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Do not Light Complaints Joint Pain

Back pain can be an indication AR
AR is an autoimmune disease that causes chronic joint inflammation. Autoimmune disease is a condition where the immune system to recognize and even an attack normal body tissue.

In AR, there is inflammation in other organs. However, AR is actually different from rheumatic diseases. However, this inflammatory arthritis due to hitherto unknown cause.

"Great expectations due to genetic factors as well as infections and environmental factors that stimulate the immune system to attack normal body tissue," said Professor Harry Isbagjo SpPDKR on educating the media event to commemorate World Arthritis day at Hotel Borobudur (11/10).

Not only the parents who pay attention to this disease. In fact, AR attacks all ages, but increased at a young age to middle age. Age most people with this disease is between 5-60 tahun.Wanita require some more careful because they are at risk of 3-4 times. This is due to hormonal influences, but not quite.

In addition to swelling and redness, symptoms of this disease is pain in many joints. Most joints are attacked or left-right symmetric. Suppose the left shoulder and right or used parts.

Another distinctive feature is the presence of bumps (rheumatoid nodules), and a feeling of fatigue. In Indonesia the disease attacking any ethnic differences in incidence, ie between 0.3 to 5%. Meanwhile, 100,000 people from 20-300 people per year affected by AR.

So, one could say that about 360,000 patients with AR in Indonesia. Compare this with the prevalence of gout or arthritis suffering. Although the prevalence of AR patients have a low, but the disease is highly progressive.

Costs to be faced with patients with AR was very heavy. Approximately 70% of patients included AR attacked every day joint pain, stiff joints and a reduced quality of life, which is 88-98% sufferer AR prolonged fatigue and pain due to systemic diseases (Anema, depression).

What is worse, the disease can lead to disability, and disability disablitas. Joint damage is already happening in the first six months of this disease. Defects 2-3 years, if not treated.

Unfortunately, Harry said, many of the patients already in a state of disability so difficult to cure. It says a professor of Rheumatology Division, Faculty of Medicine / RSCM that, in addition to the burden that must be faced, there are a number of other challenges that the AR patients.

At the risk of cardiovascular disease 2X and 70% had a stroke, 70% of patients an infection, the risk of osteoporosis is higher, until the risk of lymphatic cancer to 25x fold.

"So, the patient could not because rematiknya are deceased, but because of the heart," said Dr. Bambang Setiyohadi SpPD KR.

There is no medicine that can menyembuhkanpenyakittersebut. So far the doctors working throughout the world. However, patients can be conditioned not need drugs long term.

This is to achieve remission by reducing pain, reducing inflammation or an inflammation, to stop damage to joints, improve joint function and the patient comfortable. Bambang also be presented to people with AR early and aggressive therapy.

But beware, the therapy can not repair the damage that has occurred or cure the disease. However, early treatment rendered to the success of the therapy to be determined. While aggressive treatment can improve joint function, prevent disability and disability.

"The treatment is more successful when there is cooperation between doctors, patients and relatives," said Bambang.

There are two types of pharmacological treatment of AR and nonfarmakologik. Pharmacological agents such as inflammation and pain relievers or medicines, travel modifiers. These drugs are symptomatic or simply reduce the symptoms. Such as preventing damage to the joints, but with a big side effect.

For example, damage to the stomach or vomiting blood. But since rheumatoid arthritis disease-modifying drugs (DMARD) of conventional, these effects may be resolved. The nonfarmakologik is a joint protection therapy, physiotherapy, rehabilitation, psychotherapy, until the operation involves.


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