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Learning Becoming Vegetarian

Being a vegetarian is not easy. It takes a strong, due to become a vegetarian, we automatically have a different concept of life generally. Not consume all kinds of animal products, sometimes placing a vegetarian in a difficult position. Not only because of the many temptations, but also pressure.
To begin there are several ways. Some actors vegetarians choose to live a vegetarian, some choose to do it day by day, while some others do with the gradual.
Intika Putri Widiarti, EF teachers who have been vegetarian since 2002, suggested for those who want to start being a vegetarian, to start with gradual "Like my brother who was three months into a vegetarian," says the girl who is often called Artie. First eliminate red meat from the menu. They are still allowed to eat fish, chicken, eggs and milk. After it began to remove the chicken, then fish, then eggs and milk last. "This could be more easily", she explained.
Also start by using the moment could be a special point of departure. Utilizing the atmosphere as fast, or a birthday, or any other special day make the trip being a vegetarian feels more personal, even become its own memory now feels saturated.
To overcome this saturation, Artie often outsmart the menu. Many vegetarian recipes clear reading can trigger creativity. When the program actually has a lot of available food-meat meal replacement. Protein, gluten, and mushrooms, "said Artie. He along with his partner, Suprapto, often around to practice how to cook a variety of vegetarian menu.
Prapto who has been vegetarian since 1996 is adept replacement process food into a satay mushrooms, until Empal, "he found in the shop Kupat Tahu" Gemilang "him.
"In Jogja few vegetarian restaurants," said Artie. As a result, they can not freely snack. "Therefore, we usually bring their own lunch. By being a vegetarian, she should be ready to risk it.
Constraints vegetarians are not many choices available in the community. But if you have many choices it provides, it is not possible to switch a lot of vegetarians, "said Artie.
Not only that, the pressure from the immediate environment factor constraints sometimes be as important. "Once I experienced great pressure from the family for becoming a vegetarian," said Artie. "Maybe it is different."
"Sometimes conflicts arise because parents worry. In addition, by becoming a vegetarian, we are very troublesome preparation of the menu at home, "she said. Artie also choose to cook their own food and prove that vegetarian does not harm the health.
Therefore, he suggested for the vegetarians beginner also experienced the same thing to be independent. With his own cooking, and taking care of their own needs, limitations exist in the life of a vegetarian is not just a burden to the environment.
Complete nutritional intake should also be noted. Nothing wrong to diligently check the hemoglobin level, vitamin B12, and iron in the body.
Lack of content may overcome by taking supplements, but still be aware of what supplements. Choice pure plant, natural and without preservatives.
However, before starting the long journey to be a vegetarian, it is useful to consider the main reason being a vegetarian. If you are sure, it's easier to be a vegetarian. Despite many constraints may, for the reasons behind that in adopting a vegetarian, it is not a big problem.

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