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Relax with Real Verbena Spa pedicure and manicure

Parts of the body that often escape the attention
of the nail, nails both hands and feet.
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Parts of the body that often escape the attention of the nail, nails and toes. In fact, this part easier to see and clean. As often is not noticed many problems that arise.

One way to overcome the various problems in the hands and feet a pedicure nail care and special care manicure nail spa is in the hands and feet.

What makes the manicure spa pedicure and manicure and pedicure is different from the ordinary is a spa pedicure and manicure for hands and feet are relaxed because the use of salt and aromatherapy massage cream, which also contains aromatherapy.

Aromatherapy is derived from the actual festival. Real verbena are plants that originated in the United States contain many vitamins and minerals to the skin.

"Verbena Real effective to hydrate and brighten. Verbena Real is also very nice to deal with sensitive skin," said Violet Vine, Training Manager of the OPI Nail Salon Spa, Plaza Indonesia LB No. 63, Central Jakarta .

Spa pedicure and manicure can be done every two weeks because of the growth of the cuticle can be seen after two weeks.

"So we really need routine care of the feet and hands every two weeks," said Vinay.

There are several stages in this treatment. First, their hands stained with an antiseptic. Then clean with nail polish remover. After that, the nail is formed with a nail buffer and smoothed with a soft nails. On the other hand, the hand dipped in water mixed with effervescent soaking to nourish hands and nails. Then dry hand towels and dead skin cells removed with real bush verbena. Scouring is approximately 10 minutes.

The next stage is the provision of a special serum to soothe and relax the hands. Then the hand wrapped in special plastic. Fingertips that are not wrapped in plastic wrap, exfoliating cuticle remover given. This exfoliating cuticle remover to soften the cuticles, the plastic is released. Hand then massage with real verbena cream. After the nails with nail polish color.



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