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7 Secret Stay Younger

Many people complained of skin conditions and their face looks older than actual age.
To overcome this problem, there are 7 secrets to keep you looking young:
1. Always happy
Being happy is one of the main keys to keep them look too young. In any event, get what you do according to what you want. Avoid stress, feeling guilty and depressed because coercion of others. Remember, what you feel will be reflected on your face. So, people who are happy, his face will look radiant, relaxed and younger than actual age.
2. Many mobile
Exercising is a way to stay young. Do jogging, brisk walking, bicycling and swimming about 30 minutes every day. In sports, the risk of heart attack, osteoporosis, and cancer would be smaller. Regular exercise can increase muscle flexibility, strengthens bones, and reduce stress, because the body cells get more oxygen. You will sleep soundly.
3. Consumption of vitamin C
Vitamin C can you get from fresh fruits (especially citrus), vegetables, green (broccoli, etc.) or vitamin C supplements of 1000 mg per day. Vitamin C is proven to increase endurance, reduce your risk of cancer and protect the body from the effects of pollution. In addition, multiply drinking water. Drinking 8 glasses of water per day will reduce stress, keep the skin fresh and smooth the body's organs work.
4. Use UV protective
The Sun is one of the main factors causing premature aging. Therefore, always use a regular moisturizing lotion every day, especially when going to travel, to keep the skin fresh, moist and not sunburn, especially ultraviolet (UV).
5. Adequate rest
Humans need at least 8 hours every day to sleep. Rest is beneficial to avoid the formation of eye bags, wrinkles and facial skin dull.
6. Note appearance
Appearance and makeup also plays an important role. Although increasing age, still look kind of cosmetics you use. Use a thin makeup for natural impression by taking into account the condition and your skin type.
7. Optimist
A pessimist always insecure, easily discouraged, and never noticed the appearance, which can result in depression. So, try to be an optimist in all things, because this will make your life will be healthier and happier. (Tabloid Nova)

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