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In order to burn fat Slim Fast

HIIT or High Intensity Interval Training is a type of exercise studies in which fitness expert studies show that this method is more effective than a constant aerobic exercise or jogging. This exercise will improve performance with short training. HIIT is a form of cardio exercise is very useful for burning fat in a short training and intensive. HIIT generally have 15-30 minutes duration.
One of the simple model of exercise HIIT is like a combination of running (high speed) and jogging (medium speed). Commonly used ratio is 1:2 where you do 60 seconds of jogging and 30 seconds to run.
So the model that you do exercise jogging - running - jogging - running - jogging - running and soon.
"I believe people began wondering about the way this practice and to get practice. What is important to do warm-up for the first 5 minutes of jogging. Then do the cycle for beginners jogging - running this for a maximum of 6 cycles for a proficient and please do up to 8 cycles. After resolve to do all the cooling cycle and a jogging path, "says Tari, a gymnastics instructor.
According to Tari, this process makes the body outside the comfort zone and hold compared to jogging or running alone. If we do one particular thing over and over again without any change in the body will enter the comfort zone and could make the combustion of fat adaptation is not as fast as the beginning of practice.

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