you do not want dry skin and wrinkles.

Use olive oil

Dermatologist New York, United States, Alexiades-Armenak MACRENA reveals the secret of beautiful women in the Mediterranean is that you always use olive oil in their food menu.

"Olive oil is not only rich in antioxidants, but also helps the body release toxins," he said.

An added bonus, fat in olive oil to moisturize the skin, hair and nails. Interested in trying? Let's take care of your skin early.



Relax with Real Verbena Spa pedicure and manicure

Parts of the body that often escape the attention
of the nail, nails both hands and feet.
(Photo: gettyimages)
Parts of the body that often escape the attention of the nail, nails and toes. In fact, this part easier to see and clean. As often is not noticed many problems that arise.

One way to overcome the various problems in the hands and feet a pedicure nail care and special care manicure nail spa is in the hands and feet.

What makes the manicure spa pedicure and manicure and pedicure is different from the ordinary is a spa pedicure and manicure for hands and feet are relaxed because the use of salt and aromatherapy massage cream, which also contains aromatherapy.

Aromatherapy is derived from the actual festival. Real verbena are plants that originated in the United States contain many vitamins and minerals to the skin.

"Verbena Real effective to hydrate and brighten. Verbena Real is also very nice to deal with sensitive skin," said Violet Vine, Training Manager of the OPI Nail Salon Spa, Plaza Indonesia LB No. 63, Central Jakarta .

Spa pedicure and manicure can be done every two weeks because of the growth of the cuticle can be seen after two weeks.

"So we really need routine care of the feet and hands every two weeks," said Vinay.

There are several stages in this treatment. First, their hands stained with an antiseptic. Then clean with nail polish remover. After that, the nail is formed with a nail buffer and smoothed with a soft nails. On the other hand, the hand dipped in water mixed with effervescent soaking to nourish hands and nails. Then dry hand towels and dead skin cells removed with real bush verbena. Scouring is approximately 10 minutes.

The next stage is the provision of a special serum to soothe and relax the hands. Then the hand wrapped in special plastic. Fingertips that are not wrapped in plastic wrap, exfoliating cuticle remover given. This exfoliating cuticle remover to soften the cuticles, the plastic is released. Hand then massage with real verbena cream. After the nails with nail polish color.



Massage Stimulates the Immune System

Massage Stimulates the Immune System
Research shows that massage produces measurable changes in the immune system. Massage session relaxes the body, relieve anxiety, and even help you sleep better at night.

A recent study funded by the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine, found that massage can also help to the extent of the disease.

In the study published in the latest issue of the Journal of Complementary and Alternative Medicine is the empirically recruited 53 healthy adults aged 18-45 years and is divided into two groups. The first group received the traditional Swedish massage session by a certified massage therapist and a second group received a session of soft touch, no actual massage techniques.

Each participant received intravenous therapy (IV), which is inserted in the arm for the duration of the massage and a couple of hours later, then blood is drawn from various intervals to measure levels of hormones and the immune system.

Researchers have been working under the theory that massage increases oxytocin in the body, or the "hormone of love", which in itself helps regulate levels of hormones associated with stress. However, they found that this did not happen. Because the person who receives the "light touch" (second group) actually experienced an increase of oxytocin was greater than getting a massage (first group). However, unlike the light touch, massage recipients experienced a significant reduction in stress hormones and increasing production of various cells of the body that enhance the immune response.

Benefits of Massage

Massage can help boost your immune system and help you cope with stress, even if they get sick or stress.

"I am very interested in our results," said Mark Hyman Rapaport, MD, professor and chairman of the department of psychiatry and behavioral neurosciences at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center.

"I've always wondered what massage functions for many people report feeling better after doing it? We found that biological changes occur as a result of even a massage, and that this change is also beneficial for healthy individuals. "

Massage routine for body and mind. Here's a tip for a massage health benefits:

Find a certified therapist

Recipients of massage in this study received treatment from a certified therapist to ensure consistency and high quality. To get the same, should license massage therapist.

own hand massage

Yet the body is massaged to produce biological changes as seen in this study, other studies have found that a simple hand massage for five minutes was also able to reduce stress levels.

Feel the love in other ways

Dr. Rapaport notes that there are significant increases in levels of oxytocin receptor full body massage, but people in the group receiving a gentle massage.

There are many simple ways that can increase levels of oxytocin in the body, but not a massage, such as holding hands, caressing the animal, and listen to relaxing music.



Air Pollution Can Stimulating Emphysema

Air pollution can Stimulating Emphysema
Recent research showed that people who live near roads and air pollution are often exposed to greater risk of health problems suffered emphysema and others.

Air pollution from motor vehicles in Indonesia, especially in Jakarta and is at the stage of worrying. In fact, the so-called air quality in Jakarta is currently ranked third worst in the world, after Mexico and Bangkok.

Low levels of air pollution in Jakarta, causing many social problems of their residents. The main problem, of course, a health problem.

According to Cipto Mangunkusumo Hospital (RSCM), 46% of the disease in Jakarta are caused by air pollution, where the diseases are generally respiratory infections, asthma and lung cancer.

In addition to these diseases, pollution is also potentially lead to physiological changes in humans, as the weakening of the function of lungs and affect blood pressure. A new study reinforces that fact.

Air pollution is shown to aggravate symptoms in people with lung diseases such as asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), a group of lung diseases that severely damaged the disease, including emphysema and chronic bronchitis.

However, if long-term exposure to air pollution affects the likelihood that someone has COPD? So far, the answer remains uncertain.

In the latter study, the researchers found evidence that among nearly 53,000 people of Danish adults followed for 35 years is estimated that exposure to polluted air route, the risk of developing COPD was higher than those with little exposure.

The findings appear in the American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine, that shows the relationship between air pollution on the road and the risk of COPD.

The researchers, however, does not prove causation in this matter. Smoking is the main cause of COPD, estimated to be behind more than 95% of cases. Other environmental factors such as heavy exposure to coal dust, grain or wood, can also cause COPD.

The new findings raise the possibility that long-term exposure to air pollution on the road contributes to the risk of COPD in some people, especially vulnerable to certain health conditions such as asthma.

"If that happens, a person's risk for COPD due to exposure to contamination will be very small compared to smoking or exposure to secondhand smoke," said study leader Zorana J Andersen, Danish Cancer Society in Copenhagen, Denmark, according to Reuters Health.

However, he said, the population level, even small risks associated with air pollution from vehicle exhaust "can not be ignored," given the millions of people living in urban areas levels high pollution.

These findings are based on 52,799 adults aged 50 to 64 who filled out a questionnaire containing questions about health and lifestyle, including smoking history, in the mid 1990's.

Andersen's team used data from participants in the Danish hospital patients who enroll in treating COPD first attacked between 1971 and 2006. Also, estimating individual long-term exposure to the highway pollutants home of his residence during the study period.

In total, more than 3% of study participants had been admitted to the hospital for the first time for the treatment of COPD in the study.

When the researchers analyzed the long-term average exposure to nitrogen dioxide participants
"Pollutants caused by automobile exhaust, the researchers found that exposure levels above 25% more likely to be hospitalized because of COPD than those with less than 25%.

The relationship between pollution and the risk of COPD road appear stronger among people with asthma or diabetes than those who were in good health. This, according to Andersen's team, the likelihood that people in poor health who experienced systemic inflammation in the body are more susceptible to the effects of road pollution on lung function.

But researchers also cautioned that, in terms of statistics, the conclusion that the relationship is still weak or is still "within." They are also reminded to be careful in interpreting the strength of the causal relationship has been reported in this study and possible duplication of these results with other studies.

Another limitation of this research, including the fact that exposure to contamination of the participants provided on the basis of their residential address. But when a person is actually exposed to contamination may be from various sources, is unknown.

However, Andersen said that one should be aware that heavy exposure to highway pollution has long been associated with numerous health risks, including the development of asthma and deaths from heart disease and stroke.

The American Heart Association showed that people with heart disease risk and others, including parents and those with risk factors for heart disease such as diabetes and high blood pressure, immediately reduce your exposure to smoke from vehicles pollution on the road.

At a broader level, Andersen said, the relationship between air pollution and risks to human health is very important to support government policies that are used as pollution control in a country.


Reduce Rice, More Benefits to Health

Rice including the most delicious source of carbohydrates than sweet potatoes, maize or cassava. So do not be surprised if the Indonesian people are very dependent on rice. But actually eat less rice more benefits.

If the government's plan to make the program "A Day Without Rice 'or' One Day, No Rice's' reap the pros and cons, health practitioners would see many benefits for people's health.

But it acknowledged not easy to change the mindset of people from Indonesia that has hundreds of years is highly dependent on rice. To the extent that there is the term 'do not eat if you do not eat rice'.

"I strongly support if there is such a policy. What we need is actually not a rice but not carbohydrates. Well, actually there is a good carbohydrate in cassava, yams, bananas, corn, potatoes, brown rice, green beans or wheat bread. Carbohydrates from here even greater benefits than rice, "explained Dr. L. Toruan Phaidon, MM, doctor of nutrition and healthy living expert from Jakarta Anti-aging & Executive Fitness Consultant, when contacted detikHealth, Wednesday (13/10/2010).

What are the benefits to eat less rice?

Dr Phaidon explains one of the benefits of changing eating habits is to prevent the rice from type 2 diabetes (diabetes due to lifestyle).

Just so you know rice has a high sugar content which increases the level of glucose in the blood that can trigger the risk of developing diabetes. And for people with diabetes must manage their plasma glucose, one of them to eat less rice with no recurrence for the disease.

White rice including simple carbohydrates that contain high sugar levels, when ingested, will directly into energy quickly and increase blood sugar levels. But the simple carbohydrates can not store glycogen reserves.

Instead of the carbohydrates, such as cassava, maize, cassava, oatmeal, wheat bread, brown rice is a complex carbohydrate low sugar content and full longer hold up to 6 hours.

These complex carbohydrates can be stored in the liver and muscles as glycogen (a substance prior to glucose). If the body lacks energy, glycogen reserves is to be broken down into glucose for energy.

Complex carbohydrates contain less sugar but more high-fiber, so it gives more benefits, both for women, men and children.

According to Dr Phaidon, the benefits of low-sugar complex carbohydrates better than rice among other things:

For women
  • Make the skin smooth, beautiful and luminous
  • Free toxin
  • Ageless
  • Remove wrinkles on the face

For men
  • Enhance arousal and libido
  • Increase energy, stamina and strength men
  • Fitter and more vibrant

  • Improving intelligence
  • Improve strength
  • Not easily tired and sick

"If the government calls like that, it means that the Indonesian government would be beautiful, smooth skin, strong and smart," added Dr Phaidon, who is also the author of 'Fat Loss Not Weight Loss'.

Dr Phaidon also revealed that Indonesian people should learn to change the presumption 'is not eat if you do not eat rice'.

"Many Indonesian people would rather be in comfort zone, good food rather than healthy and quality food. So to be able to change that assumption, there must first desire, "explained Dr Phaidon.

To be able to change these assumptions, Dr. Phaidon insisted there must be desire. The desire must also be backed with confidence, thus the brain will react and find ways to make changes.

"The process of change it is not convenient, it takes about 25-30 days for adjustment. The adjustment is intended not about the body's response, but more on taste. If the body would react very well when the rice is replaced with other carbs that higher quality, "explained Dr Phaidon further.

So please select a still eat rice as well but lack a lot of benefits or starting slowly switching to sweet potatoes, maize, cassava, oatmeal, wheat bread, brown rice which are less palatable but more health benefits.



Biologics New hope for Patients With RA

Biologics New hope for Patients With RA
Patients with rheumatoid arthritis (RA) in Indonesia is still relatively low, but this disease should be careful. Because AR plays an important role in the cause of disability and reduced quality of life of patients. However, existing drugs, the patient's activity will remain intact.

In fact, the main ARyang treatment is to achieve remission during and as soon as possible before the occurrence of structural damage to joints. When this condition is successful, the various symptoms of the disease was not seen again. You can also slow the progression of the disease.

There are two types of medication for patients with RA, ie only treat the symptoms only, and may slow the disease process. The latter is a drug that is in a class of DMARDs (rheumatoid arthritis drugs disease-modifying). With high levels of adherence, these drugs are effective in 60% of patients in RSCM.

Along with understanding the disease, have introduced new biological drugs for patients who can not be solved with conventional medications. In RA produced a variety of cytokines and cell surface which in turn plays a role in stimulating inflammation and joint damage. Biological agents are made by molecular biology to produce cytokines and antisel surface.

biological agent shown to stop the journey AR disease, prevent disability and disability. A sitokinyang have been identified as IL-6 (IL six). A new drug that could inhibit these adalahTocilizumab cytokines.

Several studies have shown, a single therapy or in combination with another DMARD is reduced significantly due to RA. Prof. Dr. Harry Isbagjo SPPD-KR said, biological agents used in case of failure with conventional treatment with DMARDs.

DMARD was able to show significant results in patients, but not all patients can be cured with these drugs. The rest still need the IL-6.

"But for patients who are able, could have appealed directly to the IL-6, without a conventional DMARD. Biologic agents work faster within 2-4 weeks has been free of symptoms, while the DMARD to wait three months new symptoms disappear, "said Harry.

Biological agents can be combined with one of the DMARD. However, only one DMARD drug because of side effects are quite large. Therefore, the IL-6 inhibitor is a novel biologic in the treatment of RA that meet unmet medical needs in the treatment of RA.

ACTEMRA is Roche's production pending in the United States, Europe and Indonesia. However, in Japan, this drug has been launched as a therapy for arthritis.

According to Inge S Kusuma, Head Pharma, Roche Indonesia in the near future will be Tocilizumab efficacy study in 40 patients in Indonesia.



Do not Light Complaints Joint Pain

Back pain can be an indication AR
AR is an autoimmune disease that causes chronic joint inflammation. Autoimmune disease is a condition where the immune system to recognize and even an attack normal body tissue.

In AR, there is inflammation in other organs. However, AR is actually different from rheumatic diseases. However, this inflammatory arthritis due to hitherto unknown cause.

"Great expectations due to genetic factors as well as infections and environmental factors that stimulate the immune system to attack normal body tissue," said Professor Harry Isbagjo SpPDKR on educating the media event to commemorate World Arthritis day at Hotel Borobudur (11/10).

Not only the parents who pay attention to this disease. In fact, AR attacks all ages, but increased at a young age to middle age. Age most people with this disease is between 5-60 tahun.Wanita require some more careful because they are at risk of 3-4 times. This is due to hormonal influences, but not quite.

In addition to swelling and redness, symptoms of this disease is pain in many joints. Most joints are attacked or left-right symmetric. Suppose the left shoulder and right or used parts.

Another distinctive feature is the presence of bumps (rheumatoid nodules), and a feeling of fatigue. In Indonesia the disease attacking any ethnic differences in incidence, ie between 0.3 to 5%. Meanwhile, 100,000 people from 20-300 people per year affected by AR.

So, one could say that about 360,000 patients with AR in Indonesia. Compare this with the prevalence of gout or arthritis suffering. Although the prevalence of AR patients have a low, but the disease is highly progressive.

Costs to be faced with patients with AR was very heavy. Approximately 70% of patients included AR attacked every day joint pain, stiff joints and a reduced quality of life, which is 88-98% sufferer AR prolonged fatigue and pain due to systemic diseases (Anema, depression).

What is worse, the disease can lead to disability, and disability disablitas. Joint damage is already happening in the first six months of this disease. Defects 2-3 years, if not treated.

Unfortunately, Harry said, many of the patients already in a state of disability so difficult to cure. It says a professor of Rheumatology Division, Faculty of Medicine / RSCM that, in addition to the burden that must be faced, there are a number of other challenges that the AR patients.

At the risk of cardiovascular disease 2X and 70% had a stroke, 70% of patients an infection, the risk of osteoporosis is higher, until the risk of lymphatic cancer to 25x fold.

"So, the patient could not because rematiknya are deceased, but because of the heart," said Dr. Bambang Setiyohadi SpPD KR.

There is no medicine that can menyembuhkanpenyakittersebut. So far the doctors working throughout the world. However, patients can be conditioned not need drugs long term.

This is to achieve remission by reducing pain, reducing inflammation or an inflammation, to stop damage to joints, improve joint function and the patient comfortable. Bambang also be presented to people with AR early and aggressive therapy.

But beware, the therapy can not repair the damage that has occurred or cure the disease. However, early treatment rendered to the success of the therapy to be determined. While aggressive treatment can improve joint function, prevent disability and disability.

"The treatment is more successful when there is cooperation between doctors, patients and relatives," said Bambang.

There are two types of pharmacological treatment of AR and nonfarmakologik. Pharmacological agents such as inflammation and pain relievers or medicines, travel modifiers. These drugs are symptomatic or simply reduce the symptoms. Such as preventing damage to the joints, but with a big side effect.

For example, damage to the stomach or vomiting blood. But since rheumatoid arthritis disease-modifying drugs (DMARD) of conventional, these effects may be resolved. The nonfarmakologik is a joint protection therapy, physiotherapy, rehabilitation, psychotherapy, until the operation involves.


Come on Moving, Do not Fear Sweat!

“Fatigon Hydro Get Up Get Active Gading Fun Bike”
"Get Up Get Fatigon Hydro Active Ivory Fun bike" to encourage active community. Following the move, the body becomes healthier and more influence at work.

From the beginning, Fatigon Hydro-most consumed multivitamins Indonesian people (Source: AC Nielsen Indonesia in March 2010) is dedicated to participating in various activities relating to material. Through the "Get Up Get Fatigon Hydro Active Ivory Fun Bike ', held on Sunday, October 10, 2010, Fatigon Hydro intends to recall the urban capital of a happy spoiled with ease.

"The campaign to encourage people," let's go, do not be afraid to sweat!. "Spoiled to the urban life serbamudah. Always drive cars, should baseball walking, climbing stairs. Sweating is important," said Shandika Sabana son, Brand Executive Fatigon Hydro.

Through perspiration, the body will remove toxins that will not accumulate in it. Shandika confirmed after sweating, it is important for the body to obtain fluid intake.

"With Fatigon Hydro, natural beverages from a more accurate and faster by the body because it is made of real coconut water. Fatigon Hydro is a natural isotonic beverage with the ion that just means the human body. Apart from the ordinary people, including Fatigon Hydro used by pregnant women and patients with dengue, "he explained.

This quiet cycle route itself starts jogging Parks Kelapa Gading, past Mall of Indonesia, by-pass, Pioneer Road Independence, and ended in Kelapa Gading with AXC Complex 7km away. Shandika stated, the show managed to take about 1800 participants from different places in Jakarta.

"Participants who have attended around 70 percent of the target of 3000 participants. We are aware that in 1910, a few days, many events held in Jakarta. General, the success," he said.

With the same mission, the plan, Hydro will again sponsor Fatigon physical activity in the form of capoeira race in Central Park, Jakarta on October 24, 2010.

"Event will be huge. We invite all Indonesian capoeira community. The event is at their level. Also coming is a master of capoeira in Brazil, Singapore, Hong Kong, the United States and others," said Shandika.


Large buttocks Signs Healthy Heart

With a big ass is not only sexy impression. A recent study shows fat in the buttocks and thighs can increase life expectancy of the owner.

Based on studies of a number of health experts from the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, who accumulate fat in the buttocks and thigh instead reduce the risk of heart disease, stroke and diabetes. Unlike abdominal fat that increases the risk of these three diseases.

The research team led by Dr. Michael Jensen in which 28 men and women as participants. During the eight weeks, giving them the treatment and the same diet to all participants. They want to grow in the body fat of the participants to see.

The majority of participants have about 2.45 kg of fat in the upper body, including stomach and chest. While on the lower body like the buttocks, hips and thighs approximately 1.5 kg. This measurement is performed before and after the "quarantine".

The research has shown there are differences in fat cells around the upper and lower body. Fat cells in the body section includes a natural anti-inflammatory agent that can stop blocking the arteries.

As quoted by the Daily Mail, Jensen said the findings challenged to find ways to produce fat in the abdomen without increasing fat deposits in the upper body is found. "It is important to protect the body and help prevent the disease."

The findings are published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences would be to explain the benefits of having a pear-shaped body.


Vitamins Reduce Heart Disease Risk

Not only benefit the vitality and stamina, regular vitamin intake can prevent certain diseases to maintain. One of them heart disease.

Vitamins are essential nutrients without the calories and necessary for human metabolism. Vitamins can not be produced by the human body, but food is obtained from daily activities. The specific function of vitamin is a cofactor (helper component) for enzymatic reactions.

Vitamins also play a role in various other body functions, including regeneration of the skin, eyes, nervous, immune and blood clotting. The body has a different amount for each vitamin. Every person has different vitamin requirements.

Recent research shows that eating regular multivitamin may help women without heart disease to heart attacks. However, the effectiveness of vitamin pills does not appear to be influential in women who had suffered from heart disease. The study was conducted by Dr. Susanne Rautiainen and colleagues at the Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm, Sweden.

These findings do not answer the question of whether vitamin useful as prevention of disease. "It is important to remember that multivitamin users tend to be healthier in general. They usually will reduce smoking, more physically active and have a healthy diet," says Rautiainen.

"Even if we are audited by a number of factors associated with healthy behaviors, we can not exclude that our healthy lifestyle through multivitamins pengonsumsian measure," he said as quoted by Reuters. Known, about half of American adults reported that a multivitamin regularly.

Rautiainen and colleagues mention in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, in industrialized countries, widespread use of multivitamins. While the conventional wisdom in these countries is that taking vitamins can help prevent heart disease. The researchers found that in fact there is little evidence to support this claim.

Determining the relationship between the use of vitamins and cardiovascular disease in women, Rautiainen's team 31 671 women without a history of heart disease and 2262 women who have heart disease for 10 years. The women were aged 49 to 83 years in the early days of the investigation, and about 60 percent in each group using different species of the same food.

During the observed period, 932 heart attacks occurred in the group of women with no history of cardiovascular disease, while 269 women with heart disease also had a heart attack. Among the women who initially did not have heart disease and do not include food, 3.4 percent of them had a heart attack, compared with 2.6 percent of women who have multivitamins plus other supplements.

This translates into the risk of a heart attack about 27 percent lower for women vitamins. Meanwhile, in women with heart disease, 13 percent of those not using the vitamins had a heart attack, compared with 14 percent of the women who took multivitamins. This result is not significantly different (means could be due to chance).

For women without cardiovascular disease at baseline, taking a multivitamin is less than five years may reduce risk of heart attack by 18 percent compared with non-users of supplements. While users of vitamins for 10 years or more will reduce the risk by 41 percent.
Previously, other studies produced similar findings that the consumption of vitamins to prevent cardiovascular disease. Heart health, as you often hear, depending on the decrease in bad cholesterol (LDL) and increase good cholesterol (HDL). But now, the recommendations are not that simple.

Recent findings indicate that cholesterol is part of a double action. And vitamin tablets, according to the findings of this study can be used as a new treatment for heart disease. The researchers found that a twin brother known as LDL lipoprotein has (a) the risk of cardiovascular disease may increase. Having LDL and Lp (a) would double the risk and the risk of clogged arteries.


Headaches? Overcome With Making Love!

If the headache, nausea is so strong around the neck to fall, not the heavy load, such as strike head. For many, drugs are often used as the main line of defense. You know, there are other ways to reduce the headache?

If your headache attack constantly looking for a doctor to handle. Meanwhile, here are some other ways to relieve headaches, as revised Womansday.


Botox is best known can eliminate wrinkles, but also effectively treat headaches.

Botox merileskan muscles that contract during the headache, "said Traci Purath MD, medical director of the Comprehensive Headache Care at Wheaton Franciscan Medical Group in Franklin, Wisconsin. "Botox is the brains the sensory nerves to block the pain to repair and relieve tension in forehead and the back of the neck," he said.

Botox effects began to be felt about 8-10 days later, that should not be repeated for three months.


A mild relief, a trick to treat your headache. "Acupuncture works the mind and body are connected with patients to help in harmony with their pain. The body learned to adapt to the level of pain," said Dr. Purath.

Needles are placed in certain sensory areas, such as the forehead, cheek and neck pain for the procedure. needles used are very small until you can barely feel. In fact, most patients report feeling relaxed. Medicine, emphasized Dr. Purath, conducted over several months, but the benefits for one year.


How many times do the headache excuse for not having sex with a partner? Should be listened to, sexual intercourse can actually help relieve headaches.

"Natural endorphins and other pain relievers hormone released during orgasm, which helps you to relax and calm," said Dr. Purath.


If you suffer frequent headaches, exercise help. "When moving (for sports), increase your stamina, reduce stress and sleep better," says Jan Brandes, MD, assistant professor of clinical neurology department at Vanderbilt University. "The higher exercise-jogging, hiking, swimming, the more you the pain of the head to reduce tension," he added. However, if you have migraine, regular exercise can actually make it worse.


After work, wash your throbbing head, and you suddenly realize that the many hours are left empty stomach without food. If you leave the body too long without food intake, your blood sugar fell to hypoglycemic headaches, says Dr. Purath.

"Apple will get rid of a headache right away and help to reduce blood sugar normal. Keep the temptation to snack candy because it will raise your blood sugar levels in the future," said Dr. Purath. But, he claimed, do not eat bananas, because it can cause headaches.


"Besides keeping you awake, coffee unexpected benefits that a certain amount of caffeine may help control the pain of a headache," said Dr. Brandes.

In addition, caffeine may help the body absorb more migraine drugs through the stomach lining, can also reduce pain at the onset of headache by constricting the blood vessels. For some people, caffeine causes headaches, so consume with caution.


It was difficult to get seven hours sleep in a pile of work deadlines, but if you suffer from headaches, sleep too little (or even too much) can exacerbate headaches.

"Your body needs at least seven hours sleep, without disturbing the body to refresh and eliminate the headaches," said Dr. Purath.


Dehydration is one of the biggest causes of headaches. "If he does not get enough water, the body begins with a liquid that is stored and look for ways to signal that something happens to take control (ie, through a headache or migraine)," said Dr. Purath.

The good news, the drink quickly cure a headache discomfort. To balance the body, drink 8-10 glasses of water with about 8 grams per glass per day. But do not overdo it, because excess moisture can reduce the level of electrolytes and sodium.


Lycopene, Natural Dyes Prevent Prostate Cancer

Food manufacturers often use of lycopene for the dye. With the ban on the use of artificial dyes, lycopene in the correct answer is both healthy.

Including lycopene carotenoid family, which act as antioxidants, protecting the body by eliminating free radicals before damage can occur from the disease. In addition to antioxidant capacity, according karotenioid company Allied Biotech Corporation, lycopene is found may increase the risk of heart disease, lipid oxidation, LDL (bad cholesterol) is lower, strengthen the immune system to reduce, and in particular the prevention of cancer.

Prevention of cardiovascular disease

Lycopene has been reported to substantially reduce oxidation of LDL in human blood. This suggests that lycopene a role in preventing heart disease, one of the conditions is the reduction of LDL cholesterol oxidation.

Prevention of prostate cancer

Lycopene is concentrated in certain organs of the body, especially the prostate. Some studies have suggested an association of lycopene with a lower risk of prostate cancer. Research Earl Washington, for example, found that men who many lycopene in their blood, the risk of prostate cancer decreased by 50 percent than those who ate less food sources of lycopene. Even for those younger than 70 years, the benefits increased.

The source of lycopene

In the food, lycopene is used as natural dyes, by their nature as giver natural red color in fruits. Unfortunately, the absorption of lycopene by the body is not always easy, such as tomatoes.

Antioxidant content of tomatoes for cooking is relatively low. Increasing the amount of lycopene in it at once easier for the body to absorb lycopene, tomatoes must be cooked, or it can be added to olive oil or rapeseed oil. This means, all processed tomato products like tomato sauce, tomato soup and spaghetti sauce are an excellent source of lycopene for the body. But keep in mind to choose products low in sodium and sugar.

Many people think tomatoes are the only source of lycopene. In fact, there are also sources of lycopene in watermelon, guava red, orange, Florida (pink grapefruit), tomato juice, tomato sauce, etc.. For you who do not like tomatoes, these materials certainly an alternative natural dyes serving the family.


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