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Stop Eating Before full!

By: Dr.Handrawan Nadesul, General Practitioner
Many were asked, in addition to food, what's wrong with the decision to enjoy as much food?
The more modern menu-delicious delicious now, tend to the greater portion of our meal.
However, a study found, with lower portions, can increase life expectancy duaperlima.
True! Everyone wants to enjoy a longer life. Many efforts sought to get there.One of them from being eaten.
Our body is an autobiography of what we eat.Greedy and eat a lot of saving many diseases. Was to get some food to longer life spans.
It may be a lot of food also means more toxins in the menu into the body. From past many hazardous substances found in our daily menu.
Most modern menu is now found to contain toxins that damage the body's cells. Recently, toxic dioxins found in all known types of fatty menus, for example. Now studied in many countries in danger of dioxin ready-food menus are sold to the public. WHO declared dioxin as cancer triggers in addition to damaging the nervous system, liver, and reproductive hormones.
Dioxin Danger
Two studies in the UK and concluded that the dioxin-like substances (dioxins-like substances), are like PCBs and furans into the food, the highest in fat, and low in the low-fat menu (vegetables and fruits).
Rice-oil in Japan and Taiwan PCB contaminated and furans since 1960, it was the cause of death from cancer, lung infections, neurological disorders where fairly high.
Every person in most industrialized countries, 96 percent of the blood contain dioxins that pollute the daily menu. Ice cream, and fish in the U.S. fried chicken restaurants, or food samples taken from the prepared-food restaurants in the U.S. almost all contain dioxins. Against 'Pepperoni pizza', for example, the U.S. Drug Control Agency (FDA) monitors the cheese which used high suspected dioxin content of her.
Infants and children most vulnerable to the effects of dioxin. The emergence of infant birth defects, learning disorders, and other developmental disorders correlate with the alleged dioxin from breast milk.
U.S. infants are breastfed 6 months on average consume dioxins, because fat milk contaminated with dioxin from consumption of the daily menu dioxin contaminated mothers. Most dioxins into the prepared-food menu, meat, fish, and dairy products.
That dioxin waste products if the city were burned hazardous waste, or substances derived from chlorine, such as pesticides and paper products. Once the animals eat these dangerous chemicals, poisons accumulated in the fat will. Human polluted toxic if you eat lard contaminated livestock poison.
Not only in developed countries, dioxin studies also showed positive results in Vietnam, Russia, China, Cambodia, and the Middle East. Antartika penguins in the rain in Southeast Asia, until the baby milk in Germany, the positive content of harmful substances (synthetic chemicals).
Acrylamide Toxins
Another new thing, that the potato chips (potato chips) and fried potatoes, two kinds of food that started feared now because acrylamide is classified as containing the substance triggers cancer (cancer-causing substances).
Swedish researchers found in most high-carb snacks with baked or fried with a high temperature is the originator of cancer (carcinogenic). The same can be derived from the traditional cuisine.
Substance acrylamide plastic and fabric dyes in addition to drinking water purification. That's because the dangers of plastic packaging (sterofom) for hot food (soup, noodles, Chinese food restaurants are packed semasih hot). Asparagine in potatoes that if there is heated by high temperature into acrylamide, the originator of the cancer.
For adherents of Orthomolecular Medicine, many modern people menu containing artificial chemicals (man-made chemicals), the most dangerous. Chemicals in food, whether hazardous or not found to be dangerous, but destructive, can also interfere with, and disrupt the function of body cells. The cells of our bodies is a 'kitchen' body-processing machine.
Kitchen machines so chaotic body work if contaminated with various hazardous materials brought food. Besides the possibility of deficiency or excess of nutrients needed, the cell was also overwhelmed accommodate contamination from materials foreign to the body that is carried by food, among others, by the dioxins, acrylamide, and chemical toxins other in the modern diet.
Do not think only of modern menus at risk damaging our body cells. In our type of tomato sauce, chili sauce, soy sauce, tofu, confectionary cottage industry, recently (in fact there has long been) caught wearing textile dye (Rhodamine-B), formalin preservative, sweetener saccharin, which are equally dangerous health as well.
Even salted fish is considered a simple menu and is considered safe even actually contain nitrosamines, substances also trigger cancer. People who eat in restaurant adequacy and the poor, both now carry the same risk can be contaminated with hazardous substances from the daily menu.
Stop Eating Before full
Back about eating fewer servings. Stewart Frankel periset dari Universitas Yale (28/11/02) menyimpulkan dari hasil temuannya terhadap berbagai kapang, cacing, serangga, dan mamalia. Stewart Frankel researchers from Yale University (28/11/02) concluded from the findings of various molds, worms, insects, and mammals.
Known, with eating less will optimize the age (life-span) 33 to 50 percent compared to the voracious eating. Allegedly the case in humans.
There are two key genes that determine the age can be extended more optimal, ie producing enzymes Rpd3 (Histone deacetylase), and Sir2. Rpd3 levels are low and high Sir2 can determine the optimal age of a person is more stretched.Because eating a lot of Rpd3 raising the age can not make optimal length, so that longer life spans Rpd3 levels lowered by reducing food portions.
People may not have to reduce meal portions if it managed to reduce the levels of enzymes Rpd3. Was being investigated for continued presence of drugs can suppress the enzyme in the body of Rpd3. Now being studied the possibility of pressing Phenylbutyrate enzymes Rpd3, so people still may optimize the length of his age, while still able to remain greedy.
During the age of drug optimizer does not exist, so that we can extended the age of optimal, only one choice: stop eating until satisfied, not hungry eyes, or treated to have a hobby hooked, and wanted to eat and hold despite not being hungry. @

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