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Sunshine - It is important for health and good blood

The pattern of our lives now often avoid exposure to sunlight. In the car we put the glass ribbon. At home we put a good hordeng inhibitory sunlight. Often times the sun on a tree covered with trees planted too close to home. Often a family bedroom and we do not get sun because the air conditioner split. Windows and doors are rarely opened for clean air and sunlight. The condition of our patterns such as these do not take advantage of the benefits contained in sunlight.

Natural sunlight to make Vit D in our blood in great need for the health of blood, especially the process of clotting and for good bone formation. Germs germs whose numbers continue to grow in the rare air-conditioning room air circulation can be killed by sunlight. We need to open the door so jendala and for a few hours of sunlight can enter the spatial our home.

Benefits will be seen on the red cheeks dianak our children and our family members throughout the sunlight this good.

Especially for older people that many of his endurance decreases, the sun always shines their rooms and their bodies to bring health and enhance their immune system is already weak. This will prevent many of them sick.

Children need below into the wild so they can dimandiin by a healthy sun. Let them play in the wild so they can get closer to the Creator and healthy sunlight illuminated a lot of good for health.

Cleanliness plus sunlight can prevent many diseases in the home and diruangan places around the house.

Excerpt from the writings of the Spirit of Prophecy:

HEALTHY GLOW: "If we would have our homes the abiding place of health and happiness, we must place them above the miasma and fog of the lowlands and give free entrance to heaven's life-giving agencies. Dispense with heavy curtains, open the windows and the blinds, allow no vines, however beautiful, to shade the windows, and permit no trees to stand so near the house as to shut out the sunshine. The sunlight may fade the drapery and the carpets and tarnish the picture frames, but it will bring a healthy glow to the cheeks of the children. {Adventist Home 149.2}"

SUNSHINE IN EVERY ROOM: "In the building of houses it is especially important to secure thorough ventilation and plenty of sunlight. Let there be a current of air and an abundance of light in every room in the house. Sleeping rooms should be so arranged as to have a free circulation of air day and night. No room is fit to be occupied as a sleeping room unless it can be thrown open daily to the air and sunshine."

IMPORTANT FOR AGED PEOPLE: "Those who have the aged to provide for should remember that these especially need warm, comfortable rooms. Vigor declines as years advance, leaving less vitality with which to resist unhealthful influences; hence the greater necessity for the aged to have plenty of sunlight and fresh, pure air. {AH 149.1}"

CHILDREN TO PLAY IN NATURE IN THE SWEET, FRESH SUNLIGHT: "The little children should come especially close to nature. Instead of putting fashion's shackles upon them, let them be free like the lambs, to play in the sweet, fresh sunlight. Point them to shrubs and flowers, the lowly grass and the lofty trees, and let them become familiar with their beautiful, varied, and delicate forms. Teach them to see the wisdom and love of God in His created works; and as their hearts swell with joy and grateful love, let them join the birds in their songs of praise. {CHILD GUIDANCE 48.3}"

FREEDOM FROM DISEASE: "Every form of uncleanliness tends to disease. Death- producing germs abound in dark, neglected corners, in decaying refuse, in dampness and mold and must. No waste vegetables or heaps of fallen leaves should be allowed to remain near the house to decay and poison the air. Nothing unclean or decaying should be tolerated within the home. In towns or cities regarded perfectly healthful, many an epidemic of fever has been traced to decaying matter about the dwelling of some careless householder. Perfect cleanliness, plenty of sunlight, careful attention to sanitation in every detail of the home life, are essential to freedom from disease and to the cheerfulness and vigor of the inmates of the home. {CG 108.1"

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