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Tea Good for Skin Repair

Tea was not just to drink. Some experts have found that tea can also be to protect the health and beauty. According to the results of research investigating the health benefits of tea, caffeine content in these beverages can protect the damaged skin from the sun and prevent it developing into cancer. Cancer, skin cancer is common enough, although it took longer to develop. The cause is considered important enough sunlight.

Caffeine in tea proved to 'turn' the sun-damaged skin. The scientists have studied the effects of black and green tea against skin cancer induced chemical and ultraviolet b (UVB).Caffeine in tea that becomes active ingredient inhibiting cancer growth. Specifically caffeine increases the death of skin cells, which is a natural mechanism for the cells before it develops into a dangerous cancer.
However, topical application of caffeine on skin exposed to UVB has also been proven effective in improving skin cells to die. What will be the subject of further research is whether this effect will be the same caffeine effect in humans.
Stella from Salon Kimmi said, in an artificial enzyme that can repair DNA damage in skin cells caused by the sun. The people at high risk of skin cancer can be selected later to see if there is DNA damage.If there is, can be improved by using this molecule.

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