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Treat Diabetes Through Insulin Not Enough

Up to now unknown, treatment for diabetes is done by giving insulin to regulate blood sugar levels within the normal range. However, it is not believed to be providing enough insulin to cure diabetes. Thus disclosed Chairman Metabolic and Endocrine Division, Department of Internal Medicine FK UI, Prof.. Sidartawan Soegondo in Jakarta, earlier this week.

It said Sidarta, insulin-glucose only duty is to enter into the cell. Besides producing insulin, the body also produces glucagon. This hormone has the opposite character of insulin. That is, when the body produces the hormone diabetics insulin is limited then things turned around where the production of the hormone glucagon that increases blood glucose levels contribute to increase.

In a normal person or not diabetes, insulin works to increase cellular glucose retrieval, so a decline in plasma glucose levels. Meanwhile, glucagon working raise plasma glucose levels by increasing liver glucose production (hepatic glucose production - HGP) and gluconeogenesis. The increase in plasma glucose concentration will give a signal for the secretion of insulin and glucagon secretion, which formed a normal glucose balance.

Not only that, in the body there are also hormones that play a role in inkretin regulate blood sugar levels. These hormones consist of GLP-1 (glucagon-like peptide-1) and GIP (glucose-dependent insulinotropic Polypeptide). Two core of this hormone works to regulate blood glucose control and improve the function of the balance between glucagon and insulin.

"In type 2 diabetes, there is a shortage so inkretin glucagon and insulin balance disturbed. Inkretin likened to the shortage of the key (insulin) to open the door (Glucagon) for glucose into the cell does not fit. This is even more complicated, "he said. Whether or not fitted the key, he added, because inhibition of DPP-4 (Dipeptidly peptidase-4), a type of protein that breaks the system and alpha beta cells in the pancreas.

In addition, he said, disrupted the balance of insulin and glucagon increased lipolisis in the body. Lipolisis is a form of fat solution. Secretion that result in increased fatty acid levels in the blood. If liposis effects of insulin deficiency is accompanied by a heavy can cause ketosis.

Ketosis is the result of incomplete metabolism of fatty acids. Body fragments to form fatty acids into substances called ketones. Ketones are toxic to the body and the body system out through the urine. "This can be dangerous for the kidneys because it can cause kidney failure," he said.

Sidarta then underlines not only limited to diabetes treated with insulin therapy alone. But it is also followed by other therapy that serves to balance the hormones associated with diabetes. "Of course the homework for us, there is much to be learned again," he said.

Comprehensive treatment of food diibaratkanya mengatu rpola. As is known, for people with diabetes should pay attention to three things namely cholesterol, blood pressure and sugar levels, because interconnected with each other.

He gave an example, to keep blood sugar levels so diabetics should minimize the consumption of food that tastes sweet, then this part is considered too salty to control blood pressure. Meanwhile, avoid greasy foods should be done as an effort to prevent high levels of cholesterol in the blood. "If only to avoid sweet, then why would" he said.

According to him, rather than reducing diabetic diet but arranged with the levels of food intake balanced content. "At least it was better because it still has a clear yardstick. Another thing that I think is dangerous because it does not have a dose is smoking, "he concluded. (cr2/rin)

Source: Republika Online | Wednesday, July 15, 2009 at 08:03:00

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