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Come on Moving, Do not Fear Sweat!

“Fatigon Hydro Get Up Get Active Gading Fun Bike”
"Get Up Get Fatigon Hydro Active Ivory Fun bike" to encourage active community. Following the move, the body becomes healthier and more influence at work.

From the beginning, Fatigon Hydro-most consumed multivitamins Indonesian people (Source: AC Nielsen Indonesia in March 2010) is dedicated to participating in various activities relating to material. Through the "Get Up Get Fatigon Hydro Active Ivory Fun Bike ', held on Sunday, October 10, 2010, Fatigon Hydro intends to recall the urban capital of a happy spoiled with ease.

"The campaign to encourage people," let's go, do not be afraid to sweat!. "Spoiled to the urban life serbamudah. Always drive cars, should baseball walking, climbing stairs. Sweating is important," said Shandika Sabana son, Brand Executive Fatigon Hydro.

Through perspiration, the body will remove toxins that will not accumulate in it. Shandika confirmed after sweating, it is important for the body to obtain fluid intake.

"With Fatigon Hydro, natural beverages from a more accurate and faster by the body because it is made of real coconut water. Fatigon Hydro is a natural isotonic beverage with the ion that just means the human body. Apart from the ordinary people, including Fatigon Hydro used by pregnant women and patients with dengue, "he explained.

This quiet cycle route itself starts jogging Parks Kelapa Gading, past Mall of Indonesia, by-pass, Pioneer Road Independence, and ended in Kelapa Gading with AXC Complex 7km away. Shandika stated, the show managed to take about 1800 participants from different places in Jakarta.

"Participants who have attended around 70 percent of the target of 3000 participants. We are aware that in 1910, a few days, many events held in Jakarta. General, the success," he said.

With the same mission, the plan, Hydro will again sponsor Fatigon physical activity in the form of capoeira race in Central Park, Jakarta on October 24, 2010.

"Event will be huge. We invite all Indonesian capoeira community. The event is at their level. Also coming is a master of capoeira in Brazil, Singapore, Hong Kong, the United States and others," said Shandika.


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