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Treat Diabetes Through Insulin Not Enough

Up to now unknown, treatment for diabetes is done by giving insulin to regulate blood sugar levels within the normal range. However, it is not believed to be providing enough insulin to cure diabetes. Thus disclosed Chairman Metabolic and Endocrine Division, Department of Internal Medicine FK UI, Prof.. Sidartawan Soegondo in Jakarta, earlier this week.

It said Sidarta, insulin-glucose only duty is to enter into the cell. Besides producing insulin, the body also produces glucagon. This hormone has the opposite character of insulin. That is, when the body produces the hormone diabetics insulin is limited then things turned around where the production of the hormone glucagon that increases blood glucose levels contribute to increase.

In a normal person or not diabetes, insulin works to increase cellular glucose retrieval, so a decline in plasma glucose levels. Meanwhile, glucagon working raise plasma glucose levels by increasing liver glucose production (hepatic glucose production - HGP) and gluconeogenesis. The increase in plasma glucose concentration will give a signal for the secretion of insulin and glucagon secretion, which formed a normal glucose balance.

Not only that, in the body there are also hormones that play a role in inkretin regulate blood sugar levels. These hormones consist of GLP-1 (glucagon-like peptide-1) and GIP (glucose-dependent insulinotropic Polypeptide). Two core of this hormone works to regulate blood glucose control and improve the function of the balance between glucagon and insulin.

"In type 2 diabetes, there is a shortage so inkretin glucagon and insulin balance disturbed. Inkretin likened to the shortage of the key (insulin) to open the door (Glucagon) for glucose into the cell does not fit. This is even more complicated, "he said. Whether or not fitted the key, he added, because inhibition of DPP-4 (Dipeptidly peptidase-4), a type of protein that breaks the system and alpha beta cells in the pancreas.

In addition, he said, disrupted the balance of insulin and glucagon increased lipolisis in the body. Lipolisis is a form of fat solution. Secretion that result in increased fatty acid levels in the blood. If liposis effects of insulin deficiency is accompanied by a heavy can cause ketosis.

Ketosis is the result of incomplete metabolism of fatty acids. Body fragments to form fatty acids into substances called ketones. Ketones are toxic to the body and the body system out through the urine. "This can be dangerous for the kidneys because it can cause kidney failure," he said.

Sidarta then underlines not only limited to diabetes treated with insulin therapy alone. But it is also followed by other therapy that serves to balance the hormones associated with diabetes. "Of course the homework for us, there is much to be learned again," he said.

Comprehensive treatment of food diibaratkanya mengatu rpola. As is known, for people with diabetes should pay attention to three things namely cholesterol, blood pressure and sugar levels, because interconnected with each other.

He gave an example, to keep blood sugar levels so diabetics should minimize the consumption of food that tastes sweet, then this part is considered too salty to control blood pressure. Meanwhile, avoid greasy foods should be done as an effort to prevent high levels of cholesterol in the blood. "If only to avoid sweet, then why would" he said.

According to him, rather than reducing diabetic diet but arranged with the levels of food intake balanced content. "At least it was better because it still has a clear yardstick. Another thing that I think is dangerous because it does not have a dose is smoking, "he concluded. (cr2/rin)

Source: Republika Online | Wednesday, July 15, 2009 at 08:03:00

Diabetes And Overweight Patients Increase the Risk of H1N1

Half the people who have had died from H1N1 are pregnant women or those who have other health problems, especially diabetes and obesity (overweight), researchers reported on France as reported Reuters.
Although older people seem less likely to become infected, if they are infected with the virus A H1N1, they are more likely to die, said a research team from the French Institute for Public Health Surveillance in St. Maurice, France, Thursday (20 / 8).

"There is a fundamental disease documented at least 49 percent of fatal cases were recorded in the whole world until now," they said as it reported the British news agency, Reuters. Two very prominent risk factors are pregnancy and obesity.
"Most of the deaths or approximately 51 percent occurred in 20-49 year age group, but there are many variations depending on country or continent," the researchers wrote in the journal Euro surveillance.
Several governments have expressed pregnant women should be targeted first, people who have to undergo immunization when vaccine is available.
Conversely, the study also revealed that children do not experience the attack as hard as feared. "Despite previous reports stated the case of influenza H1N1 outbreaks in 2009 occurred primarily in children, middle age ... death in 343 cases in our analysis is 37 years old," they wrote.
Twelve percent of people who died aged 60 years or more. In contrast, more than 90 percent of deaths from seasonal influenza occur in people over the age of 65 years.
Victim healthy
"So many small children (27 percent aged 0-9 years old) and adults who are young (22 per cent of people aged 20-29 years) had no documented underlying disease, while 60 percent of people aged over 60 years have a heart and respiratory illness, "added the French team.
"Diabetes and obesity are the most common conditions identified and found in cases resulting in death in people aged 20 years," he said.
Several reports have shown a relationship with obesity, but researchers have not got it clear whether obesity itself increases the risk of severe complications of swine influenza H1N1, or whether people who are overweight have other conditions that have not been diagnosed.
Kasua number deaths from H1N1 swine flu is less than 1 percent, about 0.4 percent, the researchers said .Was slightly higher for seasonal influenza but lower than 2 to 3 percent of the estimated number of deaths due 1918 Spanish influenza pandemic.
They also said difficult and dangerous to try to estimate the number of deaths as the plague was spread, in part because of serious cases and deaths reported earlier.
The first report in New York, United States, for example, showed a 0.2 per cent of deaths, they write.
"A poll by telephone estimate, in fact, 250,000 cases have occurred in the city's 8.3 million residents, so that the estimated number of deaths as much as 0.0008 per cent," they said.
"But the epidemic is not over, and death is likely to continue to happen," they said.
Companies that make vaccines include corporate units AstraZenevca (AZN.L), Med Immune, CSL, GlaxoSmithKline Plc., Novartis AG and Sanofi-Aventis SA.
Production Roche AG and Gilead Sciences Inc., Tamiflu and Relenza from Glaxo, can treat influenza, and currently recommended for people who are at high risk of complications or death. (*)
Source: ANTARA News | Saturday, August 22, 2009 13:02 pm

Jogging, Healthy and Prevent Diabetes

Want to avoid the risk of diabetes? There is nothing wrong every day jogging or even sprinting for 30 minutes. Apparently running sports brings many benefits.
"Actually it was only obtained health by running for 7.5 minutes per day," said Dr. James A Timmons from Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, Scotland.
Timmons and his colleagues studied 16 men aged 20 years. They were asked to do six sessions of physical exercise. Each session consisted of among others sprint for 6 to 30 seconds, interspersed with four minutes rest. After resting they are asked to run again. So the total exercise reaches 17 to 26 seconds.

The exercise was conducted for two weeks. They were also given a sweet solution every day. Apparently their sugar levels remain normal. According to the study of glucose solution is usually to raise blood sugar levels above normal.
Timmons recommended that every person doing intensive exercise every day. Besides sports jogging can do is cycling fast or running up the stairs two times a week.
Special diabetics aged 20 to 40 years, recommended increasing physical activity gradually under medical supervision "The key we are better 7.5-minute workout routine each day rather than running for 30 minutes but only once a year," he said / Reuters / itz

Source: Republika | Monday, March 23, 2009 | 12:09:00 AM

More Effective Infrared Saunas for Health

Sauna is one of the traditional ways of people to get healthy from detoxification. Sauna is the process of body heating so the body will be sweating more intensively and most of the toxins inside the body will go out through the sweats. Besides, the sauna is sometimes continued to the process of applying some materials to the skin that will increase the skin’s beauty, moist and preventing the early aging.

There are many kinds of sauna offered surround us. The basic of the process is the same; giving some heating to the body and make the body produces more sweats. You may be someone who regularly get sauna and traditional sauna is what you choose to get health. What about infrared sauna? Have you try to enjoy it? It is something that is better than the traditional one with the system that has been well suited to the needs of body. The perfected system is about the heat given to body that suits to the real need of body about maximal and best heat to get health.

Besides, the infrared sauna also gives the best heating reach to your skin. The traditional sauna usually has higher degree of heat but just reach the quavers of the skin. The infrared one; will give a better result; it gives the right degree of heat and will reach till one and three quarters of skin. So the far infrared saunas will reach all toxin and diseases in your body deeper than the traditional one. Visit www.eastcoastsaunas.com for more information.

In order to burn fat Slim Fast

HIIT or High Intensity Interval Training is a type of exercise studies in which fitness expert studies show that this method is more effective than a constant aerobic exercise or jogging. This exercise will improve performance with short training. HIIT is a form of cardio exercise is very useful for burning fat in a short training and intensive. HIIT generally have 15-30 minutes duration.
One of the simple model of exercise HIIT is like a combination of running (high speed) and jogging (medium speed). Commonly used ratio is 1:2 where you do 60 seconds of jogging and 30 seconds to run.
So the model that you do exercise jogging - running - jogging - running - jogging - running and soon.
"I believe people began wondering about the way this practice and to get practice. What is important to do warm-up for the first 5 minutes of jogging. Then do the cycle for beginners jogging - running this for a maximum of 6 cycles for a proficient and please do up to 8 cycles. After resolve to do all the cooling cycle and a jogging path, "says Tari, a gymnastics instructor.
According to Tari, this process makes the body outside the comfort zone and hold compared to jogging or running alone. If we do one particular thing over and over again without any change in the body will enter the comfort zone and could make the combustion of fat adaptation is not as fast as the beginning of practice.

Learning Becoming Vegetarian

Being a vegetarian is not easy. It takes a strong, due to become a vegetarian, we automatically have a different concept of life generally. Not consume all kinds of animal products, sometimes placing a vegetarian in a difficult position. Not only because of the many temptations, but also pressure.
To begin there are several ways. Some actors vegetarians choose to live a vegetarian, some choose to do it day by day, while some others do with the gradual.
Intika Putri Widiarti, EF teachers who have been vegetarian since 2002, suggested for those who want to start being a vegetarian, to start with gradual "Like my brother who was three months into a vegetarian," says the girl who is often called Artie. First eliminate red meat from the menu. They are still allowed to eat fish, chicken, eggs and milk. After it began to remove the chicken, then fish, then eggs and milk last. "This could be more easily", she explained.
Also start by using the moment could be a special point of departure. Utilizing the atmosphere as fast, or a birthday, or any other special day make the trip being a vegetarian feels more personal, even become its own memory now feels saturated.
To overcome this saturation, Artie often outsmart the menu. Many vegetarian recipes clear reading can trigger creativity. When the program actually has a lot of available food-meat meal replacement. Protein, gluten, and mushrooms, "said Artie. He along with his partner, Suprapto, often around to practice how to cook a variety of vegetarian menu.
Prapto who has been vegetarian since 1996 is adept replacement process food into a satay mushrooms, until Empal, "he found in the shop Kupat Tahu" Gemilang "him.
"In Jogja few vegetarian restaurants," said Artie. As a result, they can not freely snack. "Therefore, we usually bring their own lunch. By being a vegetarian, she should be ready to risk it.
Constraints vegetarians are not many choices available in the community. But if you have many choices it provides, it is not possible to switch a lot of vegetarians, "said Artie.
Not only that, the pressure from the immediate environment factor constraints sometimes be as important. "Once I experienced great pressure from the family for becoming a vegetarian," said Artie. "Maybe it is different."
"Sometimes conflicts arise because parents worry. In addition, by becoming a vegetarian, we are very troublesome preparation of the menu at home, "she said. Artie also choose to cook their own food and prove that vegetarian does not harm the health.
Therefore, he suggested for the vegetarians beginner also experienced the same thing to be independent. With his own cooking, and taking care of their own needs, limitations exist in the life of a vegetarian is not just a burden to the environment.
Complete nutritional intake should also be noted. Nothing wrong to diligently check the hemoglobin level, vitamin B12, and iron in the body.
Lack of content may overcome by taking supplements, but still be aware of what supplements. Choice pure plant, natural and without preservatives.
However, before starting the long journey to be a vegetarian, it is useful to consider the main reason being a vegetarian. If you are sure, it's easier to be a vegetarian. Despite many constraints may, for the reasons behind that in adopting a vegetarian, it is not a big problem.

10 Custom Trigger Diabetes

Maybe we do not realize that in everyday life, we've done some things that it becomes trigger diabetes. Although maybe things are trivial, but in this life force of law "savings", which is what we do to be savings in the future. What we tube will gradually feel the results many years later. So too with the disease. Starting from a glass of your favorite beverage to enjoy watching TV until late. Who presume that it may increase the risk of diabetes or diabetes?

1. Sweet tea
The explanation is simple. The high intake of sugar causes blood sugar levels soaring. Yet the risk of excess calories. A glass of sweet tea contains approximately 250-300 calories (depending on thickness). Caloric needs of adult women the average is 1900 calories per day (depending on activity). Of course our sweet tea was able to 1000-1200 calories. Currently plus three meals of rice and side dishes. Reasonably suspected that the excess of our daily calories. End: obesity and diabetes.
Succeeded: Water, tea without sugar, or limit consumption of sugar is not more than two teaspoons a day.

2. Fried

Because of the small, one fried not enough for us. And fried is one of the high risk factor triggering degenerative diseases, such as cardiovascular, diabetes mellitus, and stroke. The main causes of cardiovascular disease (PKV) is the blockage of coronary arteries, with one of the main risk factor was dyslipidemia. Dyslipidemia is a disorder of lipid metabolism characterized by elevated levels of total cholesterol, LDL (bad cholesterol) and triglycerides, and decreased levels of HDL (good cholesterol) levels. Increasing the proportion of dyslipidemia in the community due to the habit of eating a variety of foods low in fiber and high in fat, including fried.
Succeeded: Nuts Japan, or fruit pies.

3. Like snacking
We thought that by limiting the afternoon or evening meal may shy away from obesity and diabetes. Because not full, the stomach is filled with a piece or two pieces of biscuits and snacks like potato chips. In fact, biscuits, potato chips, cookies and other sweet containing high carbohydrate content and without adequate food. All the food is classified in foods with high glycemic index. Meanwhile, sugar and flour contained in it have a role in raising blood sugar levels.
Substitute: fresh cut fruit.

4. Lack of sleep
If the quality of sleep is not obtained, so disturbed metabolism. Research experts from the University of Chicago revealed, lack of sleep for 3 days resulted in the body's ability to process glucose declined rapidly. That is, the risk of diabetes increases. Lack of sleep also can stimulate the kind of hormones in the blood that trigger appetite. Driven hunger, sleep disturbances triggered patients to eat high-calorie foods that make blood sugar levels rise.
Solution: Sleep is not less than 6 hours a day, or should be 8 hours a day.

5. Lazy physical activity
World Health Organization (WHO) says diabetes cases in Asian countries will rise by 90 percent within the next 20 years. "In the past 10 years, the number of diabetics in Hanoi, Vietnam, doubled. Why? In this city, people prefer riding than cycling, "said Dr. Gauden Galea, WHO Advisor for Non Communicable Diseases in the Western Pacific Region.
In conclusion, they are a little physical activity have a higher risk of obesity than those who diligently biking, hiking, or other activities.
Solution: Biking to the office.

6. Often stress
Stress just as a flood, must be channeled to avoid a big flood. When stress comes, the body will increase the production of hormones epinephrine and cortisol blood sugar to rise and there are reserves of energy to move. Our bodies are designed for good purposes. However, if the blood sugar kept high because of stress triggered prolonged without a way out, might as well commit suicide slowly.
Solution: Talk to people who are considered problematic, or tell me the closest friends.

7. Cigarette addiction
An American study involving 4572 volunteer men and women found that active smokers the risk of diabetes rose by 22 percent. It added that the increase in risk is not just caused by smoking, but the combination of unhealthy lifestyles, such as diet and exercise.
Succeeded: sugar-free candies.
A more progressive way is to follow the hypnotherapy. Choose the hypnotherapist who is experienced and certified.

8. Using the contraceptive pill
Most of the contraceptive pill is made from a combination of estrogen and progestin hormones, or progestin alone. Combination pill often causes changes in blood sugar levels. According to dr Dyah Purnamasari S, Sp PD, from the Division of Endocrinology RSCM Metabolic, hormonal contraceptive pill work against the work of insulin. Because insulin work unopposed, the pancreas is forced to work harder to produce insulin. If left too long, the pancreas becomes exhausted and did not function properly.
Solution: Limit the use of hormonal pills, no more than 5 years.

9.Scared black leather
According to the journal Diabetes Care, women with high intake of vitamin D and calcium at low risk of developing diabetes type 2. Apart from food, the best source of vitamin D in sunlight. Twenty minutes exposure to sunlight in the morning is sufficient for vitamin D for three days. Several recent studies, among which was published by the American Journal of Epidemiology, suggests that vitamin D also helps order metabolism of the body, including blood sugar.
Solution: Use a sunscreen cream before the "sun" in the morning sun for 10-15 minutes.

10. Avid soda
From the research conducted by the Nurses' Health Study II of 51,603 women aged 22-44 years, found that increased consumption of soft drinks to make weight and the risk of diabetes soared. The researchers said the increased risk was due to the existing sweetener content in soft drinks. In addition, liquid calories do not make us full, so motivated to drink more.

Source : indodiabetes.com

Eat Eggs Increase Risk of Diabetes

TEMPO Interactive, Washington: A group of U.S. scientists concluded grain eating habits egg a day can increase the risk of diabetes by 60 percent. In fact, for women, the risk is much higher around 77 percent.

Researchers at Harvard University Medical School and Women's Hospital Boston, also gave a warning, people with diabetes or type the Second Stage of adult human experience, can suffer from circumstances far more serious if you eat some seeds eggs a day.

They made that conclusion based on research over 57 thousand women and men within 20 years. "The action takes only eat grain of eggs within a week does not give any threat," said their investigation results published in the latest edition of the journal Diabetes Care.

Along with that, the doctors now recommend that people with diabetes or the Second Stage at risk the virus, limiting eating eggs in just three seeds a week.

"If there's still interested in making an egg as a main dish, choose one that has the Omega 3 content is higher," said the doctor.

Although even a source of various sources of vitamins and other benefits, the egg also has high cholesterol and saturated fats not be between the risk of diabetes Second Stage.

Diabetes is a disease that has a blood glucose level is too high due to the failure of the body in use.

There are two types of diabetes, namely the First Stage of failure involving the body to produce insulin and usually occurs before the 40-year-old individual

Second Stage Diabetes refers to the problem of the body can still produce insulin, but not enough. Usually involves people with weight problems that typically arise when they are older than 40 years.

Bobby Chandra

Source: Tempointeraktif.com

7 Secret Stay Younger

Many people complained of skin conditions and their face looks older than actual age.
To overcome this problem, there are 7 secrets to keep you looking young:
1. Always happy
Being happy is one of the main keys to keep them look too young. In any event, get what you do according to what you want. Avoid stress, feeling guilty and depressed because coercion of others. Remember, what you feel will be reflected on your face. So, people who are happy, his face will look radiant, relaxed and younger than actual age.
2. Many mobile
Exercising is a way to stay young. Do jogging, brisk walking, bicycling and swimming about 30 minutes every day. In sports, the risk of heart attack, osteoporosis, and cancer would be smaller. Regular exercise can increase muscle flexibility, strengthens bones, and reduce stress, because the body cells get more oxygen. You will sleep soundly.
3. Consumption of vitamin C
Vitamin C can you get from fresh fruits (especially citrus), vegetables, green (broccoli, etc.) or vitamin C supplements of 1000 mg per day. Vitamin C is proven to increase endurance, reduce your risk of cancer and protect the body from the effects of pollution. In addition, multiply drinking water. Drinking 8 glasses of water per day will reduce stress, keep the skin fresh and smooth the body's organs work.
4. Use UV protective
The Sun is one of the main factors causing premature aging. Therefore, always use a regular moisturizing lotion every day, especially when going to travel, to keep the skin fresh, moist and not sunburn, especially ultraviolet (UV).
5. Adequate rest
Humans need at least 8 hours every day to sleep. Rest is beneficial to avoid the formation of eye bags, wrinkles and facial skin dull.
6. Note appearance
Appearance and makeup also plays an important role. Although increasing age, still look kind of cosmetics you use. Use a thin makeup for natural impression by taking into account the condition and your skin type.
7. Optimist
A pessimist always insecure, easily discouraged, and never noticed the appearance, which can result in depression. So, try to be an optimist in all things, because this will make your life will be healthier and happier. (Tabloid Nova)

Food That Makes You Old ...

Let us look bad foods, foods that should be avoided as much as possible.
The food into four categories:
  1. Red meat and processed products - hamburgers, cheeseburgers, meat lapis
  2. Processed meats such as Hotdogs, ham, and meat asap.
  3. Full milk and cheese (except low-fat cheese and yogurt)
  4. Baked goods like cookies, cakes, and donuts.
Food is a source of total fat, is usually included in the American diet. Remember also, too many fat on the body means that cancer, diabetes, hypertension, digestive disorders, and complications of arthritis, not to mention heart disease and cholesterol in the blood.
One of the factors that cause the meat to make your parents is the way it is processed or stored. Processing hot dogs, for example, causes cancer. Burned flesh also known to cause cancer.
Baked meat known carcinogens formed in the flesh, and on its surface. Carcinogens are likely formed in the outer two-thirds of the meat.
Another category of food that makes you old is processed foods that have been wrapped and ready to be consumed after the first heated by microwave. They are usually high-calorie with a little fiber. They are usually (but not always) produce 30 percent of calories or more than fat. Broke almost always contain high sodium too.
Finally, the category of food that makes you old: the food in the package labeled healthy food, but it makes you old in a veiled way. Confusing? It is the purpose of ad makers.
Some examples: Milk 2 percent milk may be advertised as "low fat," and may prevent us to choose skim milk, which does have the power to make us younger and healthier. Meat may be labeled the package as "chicken without the fat" or "meat without fat," but the overall combination of cheese produced by fat is very high. So be careful about food "healthy" is.
Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Make Your Longevity
According to the Framingham Heart Study, those who ate less fat will live two years longer than those who eat fatty foods.
Clearly, eating a healthy diet produces a longer life. In addition to vitamins and minerals, fiber and carbohydrates, there are substances which are known to make you long life: fitokimiawi!
The substance helps to prevent cancer, and is contained in foods of plant origin. As a result of this discovery, the medical community increasingly appreciate the effects produced healthy and vegetarian eating style. More and more doctors who understand the ability of fruit and vegetables to extend life and your health.
More than 12 million Americans now become vegetarians, but large groups are divided into groups based on the lesser degree of their dedication to their eating style. This is the division.
Most of the 12 million people into the category known as semivegetarian. They do not eat red meat but sometimes eat chicken or other poultry, or fish.
Lakto-ovo-vegetarians eat no meat at all, do not eat poultry, but eats animal products like milk and eggs, unlike lakto-vegetarians who eat no eggs, or vegans who do not eat eggs and dairy products.
Many groups who consider themselves vegetarians but nevertheless sometimes eat red meat and try to limit their consumption of meat or fish. This trend seems to occur in people: eat less meat and eat more fruits and vegetables, at least to those who want to live healthy and live longer.
Nature tamed shrew
The wrong diet can also make you feel upset and haggard appearance, according to researchers at the State Univerity of New York, at Stony Brook and Oregon Health Sciences University in Portland.
After studying 156 women and 149 men for five years, they concluded that people who consume the eating habits of Americans who are fat are more easily upset than those who had changed to a more healthy diet.
Those who switch to eating fatty meal showed poor properties are not very angry and did not seem likely to experience depression.
The researchers believe that reducing the fat content in foods and in blood flow produces a good effect: The less fat content in it, the better your mood. So?

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