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Eat with the "brain", not with emotion!

By Dr. Handrawan Nadesul
How to know when we eat is not excessive? With routine weigh!
As toddlers weighed in posyandu, we should always introspective with weight gain, need to consider getting out of bed every morning. Our ideal weight to be a reference to know if we eat too much or less than that bodies have.
The pattern of daily menus should always vary. More and more varied menus to meet the adequacy of vitamin-mineral.
The body needs 40 of the type of vitamin-minerals, essential amino acids and other nutrients that the body can not produce it themselves. For the body of the variations rely solely on daily menus, including the need for trace-elements. Lack of one of these essential nutrients for a long time will certainly reduce body fitness machine that should continue to operate at any time.
A complete menu, the main protein, is required in addition to lubrication, also to replace worn out parts of the body, and anti-establishment.
Sel tubuh perlu terus beregenerasi. Cells need to regenerate. Cells of the body also needs to be protected. Cell does not be wilted. Quality of body cells determines the glory of our age.
Aging process or soon to be old, also because the body cells are not well maintained. Major role for cell treatment given by what we consume every day. The condition of our body reflects our autobiographies Harlan nutrients.To be as old as Shirli-baba Muslimov from Azerbaijan who are still active until the age of 168 years, as old as the average age of the population Hunza (Pakistan), or the population of Russia and Ecuador, would not be if we still follow the tastes of our life table for this. Times have changed, agriculture and animal husbandry have also changed. Which have not changed our determination to change. As a long-lived population, we plan to fill the table with more fish and poultry, limiting meat, regular consumption of tubers, pulses, organic vegetables, local fruit (papaya, banana, star fruit, soursop, sapodilla, mangosteen) , and leave the habit of filling dishes such as eating coolie workers.
Once again, fair and wise to treat the body, so they can live a long stretch to the end, we have to "eat with the brain", not with emotion. @

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