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Eat Eggs Increase Risk of Diabetes

TEMPO Interactive, Washington: A group of U.S. scientists concluded grain eating habits egg a day can increase the risk of diabetes by 60 percent. In fact, for women, the risk is much higher around 77 percent.

Researchers at Harvard University Medical School and Women's Hospital Boston, also gave a warning, people with diabetes or type the Second Stage of adult human experience, can suffer from circumstances far more serious if you eat some seeds eggs a day.

They made that conclusion based on research over 57 thousand women and men within 20 years. "The action takes only eat grain of eggs within a week does not give any threat," said their investigation results published in the latest edition of the journal Diabetes Care.

Along with that, the doctors now recommend that people with diabetes or the Second Stage at risk the virus, limiting eating eggs in just three seeds a week.

"If there's still interested in making an egg as a main dish, choose one that has the Omega 3 content is higher," said the doctor.

Although even a source of various sources of vitamins and other benefits, the egg also has high cholesterol and saturated fats not be between the risk of diabetes Second Stage.

Diabetes is a disease that has a blood glucose level is too high due to the failure of the body in use.

There are two types of diabetes, namely the First Stage of failure involving the body to produce insulin and usually occurs before the 40-year-old individual

Second Stage Diabetes refers to the problem of the body can still produce insulin, but not enough. Usually involves people with weight problems that typically arise when they are older than 40 years.

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