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Stop Eating Before full!

By: Dr.Handrawan Nadesul, General Practitioner
Many were asked, in addition to food, what's wrong with the decision to enjoy as much food?
The more modern menu-delicious delicious now, tend to the greater portion of our meal.
However, a study found, with lower portions, can increase life expectancy duaperlima.
True! Everyone wants to enjoy a longer life. Many efforts sought to get there.One of them from being eaten.
Our body is an autobiography of what we eat.Greedy and eat a lot of saving many diseases. Was to get some food to longer life spans.
It may be a lot of food also means more toxins in the menu into the body. From past many hazardous substances found in our daily menu.
Most modern menu is now found to contain toxins that damage the body's cells. Recently, toxic dioxins found in all known types of fatty menus, for example. Now studied in many countries in danger of dioxin ready-food menus are sold to the public. WHO declared dioxin as cancer triggers in addition to damaging the nervous system, liver, and reproductive hormones.
Dioxin Danger
Two studies in the UK and concluded that the dioxin-like substances (dioxins-like substances), are like PCBs and furans into the food, the highest in fat, and low in the low-fat menu (vegetables and fruits).
Rice-oil in Japan and Taiwan PCB contaminated and furans since 1960, it was the cause of death from cancer, lung infections, neurological disorders where fairly high.
Every person in most industrialized countries, 96 percent of the blood contain dioxins that pollute the daily menu. Ice cream, and fish in the U.S. fried chicken restaurants, or food samples taken from the prepared-food restaurants in the U.S. almost all contain dioxins. Against 'Pepperoni pizza', for example, the U.S. Drug Control Agency (FDA) monitors the cheese which used high suspected dioxin content of her.
Infants and children most vulnerable to the effects of dioxin. The emergence of infant birth defects, learning disorders, and other developmental disorders correlate with the alleged dioxin from breast milk.
U.S. infants are breastfed 6 months on average consume dioxins, because fat milk contaminated with dioxin from consumption of the daily menu dioxin contaminated mothers. Most dioxins into the prepared-food menu, meat, fish, and dairy products.
That dioxin waste products if the city were burned hazardous waste, or substances derived from chlorine, such as pesticides and paper products. Once the animals eat these dangerous chemicals, poisons accumulated in the fat will. Human polluted toxic if you eat lard contaminated livestock poison.
Not only in developed countries, dioxin studies also showed positive results in Vietnam, Russia, China, Cambodia, and the Middle East. Antartika penguins in the rain in Southeast Asia, until the baby milk in Germany, the positive content of harmful substances (synthetic chemicals).
Acrylamide Toxins
Another new thing, that the potato chips (potato chips) and fried potatoes, two kinds of food that started feared now because acrylamide is classified as containing the substance triggers cancer (cancer-causing substances).
Swedish researchers found in most high-carb snacks with baked or fried with a high temperature is the originator of cancer (carcinogenic). The same can be derived from the traditional cuisine.
Substance acrylamide plastic and fabric dyes in addition to drinking water purification. That's because the dangers of plastic packaging (sterofom) for hot food (soup, noodles, Chinese food restaurants are packed semasih hot). Asparagine in potatoes that if there is heated by high temperature into acrylamide, the originator of the cancer.
For adherents of Orthomolecular Medicine, many modern people menu containing artificial chemicals (man-made chemicals), the most dangerous. Chemicals in food, whether hazardous or not found to be dangerous, but destructive, can also interfere with, and disrupt the function of body cells. The cells of our bodies is a 'kitchen' body-processing machine.
Kitchen machines so chaotic body work if contaminated with various hazardous materials brought food. Besides the possibility of deficiency or excess of nutrients needed, the cell was also overwhelmed accommodate contamination from materials foreign to the body that is carried by food, among others, by the dioxins, acrylamide, and chemical toxins other in the modern diet.
Do not think only of modern menus at risk damaging our body cells. In our type of tomato sauce, chili sauce, soy sauce, tofu, confectionary cottage industry, recently (in fact there has long been) caught wearing textile dye (Rhodamine-B), formalin preservative, sweetener saccharin, which are equally dangerous health as well.
Even salted fish is considered a simple menu and is considered safe even actually contain nitrosamines, substances also trigger cancer. People who eat in restaurant adequacy and the poor, both now carry the same risk can be contaminated with hazardous substances from the daily menu.
Stop Eating Before full
Back about eating fewer servings. Stewart Frankel periset dari Universitas Yale (28/11/02) menyimpulkan dari hasil temuannya terhadap berbagai kapang, cacing, serangga, dan mamalia. Stewart Frankel researchers from Yale University (28/11/02) concluded from the findings of various molds, worms, insects, and mammals.
Known, with eating less will optimize the age (life-span) 33 to 50 percent compared to the voracious eating. Allegedly the case in humans.
There are two key genes that determine the age can be extended more optimal, ie producing enzymes Rpd3 (Histone deacetylase), and Sir2. Rpd3 levels are low and high Sir2 can determine the optimal age of a person is more stretched.Because eating a lot of Rpd3 raising the age can not make optimal length, so that longer life spans Rpd3 levels lowered by reducing food portions.
People may not have to reduce meal portions if it managed to reduce the levels of enzymes Rpd3. Was being investigated for continued presence of drugs can suppress the enzyme in the body of Rpd3. Now being studied the possibility of pressing Phenylbutyrate enzymes Rpd3, so people still may optimize the length of his age, while still able to remain greedy.
During the age of drug optimizer does not exist, so that we can extended the age of optimal, only one choice: stop eating until satisfied, not hungry eyes, or treated to have a hobby hooked, and wanted to eat and hold despite not being hungry. @

Fiber Food

In general, when talking about food substances, we tend to think about whether the food is high nutritional value or not. Nutritional quality is determined by the value of protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals contained in food. We rarely think about whether the food is fibrous or not and what its benefits.
Dietary fiber (cellulose) that is in our diet comes only from plants (the cellulose component of the vegetable about 50%). Fiber food itself is a complex carbohydrate in the form of cellulose and other substances which are plant cell wall, namely pectin, gum, lignin and mustilago. The third is food that is not cellulose polysaccharides.
Pectin is generally found in citrus fruits; mustilago many in beans, peas and legumes, whereas lignin is a fiber that gives shape to the wooden structure of plants.
The function of this dietary fiber, among others, the food can last long in the stomach, if we compare with other foods that are not fibrous. Fibrous food in the stomach can hold up to 24 hours, while other foods maximum of only 4 hours. Other functions of dietary fiber is to stimulate intestinal tract activity to remove the terartur feces. In addition, dietary fiber in the feces can absorb much water, thus helping the feces become soft (prevent constipation). For people who diet calories, consume foods containing fiber is the most appropriate, because the calories in foods that contain lots of fiber is low. Latest development, epidemiologist argued that foods containing high fiber can protect the body from the dangers of colon cancer and hemorrhoids. Foods that contain lots of fiber helps binding of cancer-causing substances (carcinogenic) and out of the large intestine.
Similarly, why fiber diet can prevent hemorrhoids. As more and more fiber foods, so increasing the volume of feces and become soft. This will reduce pressure on intrakolon and intraduodenum. This Reduced pressure can affect the blood vessels located around the anus. However, consuming foods rich in fiber can cause bloating. This occurs due to gas formation in the cecum and large intestine, because the enzymes produced by bacteria will describe the cellulose and produce gas.
Fiber can be obtained from the plant seals (wheat, corn, rice), fresh fruits such as apples (especially in the skin) and vegetables strawberry major.

Food Protein is a Body Builder

Every living cell is composed by proteins. Proteins are the building blocks of the main body. Proteins are composed of organic compounds containing elements carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen. Elements Nitrogen (N) is a protein that can differentiate from carbohydrates and fats. Protein is the raw material for cells and tissues is an important component of muscle, skin and bones.
Enzymes are proteins that function groups as biokatalisator on chemical reactions in the human body. Substance that is transformed by an enzyme called a substrate. The enzyme is a protein complex composed of the protein and the non-protein (cofactor) and the cofactor itself can be a metal ion or an organic molecule called a coenzyme or protetis groups.
Classification there are several kinds of enzymes is based primarily on the type of reaction catalysis. Enzyme ending in "ase" to dikatalisisnya substrates, such as:
Amylase hydrolyze starch or starch.
Lipase hydrolyze lipida or fat
Proteases hydrolyze proteins.

What's wrong with Hooked meat ...?

By: Dr. Handrawan Nadesul, GP
Hooked meat and sweet drinks, but likes what sport can make high cholesterol and diabetes? Once a mother asked.
"Doctor, my husband was among those who enjoy exercise. 3-4 times a week and badminton sport. He was very fond of eating meat and fish, but do not like vegetables and fruits are rarely eaten. Drank a lot, but always sweet (syrup and milk) . I'm afraid my husband will long cholesterol and diabetes. However, I remind each, he always said, no cholesterol, may be because he was so diligent exercise will burn fat during exercise. What I want to ask, is it true that cholesterol fats will stable when the diligent exercise? "
Ny. Lin., Semarang)
Know the Risk Factors
Ny. Lin. in Semarang,
I understand your anxiety as a wife, and it was positive to see young people today have more and more people had a stroke and coronary heart disease.
Caution and consider the lifestyle choices, part of a healthy preventive efforts conducted every person who lives in a trap like now automated.Answering the case of your husband's hobby of eating meat, fish, and sweet drinks, but the diligent exercise, to check how the autobiography of his daily menu since childhood, and is there risk factors that brought in the body. Are there factors also inherited high blood pressure, obesity, and diabetes itself.
If a childhood body fat cells are large and many due to excessive daily menu, have high blood derivatives, and / or diabetes, a number of risk factors were present may have made his body's blood vessels begin to rust fat (atherosclerosis).The more risk factors who owned her, the worse the condition of his veins now. Conversely, if the risk factor was little or hardly any, the less fat crust and rust on the walls of blood vessels that may have stuck to the coronary arteries of heart, brain, kidney, or eyes.
In developed countries, say the United States, blood vessels average adolescent has begun to rust. Estimated fat thickness of the pipe corrosion that vessels increased by about 2 percent per year if they have risk factors for left unchecked, such as overeating remains a menu high in fat, sedentary, and were exacerbated by physical or mental stressor. True, by exercising some of the calories we get and the food will be burned. Depending on how large portion of our sport, for the same calories, you burn. Included also will burn excess blubber deposits under the skin if the sport or exercise to exceed the number of calories we consume.
Nevertheless, sports, exercise, and physical activity will not reduce the corrosion of fat that atherosclerosis was already formed in the walls of blood vessels. Exercise or physical activity can indeed lower blood fats (lipids: cholesterol, triglycerides, free fatty acids), so the rust formation of fat in the blood vessels do not continue.
However, the rust that has formed fat will not be whole with physical activity. Atherosclerosis newly formed will return if at any time of blood lipid levels rose again, and so on throughout life.
Nutrition Status
Back to case your husband, to know what kind of nutritional status of the husband now?
If he was talented fat, and total daily calories consumed after the cut physical activity (especially from carbohydrates, including sugars) still exceeds the body's daily needs, it will still form a deposit lard.
If there is talent cholesterol (derivatives), the excess calories is not only the lard, but the blood will flow in as hyperlipidemia (cholesterol might be, triglycerides, or both are elevated in the blood).
However, not everyone who consume excess fat and sweets, fat, blood would certainly exceed the normal. Dependent "kitchen" metabolism. If not talented hyperlipidemia or hyperlipoproteinemia, yes blood lipid levels are not high anyway. In contrast to the talented hyperlipidemia, although the consumption of calories (fat, sugar) have a low, blood lipids may be more than normal. Observe course, whether the pattern of activity and patterns of daily menus that had gone on a routine that, more and more weight bertambahkah your husband? If yes, then the calories consumed in the daily diet than the burn. For that to be a stable weight, the portion of the menu or reduced physical activity is added.
However, that alone is not enough. Check your lipid levels and blood sugar as well. If it is not rising, meaning safe, with notes and portions of the pattern of daily activities should be maintained so.
If it reduced its daily activities, so that stable, any portion of its daily menu needs to be reduced. Similarly, if the daily physical activity increases, the portion of the menu also needs to be supplemented as well. That alone is not enough. In addition to the adequacy of calories, the body also needs adequate vitamins and minerals in adequate amounts. Vitamins and minerals are 40 in number of species and the body need every day from vegetables and fresh bebuahan.
However, we know, the quality of vegetables and fruits us today is not as healthy as the old days. How to harvest, how to save, and distribution, in addition to the quality of the soil layer (topsoil) the earth is not complete as first production, a low increase food quality vitamin-mineral derived us.
That means even though we consume enough vegetables and fruit every day, not necessarily the adequacy of the body of vitamins and minerals will be fulfilled daily. Not to mention if I weed, I though, how to present it does not meet the nutritional requirements so that not all of the content of nutrients in these foods had the body to use. It seems like the fate of the average menu of modern people.
4-5 Variations Menu
Adequacy of modern man's body would be all the needs of critical nutrients increased again if less varied daily menu.
To meet the nutritional adequacy of the 40 varieties of table types that we need at least 4-5 variations of each time food menu. It must be admitted that the daily menu of modern man whose life is instantly and chased all the time, and to select practical so inclined bermenu-seketemunya that it was just another (monodiet). If it was not soup, yes, gado-gado, or rice Padang.
In the daily menu back and forth like that it is not expected that all the nutrients the body needs are met. That's because often mentioned, the modern man, who seems to be fat and bloated, if you checked it still malnourished. Call it the possibility of Zn deficiency, selenium, chromium, and even vitamin C, and calcium as uncovered in the majority of the American population.
Seeing your husband's habits are unwilling to eat vegetables and no fruit (which needs at least 5 servings a day) Anyway, I think if his blood checked, and hair analysis (hair analysis), then there is less nutrients in the body that do not necessarily have led to complaints or disturbance be felt or manifested. Medical world have noted the many problems threatening the organ when it comes to deficiency of vital nutrients the body needs, including vitamins and trace-elements, essential substances, which only required in very small amounts (micrograms), but vital to the body. Instead of confused what to do, I think, if your husband is still too hard to eat vegetables and bebuahan, not wrong to start taking regular multivitamin supplements esktra (can choose any brand of complete home). With heavy exercise (football and badminton), mean muscle function is very terperas body. Whereas, in addition to calories, muscle function also requires the need of different variety of vitamins and minerals. Complaints easy cramps, or spasm rigid, could be because the muscles need for vitamin and minerals that are not fulfilled.
All you need to do now if you are not familiar with the blood fat profile of your husband, check out now, including his blood sugar. If it is still within normal limits, no need to worry though still hooked to eat meat, fish, and sweet drinks. During the controlled ideal weight (ideal bodyweight), ie weight (kg) divided by height (meters) square = yield index between 20-25. More than 25 means the start of obesity, and if less than 20 is too skinny.
Grateful for a husband who is diligent exercise. Because only in this way, the city has met its food sufficiency, still fit to survive. As a husband he should be like a tiger, or cat. For more details he must be fond of nuts to eat like an Italian. The case he likes sweet things, as long as the ants are still limited, it is necessary not you worry. Not because most people so sweet diabetes. However, if the favorite sweets have changed more than temperament ants, that's what you as a wife should be cautious. For instance, said he began captivated sweet grass.
Sorry just kidding. Regard.

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